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Infinite Members Plastic Surgery Before After – Pre-debut Vs Now

Infinite Members Plastic Surgery
Similar to other Korean pop boy bands, Infinite members has been a subject of plastic surgery rumors because of their odd, unnatural yet maintaining to look like the other famous Korean celebrities.

Pictures of members Sungkyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sungyeol, L and Sungjong before and after plastic surgery photos were compared and as a fan of the band, if you have watched them since the beginning up to now, you would see that there are changes in their appearance.

The band has debuted in 2010 and from then until now, let’s take a look at what has really changed to these guys’ appearance. [Must read – Infinite Members Profile – The Ultimate Guide for Infinite Fans]

Fans of Infinite confident that their idols didn’t get a plastic surgery

We’re pretty confident that Infinite didn’t get any work done. Infinite debuted from a small company and could barely produce a music video, let alone be able to afford plastic surgery. Plus, if you look at their pre-debut pictures, there aren’t any noticeable differences, other than puberty.

Infinite Member Sunggyu Plastic Surgery Rumors – Real or Fake?

Two years ago, one netizen questioned why fans of the band believed that Infinite member Sunggyu didn’t have any plastic surgery, particularly a nose job.

Infinite Member Sunggyu Plastic Surgery

The poster uploaded a series of pictures that Kim Sunggyu had a rhinoplasty to prove a point. Some of the pictures are above. His nose doesn’t look that bad at all and it’s not that obvious that he had done something to it. It looks natural, per se. Do you think that the singer did underwent some kind of procedure to enhance his looks?

Some say it’s all just makeup. “That’s what people use to look more beautiful and younger,” one fan commented.

News, Rumors and Speculation – Infinite L Plastic Surgery

If you compare Infinite to the other Korean groups, Infinite is believed to be relatively free of plastic surgery. Luckily for this K-pop star, Infinite L before and after pictures showed that he had always been good-looking even in the past. If you look at L pre-debut pictures, you will see that he has always been handsome.

Infinite L Plastic Surgery

But one thing raises suspicions and that is his eyes. When L was younger, he had uneven eyelids that if you look at some photos, you would notice that it’s more pronounced back then.

These days, however, his pictures suggest that he may have had some corrective surgery to fix the issue. L’s eyes are shut and you will be able to see that there’s a clear line on his eyelids, which always is a dead giveaway when one happens to have undergone a double eyelid surgery.

One fan also pointed out that his chin looked very uneven before, another suspicion that maybe he had it done as well. It’s pointy and looks weird, according to fans of the band.

Sungyeol Before and After

One of the band’s most handsome members is Sungyeol. There was a point that he was suspected of having some sort of plastic surgery for his eyes, but if you compare Sungyeol before and after pictures, you would see that he looks the same in his pre-debut pictures as he does now. His eyes are still seen as sad just like how his eyes are now.

Sungyeol Pre-debut and now

The only different thing about him is that Sungyeol wears a lot of makeup these days. His skin also look really pale and white and if you look at his teeth, he probably had those done too. Luckily, none of these things are considered plastic surgery.

Woohyun Before and After

The fan service king, Woohyun is next on this list. There’s nothing really much to say about him because it’s obvious, even to other people, that the K-pop star didn’t have any type of plastic surgery. During a TV show where he was a guest, he said he hadn’t had any “yet”, so that means he is planning to have some in the future.

Woohyun Pre-debut and now

Whether he wants to get his nose done or cheeks, or lips, or other parts of his face and body, we think he doesn’t really need it.

“His jaw looks thinner now than it did before,” one fan commented. We think he just lost all his baby weight.


The Korean pop idol, Sungjong before and after pictures will help us determine whether or not he underwent some type of plastic surgery to his face.

Sungjong pre-debut and now

Judging from his childhood photo and his current photos, we would notice that his eyes are more round and had some “aegyo sal”. His nose may also look different from other photos but maybe that’s just because of heavy makeup.

Many believe that Sungjong didn’t get any type of cosmetic surgery since his features are believed to look the same, making him look like he’s a flower boy ever since he was really young.


Dongwoo looks like he’s half Korean and another half Asian heritage. His looks aren’t very usual compared to other Korean pop boy bands.

Dongwoo pre-debut and now

In his before pictures, he looked more tan and now, his skin looks more white. Maybe he had some kind of glutathione injected into his body, but definitely no plastic surgery.

His face, especially his eyes look the same. His chin and cheeks looks different, but maybe that’s just because he had lost some weight and developed some muscles. It’s safe to say that this Korean pop idol is plastic surgery free.

Infinite is one of the many Korean pop boy bands bombarded with countless plastic and cosmetic surgery. It could all be just lighting and makeup that’s why some of them look different. We shouldn’t be all quick to point out that all Korean boy band members have went under the knife to look how they are now.

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