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The Sexy Scientist Kari Byron: Does She Have Plastic Surgery Secrets?

Kari Byron Plastic Surgery
If you are an avid fan of Discovery Channel, you would be familiar with Kari Byron, one of the most prominent faces on this network. She is often marketed as a sexy scientist with a sultry and smart image, which she does pull off thanks to her pretty face and sexy body. However, is Kari Byron plastic surgery involved?

Kari Byron is an American TV host and artist who is best known for her big role on Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters. She had starred in this science discovery show for 12 seasons before she moved on to other projects after the show ended. Today, she is taking part in other TV shows as well as art.

Kari Byron hot photo

Kari Byron is already 42 years old and the age has started to catch up on her face and body. In this article, can we tell how much plastic surgery she got based on her before and after pictures?

Kari Byron Before and After Boob Job (Breast Implants)

Now, the primary reason why Kari Byron has so much appeal over audiences is because of her big breasts. These breasts enhanced her figure in such a way that she looked sexier and prettier even she didn’t have an all-too impressive face.

Kari Byron boob job before and after

Before, Kari Byron didn’t have big breasts. Pictures of her younger self online are available and it would show you that she had B-cup size breasts at most. However, thanks to the boob job, she had C or D size breasts that definitely improved her figure. Due to the breast implants, she no longer had a boyish or immature body for a woman.

Her new breasts also helped her create a status for herself as one of the sexiest women on non-drama TV. She truly gained a lot more admirers and more audiences were probably keener to watch Mythbusters because of her.

Kari Byron’s Botox Injections

Kari Byron’s face remains smooth and wrinkle-free even though she is already 42 years old. Thus, we believe that she is having regular injections of Botox to maintain the smoothness of her skin, especially in the forehead area.

If you were to look at her more recent pictures, you would notice that Kari Byron’s face looks weirdly waxy and a bit too tight. This can be due to Botox injections in conjunction with chemical peels or other facial treatments to help one look younger. It’s not too bad since it’s not so noticeable, but it will be if she keeps it up.

Kari Byron’s Aging

Kari Byron is definitely not getting any younger and it shows. Her skin is starting to sag and her face is slowly starting to become wrinkled. However, she handles that well with little to no plastic surgery at all, which is quite admirable considering that she is always on TV.

Kari Byron 2017
Kari Byron in May, 2017 (source)

It also helps that she has vibrant red hair that appears to be natural. This type of hair color, which she also styles in young, hip hairstyles helps her to create a more fun and younger image of herself. This is quite a necessity since TV audiences are always more keen to look at younger hosts.

Nevertheless, Kari Byron still remains the most natural women on TV when it comes to her face. It appears that she had nothing done to her face at all, except for Botox injections which are still quite inconclusive.

When it comes to her body, on the other hand, it appears that the only thing changed is her breast size. It appears that Kari Byron decided not to have any tummy tucks or liposuction procedures which are common among celebrities.

Although, Kari Byron plastic surgery still exists so we can’t easily praise her for not having had plastic surgery. However, we do think that she is one of the most natural-looking women on TV.

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