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K-Pop SISTAR Plastic Surgery – Hyorin, Bora, Soyou and Dasom

SISTAR Plastic Surgery Before and After
SISTAR is a four member Korean girl band formed in 2010. The group SISTAR consists of Hyorin, Bora, Soyou or Soyu and Dasom, and has been taking K-pop charts by storm with hit after hit, after making the sweet transition into Stardom.

Recently, the group was hit by the rumors of K-pop SISTAR plastic surgery. However, the allegations were not yet proved and we are still investigating whether the group got plastic surgery or not.

SISTAR Star Soyou Plastic Surgery Rumor or Fact?

The recent appearance of Soyou in a television show led to surprise confession about her plastic surgery. She revealed that she visited a plastic surgeon after hateful comments about her looks.

SISTAR Star Soyou Plastic Surgery

Soyou was a chubby kid during school days with small nose. It is not possible to get a nose with sharp tip by losing weight. The length of her nose has grown in the recent years, leading us to the belief that she went through knife to increase the length and structure of nose.

The after pictures of Soyou prove that she has undergone blepharoplasty and Rhinoplasty to make her features more attractive.

According to sources – she was able to overcome harsh criticism by surgical enhancement and opted nose job. Talking about her looks, she said that the shape of her nose is same as her sister’s. There seems to be a great similarity between their looks.

She overcame lack of confidence by accepting herself for who she is. She also shared that Hyorin, her fellow member of SISTAR really helped shape her positive mentality with her strong trust. However, Hyorin got plastic surgery. So, will Soyou follow the suit?

Rumors of SISTAR’s Yoon Bora Plastic Surgery

Bora is one of the beautiful girls in the group. It is likely that she had plastic surgery. However, she denied it and said that she is against it. At KPS, you can’t believe everything that people say.

Yoon Bora Plastic Surgery

Well, we chose to dig a bit deeper. After looking her pre-debut photos and comparing them with the present looks, we are actually surprised that she appears completely like a natural beauty.

Initially, there was a suspicion about her prominent eyelid crease –though it is not the standard crease that resulted from surgery.

Ideally, the crease because of surgery starts from the inner corned of eye. Her childhood photos also showed a prominent line, which slowly disappeared like a natural eyelid rather than one that was created surgically.

Her nose is not the standard nose that resulted from Rhinoplasty. It is likely that this is a natural feature of her. The only change we can see in Bora is the appearance of her teeth, which gave her a straight and perfect smile.

Plastic Surgery Rumors of Kim Hyo Jung (Hyorin)

Kim Hyo Jung debuted in 2012 at the age of 22 has often been criticized by Korean media for lack of beauty. Even her mother said she is not pretty and with all the negative attention towards appearance, she confessed that she is interested to get plastic surgery.

Kim Hyo Jung (Hyorin) plastic surgery

She admitted that she got plastic surgery done for her eyes, as they were small and round. Now, she has got wide and bright eyes which could be with the help of plastic surgery.

This SISTAR star has admitted that she had gone only through eye surgery, but we think that she even has undergone rhinoplasty. A quick view of the before and after photos proves our point.

In her past photos, there was no divide between her eyes as her nasal bridge is non-existent. Her recent photos show a higher nasal bridge and better augmented tip than previous one.

Transformation of Kim Dasom After Plastic Surgery

Dasom, the most popular member of SISTAR group is next in the plastic surgery line. Prior to joining the group, she won a number of poem and song writing contests. She made her debut on KBS music band. She was surrounded by some nasty rumors of plastic surgery.

Dasom plastic surgery

Comparing her school days photos with recent ones, we noticed that she have a long and slender snout, which remains same in both the pictures. Even her eyes are not dramatically bigger than before, which made us think that there is no truth in Dasom plastic surgery rumors.

We are glad to know that the SISTAR stars seem to be natural, as the rumors of K-Pop SISTAR plastic surgery are still under investigation! What do you say?

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