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IU Plastic Surgery Before and After – Has She Had Anything Done?

IU Plastic Surgery Before and After
If you’re as pretty as IU, there’s bound to be some suspicions about her plastic surgery history. In this article, let’s find out the truth in IU plastic surgery.

IU is the stage name of South Korean singer-songwriter Lee Ji-eun. Her music career started with an album at age 15 entitled Lost and Found. She had many more albums before achieving her national success with her single Good Day. Her image is mostly of a girl-next-dolor type and Korea’s little sister, with a cute and dainty aura surrounding her.

Currently, she is 23 years old. A little young for someone with so much success in the music industry, right? But does her porcelain-doll image have a little bit of plastic surgery behind it?

IU’s Predebut Photos

IU before plastic surgery

If you look at IU’s pre-debut photos, you would notice that she was naturally beautiful from the get-go. That is why it is difficult to determine if she has had plastic surgery before her rise to fame. However, even from a non-biased point of view, you would notice that her pre-debut—and even her childhood photos, for that matter—look almost exactly the same as her recent pictures.

IU is one of the only Korean pop stars that have infallible evidence that they didn’t have plastic surgery (if this claim is true). Even though plastic surgery is sort of becoming the norm in South Korea, the plastic surgery capital of the world, netizens still criticize Korean celebrities for going under the knife. It’s kind of ironic that they still praise natural beauty when there are long lines for plastic surgery clinics in Seoul alone.

However, we don’t dismiss the thought that IU has had a couple of plastic surgery procedures done. It takes a keen eye and an expert’s point of view to notice the changes in her before and after pictures, when there aren’t really much.

IU Plastic Surgery Rumors

Many tabloid and gossip sites, especially in South Korea, have been accusing the singer of getting a nose job, eyelid surgery, and jaw surgery to name a few.

IU denies having plastic surgery, but there is speculation around the subtle changes in her appearance. Of course, they could be caused by weight changes, makeup and lighting, or just the young starlet going through puberty.

IU Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

However, you have to admit that there are very slight changes in her look. IU’s eyes, for starters, look wider and more doll-like than before. This can be the result of an eye surgery, where they take excess skin off to make your eyes bigger.

Another thing to note about IU’s appearance before is her nose. We all know that rhinoplasty is such a common plastic surgery procedure, and not only in South Korea. By comparing IU’s before and after pictures, her nose looks thinner and more pointed than when she was a child, but that could just be make-up.

Jaw surgery is quite a common practice in South Korean superstars. The cookie cutter image is a thin, V-shaped jaw that slims down the face and produces a cutesy image, especially for female celebrities. However, the changes in IU’s jawline could have just been puberty and the maturing of her face.

If she did have plastic surgery, then it was undoubtedly a jaw surgery. Her face and cheeks are both slim, making her more attractive and doll-like in nature.

So Did IU Have Plastic Surgery or Not?

Even though fans are defending IU against plastic surgery rumors, and we do believe that she has been beautiful even as a child, there’s still no denying the fact that the changes in her appearance could have been the result of a little nip/tuck.

Our verdict? Unless puberty, makeup and lighting can completely change the appearance of someone’s nose and jaw, then it’s possible that IU plastic surgery didn’t happen. However, that is not the case, so this issue is still open for speculation.

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