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Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery Before After – Facelift & Hip/Back Surgery

Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery

Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery 2017

Everybody knows Jane Fonda, am I right? She is an American actress, writer, and activist who has also won Academy Awards and BAFTA Awards. This blonde beauty rose to fame with roles in movies such as Barbarella, Klute, and On Golden Pond.

Today, she is at a solid age of 79 years old, but how is it that she looks two decades younger? Well, here we are to talk about Jane Fonda plastic surgery.

Despite her happy outlook in life and on aging, Jane Fonda isn’t afraid to admit that she had had work done on her body and face. Obviously! I mean, who looks that good at almost 80 years old? That’s right, no one.

Has Jane Fonda Had a Facelift?

Jane Fonda Facelift

A facelift is a popular cosmetic procedure that revitalizes loose skin, allowing the person to become wrinkle-free. Most women in the Hollywood scene don’t like it when time catches up on them, so they get facelifts to maintain a younger image of themselves. For Jane Fonda, it wasn’t hard to admit that she has had work done on her face. A facelift being one of them.

If you look at her pictures now, it’s hard to tell that she is an 80 year old woman. Do our grandmothers look like that? Well, that’s what Botox and facelifts do for you; they take of a few years up to even decades off your face!

Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery Before and After
Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery Before and After

Jane Fonda’s Secret to Looking Young:

Just like with her other cosmetic procedures, Jane Fonda has admitted to going under the knife for work on her chin, neck, and eyebags. This also includes dermal fillers to keep her face looking young and taut. Other than that, experts also say she has had work done on her forehead, eyes, teeth, and lips as well.

Jane Fonda then and now
Jane Fonda then and now

All of these procedures are meant to minimize wrinkles that naturally occur in women at her age. It is also apparent that her crow’s feet and laugh lines are as subtle as they can be (because, of course, you can’t take away every wrinkle without looking like a wax figure).

Jane Fonda has admitted to the procedures on her chin, neck, and eyebags. She states, according to Daily Mail, that her plastic surgeries were done to look younger and take away the eyebags and jowl. Of course, these were unattractive to Hollywood’s cameras.

On the other hand, she states in Larry King that she likes her crow’s feet and laugh lines.

Jane Fonda’s Hip/Back Surgery and Knee Replacements

Jane Fonda is also widely known for her workout videos. As an advocate for exercise, she also promotes aerobics and pilates. However, a major hip and knee replacement surgery left the workout queen with a much gentler workout regimen than her usual.

Jane Fonda Hip/Back Surgery
Jane Fonda after hip/back surgery & knee replacements

However, this doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves most. Jane Fonda is so dedicated that she came back on the scene with a new workout, the difference being she just has a new hip and a new knee. The star also jokes that she’s “got more metal in her than a bionic woman.”

Who is Jane Fonda’s Plastic Surgeon?

So who is responsible for taking years off Jane Fonda’s face without completely botching her appearance? Only a talented plastic surgeon, that’s who. Robert Hutcherson, MD of Barton-Hutcherson Head & Neck is a talented doctor from Beverly Hills, California.

He, along with other great doctors, is responsible for taking at least two decades off Jane Fonda’s appearance. Thus, it is no surprise that this famous plastic surgery clinic also operates on other familiar names.

For Jane Fonda and other aging artists, plastic surgery is a dangerous drug to play with. It is easy to get addicted to especially after seeing good results such as wrinkle-free skin and lighter laugh lines.

Who doesn’t want that, right?

Thankfully, Jane Fonda keeps to her active lifestyle (even with a metal hip and knee) that helps her stay healthy. The plastic surgeries are just a plus, and a helping hand to keep her face looking young.

No one can stay young forever, and Jane Fonda plastic surgery proves that even with the best doctors, you still have to age. It just takes strategy in order to age as gracefully as possible.

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