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Did T-ARA’s Hyomin Get Plastic Surgery – Pre-debut & Now

Hyomin Plastic Surgery Before and After
Hyomin is one of the popular members of Korean girl band. Though Hyomin revealed her beauty secrets many times, it is suspected that she has undergone plastic surgery. The internet is flooded with the rumors of Hyomin plastic surgery, as she looked quite different in the recent pictures.

Seeing her before and after pictures, it seems that Hyomin has got some common procedures — which every Korean celebrity opt for.

The idol of T-ARA group has gotten plastic surgery controversies due to some photos. It started when a post with title “Hyomin’s plastic surgery look” went viral. One can easily guess that she has got positive results from the most popular Korean cosmetic procedures.However, she never admitted undergoing any cosmetic procedure to enhance her looks.

Hyomin’s Nose Job

Earlier, Hyomin had a flatter nose – which used to look like pig nose. It is speculated that she has got a nose job to reshape her nose. Her nose looked more pointed and slimmer now.

Hyomin nose job

Though she got this procedure done in a small amount, it enhanced her appearance to a great extent. Her nose looked much better than before, which everyone liked.

Hyomin’s Eyelid Surgery

It is believed that Hyomin had done something on her eyes. Her double eyelid surgery made her eyes look wider than before. If we compare her before and after photos, her eyes look much cute in her recent pictures.

The little change in eye lids helped her create a new image for herself. She looked like a different girl after the double eyelid surgery. Hyomin should thank her surgeon for giving her eyes such a cute look.

Jaw Surgery

The shape of her face looked narrow with a pointed chin in the recent years. Seeing her recent photos, you will surely say that her chin became smaller than what she used to have. The narrow chin of Hyomin could be the result of jaw shaving or chin reduction.

Hyomin Jaw Surgery

Many people were shocked after they saw Hyomin’s recent photos. There are many Korean celebrities who shocked the industry with plastic surgery, and it is believed that Hyomin could be one of them.

Interesting facts about Hyomin

When we started digging deep about Hyomin’s past, we discovered many interesting things about her.
The original name of Hyomin is Park Sun-Young. She is one of the beautiful members of Korean girl band T-ARA. She is a singer, actress and song writer.

Hyomin is born in 1989 in Busan, South Korea. She is the only child for her parents and likes to be called Sun Young. She released her solo album in the year 2014. She loves spending time in front of mirror. Though she likes snacking a lot, she still has a skinny body.

Hyomin in Bikini

Hyomin in Bikini and Swimsuit

Her path towards stardom started at the age of 8, when she won MiMi princess modeling contest. She modelled for several online portals before debuting with T-ARA. She was trained by JYP entertainment. She started appearing in many music videos such as SG Wannabe, SS501, Unlock, Smooth Break-up etc.

Hyomin debuted as a member of T-ARA in the year 2009 and was one of the 7 fixed members of the band. She was also the cast in musical production of ‘I Really Like You’, which was an adaption of hit drama Love Truly. She was in the Wonder Woman project group along with fellow member Ham Eun-Jeong. She also acted in a Horror film Gisaeng Ryungin the year 2011.

Hyomin was awarded for her role in Gyebaek in the year 2011. She was discussed about her recent controversy regarding her photo teaser. She was attacked by many netizens, as the photos were revealing. However, her fans defended her for the photo teaser controversy – saying that the photos were morphed.

The Korean singer revealed a series of photos of her new car which created a buzz among her fans. She owns the latest model car Lotus Evora..

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