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John Rzeznik’s Plastic Surgery Was a Drastic Failure – Before and After

John Rzeznik Plastic Surgery
John Rzeznik is a well-known rockstar who is worshipped for musical talent and great looks. He became a very popular public figure after winning multiple hits and being honored with Hal David Award.

John Rzeznik’s facial alteration sparked rumors that he went under the knife to improve his looks. Since then, the rumors of John Rzeznik plastic surgery have been making rounds.

However, John never admitted that she went under the knife to improve his looks. People do agree that John looked better when he was younger, before he got alleged procedures done.

It is believed that he went under the knife multiple times. The most notable cosmetic procedures are – rhinoplasty, Botox injections and facelift.

John Rzeznik’s Nose Job

When we compared his present and past photos, we found that he used to have bulky nose with a broad base previously. His present photos show a very prominent nose bridge that is evenly sharped from top to bottom with no side flaps.

Johnny Rzeznik nose job

His nose bridge tends to be sharper that before, which proves that he had underwent rhinoplasty. Many people argue that he looked much better with his old nose.

John Rzeznik’s Facelift

Facelift surgery and Botox are quite common in Hollywood. John Rzeznik also had several face fillers to make his face look structured. The biggest proof of his facial filler is his chin that looks quite different from what it used to look before.

John Rzeznik facelift

Whenever people laid eyes on his dimpled chin, they used to go crazy. However, it came as a real shock for his fans –when he appeared in public with a reduced chin. He either has reduced its size or removed it surgically. Whatever is the reason, he looked pretty handsome with his old chin.

John Rzeznik’s Botox

Nowadays, John Rzeznik face looked frozen and didn’t look natural. It seems the Botox injections removed all the wrinkles from his face.

John Rzeznik then and now

It is seen clearly that John Rzeznik tried to maintain his youthful look. Besides wrinkle free face, he is seen different because of other cosmetic procedures. He got unexpectedly new look, which he is enjoying a lot.

Chin Augmentation

Some people argue that his face looks different, especially around the chin area. The reason behind this can be linked with chin augmentation procedure. Well, chin augmentation procedure is done to change the shape and structure of face.

John’s chin is always considered as his killer feature and the chin augmentation procedure stole one of his charms. His fans argued that he look better in wrinkles and John Rzeznik plastic surgery is amongst the bad one in Hollywood.

There are also rumors of dermal implants and injectable fillers that have results in sharply chiseled features in John. However, these procedures changed the facial structure of John Rzeznik to a great extent. There is a great difference in photos of 30s and now.

John Rzeznik’s Wife & Family

John Rzeznik married former model Laurie Farinacci in 1993. However, they divorced in 2003. He married Melina Gallo in 2013 with whom he has one child.

John Rzeznik wife Melina Gallo
John Rzeznik and his wife Melina Gallo

He has supported several charities and performed at various charity causes. John Rzeznik also served as an ambassador for VH1’s save music foundation.

John Rzeznik won many accolades as front man of Goo Goo Dolls. His obsession with plastic surgery started early in life when he felt the need to change his looks. However, the results were not satisfying – as he has a plastic feeling about him now and he looks like his old self.

The rumors of John Rzeznik plastic surgery are well founded — the singer never confirmed or denied them. He remained silent about these rumors.

Whether he admits or not, the difference in his appearance is the proof of his surgical procedures. When a 52 year old man appears in public with a tight face, it means he has opted plastic surgery.

What do you have in mind after seeing your favorite star with a failed plastic surgery? Share your thoughts below!

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