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Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Before and After

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery
No famous person is safe from rumors. That is why we’re talking about Joyce Meyer plastic surgery today.

Joyce Meyer is a 73-year old charismatic Christian who is well-known for her sermons, inspirational talks, and authored books. She is called a transparent evangelist, meaning that she shares almost every aspect of her life to the people in her audience. Joyce Meyer finds honesty as a way to share God’s work in her life, and inspiring others to be closer to the Lord.

Joyce Meyer’s Biography

Only a brief background of Joyce Meyer’s life will tell you that she didn’t have a good one before. Her father was in the army and fought in the Second World War. As a child, Joyce Meyer’s father sexually abused her for years.

Joyce carried the pain and shame until her adulthood. She managed to graduate from O’Fallon Technical High School in St. Louis and marry her first husband shortly after graduating.

Unfortunately, Joyce Meyer’s first marriage was stained with adultery and pressure from her husband to steal. In later years, Joyce admitted that she did steal from her former boss, and later on paid the money back. After a few years of marriage, Joyce and her husband had a divorce.

In the pain and grief of her tragic past, Joyce Meyer sought the voice of God. She became more in more in the charismatic church, starting out as a Bible teacher and then an associate pastor.

Joyce Meyer with her current husband Dave Meyer
Joyce Meyer with her current husband Dave Meyer (source)

In 1985, Joyce Meyer founded her own ministry. It expanded from radio shows to television shows over the years. Now, Joyce Meyer is one of the most influential evangelicals in America with over a dozen books on inspiration and religion.

Joyce Meyer’s Controversial Lifestyle

Most of us think that pastors and people of the church should live a simple life in accordance to the teachings of Jesus, even if we’re not Catholic. Joyce Meyer’s lifestyle was and is still being riddled with controversy due to the uncharacteristically lavish nature of it.

Instead of the simple and humble life that a pastor should lead, Joyce Meyer has her own luxury private jet, million-dollar houses, and luxury cars. Not to mention the expensive furniture and artwork that she keeps in her houses. This excessive and lavish lifestyle lead to an IRS probe and several investigations, as there were suspicions of Meyer misusing financial donations to her.

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Procedures

With millions of dollars in financial donations, Joyce Meyer can definitely afford plastic surgery. And at 73 years old, her youth has definitely long faded away. The most obvious plastic surgery procedure that Joyce Meyer has done is a facelift. As with other aging celebrities, the definite enemies are wrinkles, laugh lines, and crow’s feet.

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Before and After
Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Before and After

If you compare the pastor’s before and after pictures, you will notice that Joyce Meyer has successfully fought back aging with a facelift procedure and possibly several Botox injections. Her face and skin are suspiciously smooth and tight with minimal wrinkles, giving her the face of a 55-year-old instead of her real age at 70.

In her profession where public speaking is a regular thing, a fresh face is needed in order to be aesthetically pleasing. Of course, your story has more merit than your looks, but let’s face it: people are more pleased and willing to listen if you look like you take good care of yourself.

Joyce Meyer’s Botched Lip Job

Unfortunately, not all plastic surgery procedures end in good results. Joyce Meyer’s lip job was completely ruined, giving her a Joker-esque smile instead of the set of full lips she was hoping for. We’re not really sure who to blame for this botched procedure; the doctor or the patient.

Nevertheless, the bad lip job gave her an upper lip that drooped at the sides. Her smile also looks stiff and unnatural. This is such a shame since her smile before the procedure was completely fine.

Joyce Meyer plastic surgery is one of those plastic surgery stories you hear about when someone is discouraging you from getting yourself done. Well, the facelift procedure worked well for the pastor, but the lip job just changed her entire face for the worse.

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