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John Travolta Before After Hair Transplant and Plastic Surgery

John Travolta Hair Transplant
A few years ago, A-list Hollywood star John Travolta was snapped in the gym with another fellow gym goer. In the photo, you will see that the actor went au naturel, unretouched hairline and all. That was in 2015. In 2016, the actor was spotted with his hair back to its former glory, believing that John Travolta had a hair transplant procedure.

You would think that celebrities would have an easier life when it comes to hair loss. But hey, think again! These celebrities also experience the same issues as normal people do, and to be fair, they have the funds to support and deal with a problem like this, compared to regular, non-celebrity men. But these men aren’t followed by paparazzi wherever they go and doesn’t look for a scar of a plastic surgery procedure or hair system that they could sell to gossip magazines and websites for a couple of bucks.

John Travolta’s case is very controversial in the entertainment industry. He was first recognized for his role in the movie “Grease”. Men these days don’t have the same sex appeal now because of their hair problem.

John Travolta’s Wigs and Hairpieces

John Travolta Wigs

The actor has never confirmed that he uses wigs and hair pieces in his movies or in special events. Going bald is a major concern for Travolta that wearing wigs and hair pieces is one solution to hide his insecurity.

John Travolta Shaved His Head

John Travolta Going Bald

In his 2008 film, From Paris with Love, he was spotted at the red carpet with a shaved head. “I like it a lot; I really love it because it is a natural bald, and it gives me freedom to be bald”, Travolta said in the movie.

John Travolta Hair Transplant Rumors

Over the years, rumors surfaced that Travolta has been wearing wigs that he wasn’t been seen with a receding hairline. But in 2012, he was seen to look bald and showed balding spots. His new hair transplant, however, surely made the wigs on its way to the trash.

John Travolta Before and After Hair Transplant

His hair loss issue was an open secret that apart from him being spotted at the gym nearly bald, he has been going bare during the months and years after that.

Because John Travolta was seen with little to no hair that day and then the next week he had a head full of thick, black locks, the rumors for John Travolta’s hair transplant was all over the media.

It was in 2016, during the 90th birthday party of his close friend Tony Bennett where he debuted his newly restored hair.

John Travolta on Tony Bennett 90th Birthday
John Travolta on Tony Bennett’s 90th Birthday (source)

He changed his hair style supported by the right celebrity hair transplant systems, wigs and hair products, and as a celebrity, it is important to have a variety of hair styles because it is demanded by the different roles they will be playing.

Has John Travolta Had Plastic Surgery?

“It doesn’t look like he has had much plastic surgery. You can see that his eyelids now are heavier, which goes against eyelid surgery and you can see some banding in his neck which goes against a facelift or neck lift,” this is according to Hollywood plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Miller.

John Travolta Plastic Surgery

He does admit that the actor may have had Botox and fillers injected for him to maintain a more youthful look, keeping the wrinkles and facial folds away.

“The face is a little thinner, which is what happens with age, and his eyebrows are darker – possible dyed as needed for a role,” the doctor added.

John Travolta Today

The actor has now an extremely thick hair. It surely helps him maintain the look he wants to maintain in front of the public eye. Aside from that, the actor also looks extremely dapper for his age now.

John Travolta 2017 photo
John Travolta in Manhattan on February 22, 2017 (source)

Being a public figure, you are exposed to the public all the time and it’s important you have to look great all the time. In the actor’s prime age, he balances his role as a celebrity and a normal person with normal hair problem. John Travolta’s hair transplant is a win situation for him because he still looks appealing even in his age now. This is why a lot of other celebrities are opting for a hair transplant surgery.

Plantation of hair into the head is extremely safe and natural and it gives you a stable look that you need to maintain even down to your old age.

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