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Has Jennifer Lopez Had Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery
Well, I am sure you might have heard of Jennifer Lopez— one of the best Hollywood actresses and singers. She is not only known for her acting and singing talent, but also for beauty. She is also a television personality, producer and fashion designer —- and has been quite successful at everything she tried so far.

Jennifer is one of those popular celebrities who change their looks as often as they change their designer outfits. She has been at the heart of numerous plastic surgery rumors including – chemical peel, Botox, face lift, lip reduction, breast augmentation and nose job.

Jennifer Lopez before and after

Although she is in her 40s, you will feel like she is quite young and this is why people doubt that she has actually undergone any kind of cosmetic surgery procedure or not. The rumors of Jennifer Lopez’s plastic surgery have filled blogs, chat rooms and community forums, as she reaches her middle age.

Are Jennifer Lopez’s Plastic Surgery Rumors True?

If the talk is about the hottest bodies of Hollywood, there is no way that Jennifer will not be mentioned. However, is her great body natural without any plastic surgery? Well, there are people who claim that her perfect looks are a result of the cosmetic procedures she had undergone.

London based plastic surgeon tweeted that Jennifer’s face shows many signs of plastic surgery. However, the beauty took to her own twitter account to clear the claim and wrote “I have never had plastic surgery of any kind.

Jennifer Lopez then and now
Jennifer Lopez then and now

According to Dr. Al-Ayoubi — the after photos of Jennifer show many signs of plastic surgery, while the before photos have naturally pretty looks.

Even the top cosmetic surgeon of Hollywood Dr. Lyle M.Back believes that Jennifer had cosmetic surgery done on her face and body, which is the reason behind her flawless appearance. Dr.Back said, “She looks like she won the game”.

Jennifer Lopez’s Botox

Dr.Bruce Katz speculated that she had gotten Botox done to attain a smooth looking face.

Jennifer Lopez Botox

However, none of the speculations mention any major plastic surgery procedure. As there is no official confirmation about plastic surgery, all these rumors may be hard to ignore. The question remains unanswered until Jennifer reveals the truth herself.

Jennifer Lopez’s Breast Implant Rumors

The latest plastic surgery rumor that people have been wondering is if she has gone around the block to get breast implants. When she appeared at Los Angeles premiere of her film ‘EI Cantane’ — her breasts appeared to have grown by at least one to two cup size, since a few years ago.

Jennifer Lopez Boob Job

If you compare her present pictures with that of last year’s, you will notice that her breasts and butts were saggy in the before plastic surgery photos. It looks like somebody gave her breasts a lift with silicone implants, because of which her figure changed from D to DD.

Jennifer Lopez’s Liposuction

Jennifer is rumored to have undergone liposuction to help maintain a thin and sexy figure post-pregnancy. Although Jennifer has yet to lose all the pregnancy weight of carrying twins, she looks pretty good and is doing her best to pull off the bikini with confidence. We anticipate that Jennifer needs to work hard to cut extra pounds, of course with a few months of exercise.

Jennifer Lopez Liposuction

While Jennifer denies the use of plastic surgery, the photographic evidence shows that she used chemicals peels and laser treatment to achieve that perfect look. Jennifer has also been rumored to have had a nose job, lip reduction and cheek implants. However, all these rumors seem unfounded.

Jennifer Lopez’s Biography

Jenifer Lopez is one of the leading ladies of Hollywood who forged a successful music career; she was born on July 24, 1969 in Bronx, New York to Puerto Rican parents – David Lopez and Guadalupe Rodriguez, who lived in Bronx.

Jennifer Lopez young
Young Jennifer Lopez

When she was five years old, she was sent to singing and dancing classes. Jennifer was enrolled in Preston High School and sought several film projects in the final year of her school. With the dream of becoming a movie star, she dropped out from ‘Baruch College’. She moved out of her family home and left her home town for New York, as her parents did not approve the career she chose for herself.

Jennifer’s first break came in 1997 when she played the role of Selena, and she earned widespread praise for her performance. She became the highest paid actresses in history with a paycheck of $1 million. She also starred in many films like – Anaconda, Blood and Wine, Out of Sight, etc that further enhanced her image as a bankable Hollywood star.

Jennifer Lopez in bikini

Jennifer Lopez, also known as J-Lo released her first debut album in 1999 followed up by quadruple platinum album J.-Lo in 2001. Some of her best songs included “Waiting for Tonight”, “If You Had My Love” and “Jenny from the Block”.

She also earned a spot dancing on the popular television series, “In Living Color”, as one of the “Fly Girls” and also won many national competitions.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer got married to Ojani Nao in 1997, and then to Cris Judd in 2001, and then to Marc Anthony in 2004. Her divorce from Marc in 2014 was marked as the third divorce in a period of 17 years of married life. She began dating Alex Rodriguez in 2017.

Jennifer Lopez’s House

Jennifer is a luxury real estate novice and owns a multimillion-dollar penthouse in Manhattan and a mansion in Hidden Hills. Recently, she plunked down $40 million on her 13,932 square-feet home that is spread out over eight coveted Bel-Air acres.

Jennifer Lopez House

The sprawling French county estates include 7-bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 30-seat screen rooms, a game room complete with a bar, 3-side infinity pool, large scale entertaining pub, multiple offices, cypress wood library and a massage room when Jennifer needs some pampering. It also has verandas, walking paths and four wheel trails, a man-made swimming pool with outdoor shower and sandy beach.

Jennifer Lopez’s Sister

Jennifer was a middle child, with older sister Leslie and younger sister Lynda. Leslie is also musically inclined and spent some time exploring career path of an opera singer.

Jennifer Lopez sisters

Her younger sister pursued a full-on career in Journalism and worked on both TV as well as radio platforms. Lopez admits that though she is single mother of two, she gets a lot of help from her younger sister, Lynda Lopez.

Despite living a hectic lifestyle, Jennifer has continued to maintain her vitality and beauty that helped make her famous. The changes in Jennifer’s appearance over several years have been very subtle.

Today, she looks as beautiful as she was 15 years ago. The 46 year old woman should not look as young as she does now. Jennifer would have plenty of reasons for having cosmetic surgery procedures.

However, no doctor has come forward about being her surgeon. Therefore, it is impossible to confirm or deny the rumors of Jennifer Lopez’s plastic surgery. Have you any idea? Leave your comments below!

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