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Has Julia Roberts Had Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

Julia Roberts plastic surgery
Julia Roberts, popular Hollywood actress is one of the prettiest women in the world. However, it is still an unanswered question whether Julia Roberts is a natural beauty or made this happen with the help of plastic surgery.

There is no doubt that she is one of the beautiful actresses in Hollywood with huge fan following. However, it is rumored that Julia Roberts went under the knife to improve her looks. The gossip of Julia Roberts plastic surgery has ranged far wide throughout her career in movies.

Julia Roberts, Before and After Plastic Surgery

Julia Roberts before and after plastic surgery

Julia Roberts is an acting sensation in Hollywood. Though she is 45 years old, she looks much younger than her years. There is a considerable speculation about what type of cosmetic procedures she has opted. Some people says her nose has changed a lot in the recent years, while some suggest that she might have gotten liposuction.

There are lots of changes we can notice by seeing her before and after photos. People may look different in different clothes. Your facial features may change, if you have used different cosmetic procedures. Many people mistake this for results of plastic surgery. It is always important that you rule out the natural causes before pointing figures about plastic surgery.

When asked in an interview, Julia Roberts denied the rumors of plastic surgery. Instead, she said that she wanted to see how she would look like when she gets older.

There are still many speculations that she has the procedures done whenever she takes break from work. As some people say, this actress sticks by the story that her good looks are the result of good genes, personal care, diet and exercise.

Julia Roberts’ Nose Job

There is a persistent rumor about her Rhinoplasty. After looking at her before and after photos, we didn’t find much change.

Julia Roberts Nose Job

There might be a slight different in the size of her nose, which could possibly be because of makeup and angle of the photo. There seems to be no change in the structure of nose, which proves that the rumors of nose job are far-fetched. She has a sharp nose that actually fits well with other facial features.


Facelift and Botox are the two common procedures that are carried out by Hollywood celebrities. However, there are only a few people who confessed they performed it. In an interview, Julia Roberts said that she was never in support of plastic surgery and she loves being in natural looks. Sometimes, she feels that she risked her career by not having plastic surgery.

Julia Roberts Facelift

As Hollywood actresses cross 45, it is difficult for them to be on the top of the list — as there are many young actresses to give them a tough competition. Julia Roberts informed people that she does not have any plans to get facelift, as she is promoting Lancome, the Beauty Company.

By looking her before and after photos, it is easy for people to get confused. People of her age show some signs of aging, but Julie looks young as before. The skin around her eyes seems tight with no freckles, when she smiles. Her forehead is absolutely tight and we doubt how makeup can give such results. This could be the result of plastic surgery.

Lip Fillers

People know Julia Roberts for her attractive smile and beautiful lips. They have always locked neatly and delicious. It is common that lips become tighter with age.

Julia Roberts then and now

However, Julia Roberts lips have remained the same as always – which made people believe that she had lip fillers. As the actress never revealed anything about these rumors, people are still wondering.

Julia Roberts has the facial features same as she had 20 years ago, and this is why lots of rumors are whirling around about her plastic surgery allegations.

The actress who won Oscar award along with many other accolades has accredited a healthy lifestyle and remains happy as ever. It is all about leaving things that put you down emotionally and physically.

Are you still not convinced that the rumors of Julia Roberts plastic surgery are nothing but just gossips? If you have any evidence, comment below!

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