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Johnny Depp’s Hair Transplant – Before and After Photos

Johnny Depp hair transplant
When a celebrity undergoes a certain procedure, especially something noticeable like a hair transplant, with results so obvious, why deny it? Men in the entertainment industry, we see their hairlines receding to completely bald. Let’s talk about Johnny Depp and hair transplants.

He has been acting since for years now and those who don’t know who this exceptional actor is needs to get out of a cave immediately. Johnny Depp starred in so many big movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissor Hands, Alice in Wonderland and Finding Neverland. He first established a role in a television show back then known as 21 Jump Street. Johnny Depp is a household name when it comes to eccentric, whimsical and amazing movies.

Rumors of Johnny Depp’s hair transplant circulated when his die-hard fans noticed that there’s a slight change in the actor’s hair line. As far as we know, many celebrities flat out deny every procedure they’ve done even though it’s already obvious they did something. The case with Johnny Depp, however, is far different. He doesn’t talk about it at all.

Johnny Depp before after hair transplant

The only evidence to be certain that the Johnny Depp had hair transplant is his hat or head scarves. He always dons a hat or some printed head scarves these days that it’s very rare when we spot him without something on his head.

Because of that, nobody could ever see his hair transplant, if he ever had one. He hid it very well, if he did get one.

Johnny Depp Wearing Hat
Johnny Depp on 3rd day of the Glastonbury Festival 2017 (source)

Even in the past, you can’t really see that there’s some balding going on his head nor obvious receding hairlines. If there’s one thing to notice, Johnny Depp did have a little amount of hair thinning because of his age, and maybe that’s just about it.

Johnny Depp is a pretty private person. He doesn’t really talk so much about his private life. It creates sort of a mysterious vibe going on that the popular actor’s fans can’t help but wonder he will address the hair transplant rumors.

He has been successful when it came to hiding his hairline. Maybe we will never know the truth.

Celebrity hair transplants are very popular and helpful when it comes to boost the actor’s self-confidence and career. It’s fairly common that most male celebrities, even those who aren’t celebrities, have baldness and receding hairlines.

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