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Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery Nightmare – Before and After

Jessica Simpson plastic surgery
Jessica Simpson plastic surgery story is considered as another nightmare in the books. Want to find out why? Read this article for more.

Jessica Simpson is an American singer and actress who entered the industry when she was only sixteen years old. She rose to fame in the late 90s up to the early 2000s. She earned and more success as she released more albums, but here most successful album to date is In This Skin. Aside from being a singer, she also starred in her own television series entitled Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica for MTV.

Jessica Simpson has sold 30 million albums worldwide. However, her career started declining in 2006 with the album A Public Affair. Since then, her career further declined more so when she shifted to the country music genre. She released her last album in 2010 which was not loved by critics as well. Harsh!

Today at 36 years old, Jessica Simpson is working on her eight studio album and continuing her philanthropy work.

Nose Job

A nose job is the informal term for rhinoplasty, a plastic surgery procedure done on the nose to reshape or redefine it. Jessica Simpson is one of the many celebrities in the industry who is rumored to have had a rhinoplasty done to improve their look.

Jessica Simpson nose job

If you look at Jessica Simpson’s pictures over the years, you can tell that there are some changes in her nose. The tip looks sharper today than before, and the width of the nose definitely decreased. Well, if she did get a rhinoplasty to modify her appearance, it’s not too obvious nor overdone.

Jessica Simpson Breast Implants

Jessica Simpson used to have regular sized breasts that are probably a size B at most. However, after some time, her breasts significantly increased in size.

Jessica Simpson breast implants before and after

If you look at her recent pictures, the singer looks like she had double D’s instead of her natural B’s. Well, they definitely don’t look natural but they look attractive for the magazines.

Jessica Simpson boobs

Unfortunately, Jessica Simpson’s breasts look way too big, especially when you know that they are not natural. However, it seems that her breasts are increasing over time.

Lip Injection

If there’s one thing that went wrong with Jessica Simpson plastic surgery, then it’s her lip injections or lip collagen. Lip injections are meant to improve the look of the lips; make them look thicker and fuller than before. This is definitely a trend for famous people who are constantly pressured to look their best.

Jessica Simpson lip job gone wrong

Jessica Simpson’s lip injections went wrong basically because her lips got too big. If you look at her lip injection fail pictures, you would notice that both of her upper and lower lips look too pouty and swollen. Well, that was a wrong move, wasn’t it?

If you evaluate Jessica Simpson plastic surgery procedures, you can tell that she made the wrong choice on lips. And maybe the boob job is a little too much? Well, we’re letting you be the judge.

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