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Jude Law’s Hair Transplant – Before and After Photos

Jude Law Hair Transplant
It seems like we’re on a roll when talking about handsome men with rapidly receding hairlines. This time, we’re going to talk about Jude Law’s battle with male pattern baldness. The actor has long since been plagued with early onset of a receding hairline, but how did he manage the problem? Is Jude Law hair transplant the answer?

Jude Law is an English actor. He is known for portraying characters in dramas and romance movies. Starting from his first breakthrough role in The Talented Mr. Ripley, he gained more and more lead roles in other movies such as Cold Mountain, Road to Perdition, Alfie, Contagion, Hugo, Sherlock Holmes, and The Grand Budpaest Hotel. Surely, you’ve seen his face in many of his popular movies.

Due to his unrivaled talent in acting, he’s been awarded many awards including Academy Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and British Academy Awards just to name a few.

Jude Law in 2013

Aside from being a multi-faceted actor capable of portraying many kinds of roles, Jude Law is also known for his dreamy good looks. Certainly, he is one of the most handsome actors in the industry today.

However, it seems like Jude Law is unfortunate when it comes to the hair department. Jude Law has naturally thin hair that is more prone to thinning and early onset of hair loss. This is quite unfortunate, since his dashing good looks aren’t complete without a gorgeous head of hair.

As the years go by, we see Jude Law with a thinner and thinner scalp and an even rapidly decreasing hairline. It has come to a point that the center of his head was almost bald save for a small patch at the center.

So, how did he manage to reverse some of this unpleasant change?

Jude Law Before and After Hair Transplant

In 2016, Jude Law made a red carpet appearance for the premiere of The Young Pope in Paris, France. If we were to pay attention to his hair, we would notice that it had grown quite thicker than before, even if the hairline is still receded. Hair doesn’t regrow on men once they’ve lost it, so how come his locks appeared to have been rejuvenated.

Jude Law hairstyle

We greatly suspect a hair transplant on the upper part of his head. Either that, or he had gotten hair plugs to conceal that rapidly thinning area. If you compare his before and after pictures, you will notice a change in both the thickness and density of the hair along the center of his forehead.

Yes, his receding hairline is still there, but his hair became thicker especially at the top.

Fortunately, the hair transplant worked well enough for him and it even took years off of his face. At 44 years old, he looks at least five years younger after a thicker head of hair.

Jude Law’s hair transplant is definitely another success story however, we do wish that he gets to fix his receding hairline next.

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