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Julie Benz Plastic Surgery – Is Her Aging Considered All-Natural?

Julie Benz Plastic Surgery
If you’re a fan of good TV shows, then you’ve probably been exposed to Julie Benz. Julie Benz has already been acting since the 1990s, and she still snags good TV roles today. Surely, all those years would’ve caught up with her, but she still remains as radiant as ever in all of her appearances. Could Julie Benz plastic surgery be the cause of this everlasting beauty?

Julie Benz is an American actress who played Darla on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Later on, she hit another popular role with Rita Bennett character on the show Dexter. Today, she looks like she has aged just five years from when she played Darla on Buffy. How can that be possible?

In this article, we’re going to scrutinize Julie Benz plastic surgery and see what type of procedures she had done.

Julie Benz’s Botox injections

It may be too early for Julie Denz to have a facelift, so we’re placing our bet on the possibility that she had Botox injections at some point in her career. At her age, Julie Benz should show signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Miraculously, she remains wrinkle-free and with minimal lines on her face.

Julie Benz Botox
Julie Benz then and now

Thus, we suspect that Julie Denz has had Botox injections done regularly. If we were to choose which part of her face she had injected, we would guess that she had it done on her forehead area since her forehead remains quite smooth and tight.

But thanks to Botox, Julie Benz looks like she could be 35 years old instead of her current age of 45 years old. Because of this, she can be casted for younger roles for more TV shows.

Julie Benz Before and After Boob Job

Another great improvement about Julie Benz plastic surgery is her boob job. Before, Julie Benz had breasts that were a cup B size at most. The alleged breast augmentation surgery made her breasts look almost half as big as the original size, which gave her a sexier and sultrier look.

Julie Benz Boob Job

Julie Benz took the change to flaunter her new breasts at red carpet appearances, which definitely highlighted her rack thanks to low-cut dresses. What’s great about her boob job is that her breasts still look natural unlike other women’s boob jobs.

Julie Benz’s Lip Injections

We also supect that Julie Benz has had lip injections at some point in her career. In her early days as an actress, Julie Benz had a gummy smile which showed majority of her teeth and gums. But recently, the actress has less visible gums thanks to the thicker upper and lower lips that she has now.

Julie Benz Lip Job

It is highly possible that Julie Benz had lip injections done to get rid of the gummy smile. Now, her smile is more glamourous than ever.

Julie Benz’s Body Measurements

Julie Benz is hands down one of the sexiest women on TV. It wouldn’t be wrong to be curious about her body measurements, which, luckily, we have right here. Take note that her body measurements are only based on rough estimation.

Julie Benz sexy body

Julie Benz is about a height of 5’4″ and her weight is 125 pounds. Her bra size is around 32C (considering her new breast size) while her bust-waist-hip ratio is estimated to be 35-24-35 inches. Not bad for a 45-year old woman, eh?

Julie Benz – One of the Most Natural Women

As an actress, Julie Benz is one of the most natural women on TV. In her entire career, we have never seen her with a dramatic change unlike so many of her fellow actresses.

Julie Benz hot photo

Most importantly, we can still tell that it’s her based on before and after pictures, which do show little to no difference in her appearance.

Thus, we can say that aging has not affected Julie Benz too much. She still looks as radiant as ever with the help of little to no plastic surgery. We do praise her for this, since being natural in Hollywood is quite rare nowadays.

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