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Dig Kangana Ranaut Get Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

Kangana Ranaut Plastic Surgery
Bollywood’s popular queen Kangana Ranaut has always been surrounded with gossips and controversies. The new gossip in B-town was about Kangana Ranaut plastic surgery. Kangana came into lime light from her mesmerizing performance in the movie “Queen”. Though her looks has taken away million hearts, the real credit goes to her acting talent.

Kangana has covered a long journey in the film industry, taking small steps towards success. It is believed that like other Bollywood actresses — she also went under the knife to keep her beauty everlasting. If you compared her before and after plastic surgery photos, you will surely notice that she has put lot of weight. However, the most important thing to notice is her lips, face and breast.

Before and After Results of Kangana Ranaut Plastic Surgery

Previously, we talked about plastic surgery of many celebrities including – Aishwarya Rai, Shilpa Shetty, Anushka Sharma, Shruti Haasan and many more. Kangana too felt the need to enhance her looks and hence went for plastic surgery. Want to know how the looks of Kangana Ranaut changed after plastic surgery?

Kangana Ranaut After Lip Surgery

Rumors disclosed that she underwent lip surgery to look much prettier. Though she made it clear that she didn’t undergo any lip surgery — Her past and present pictures say something else. If you have seen her movie Life in a Metro, you will notice a pout – which was not seen in Gangster. This shows that rumors of lip surgery were right.

Kangana Ranaut lips

The rumors of Kangana Ranaut plastic surgery began soon after she returned from a short vacation in 2009. Her character in the film Rascals (2011) fueled the rumor. But, her representative dismissed the rumor saying – “She is allergic to shellfish, which caused a reaction”.

Judging her before and after pictures, one can say that Kangana’s lips were smaller before, while now they have become fuller. Currently, she is popular in B-town for her thicker lips.

Rumors About Kangana Ranaut’s Facelift

There are also rumors regarding facelift. Kangana’s cheeks were chubby during her debut years. Now, her cheeks look a bit chubby and lifted, which is not easy without plastic surgery. Sometimes, her face looks puffy, especially when she becomes exhausted. This is a clear indication of facelift.

Kangana Ranaut Facelift

You can also see a bit curve in the jawline in her previous pictures. However, her recent photos show a sharper and more defined jaw line. We can see a drastic transformation from an innocent girl to celebrity, which makes us believe that she underwent facelift.

Kangana Ranaut’s Boob Job (Breast Implants)

Initially, Kangana Ranaut had small breasts which leftlot of space on her chest. She was even described as “flat chested” because of small bust in the past. Now, her breasts look large and round — making her much sexier than before.

Kangana Ranaut boob job

However, the actress denied the rumors of breast implant, saying that her breasts have enlarged after she gained seven kilos of weight. We should also take into consideration that a good push-up bra can play an important role in enhancing the breast size.

It is reported that this fashion girl underwent three surgeries, but when asked she denied. She agreed that there is a drastic change in her looks in the recent years, but all that is because of the weight gain. But, people around her believe that she has undergone surgery, as such changes can’t be INSTANT.

Secret Behind Kangana’s Youthful Skin

Being very fair, it is important for her to keep her skin look fresh and young. There are chances that she might be taking Botox injections to keep her skin glowing for days.

Kangana Ranaut Hot Sexy Bikini Photo

We should not forget that she has not yet claimed anything about having plastic surgery. It is possible to make an old person look young with the help of makeup. We are unaware of the real truth behind her looks. All we can do is love and trust her for all the talent she has got.

She is amongst the highest paid actresses of Bollywood. People appreciated for her work in movies like – Tanu weds Manu, Queen etc. She is completely against color discrimination and is known to refuse many advertisements that support fairness products.

Do you really think that the girl with a beautiful mind has undergone with plastic surgery? Share your thoughts on Kangana Ranaut plastic surgery!

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