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Kate Beckinsale, Before and After Plastic Surgery

Kate Beckinsale hot 2017

Kate Beckinsale, the very gorgeous actress is more known for her recent work in the “Underworld Series”. She maintained her looks throughout her career and even at the age of 42 she look super radiant. She has wowed her fans with her appearance and acting skills.

With all attention on her looks, we would like to focus on – “Did she ever undergo plastic surgery to improve her looks?” Well, to understand the truth behind Kate Beckinsale plastic surgery rumors, you need to closely look at her before and after photos.

Kate Beckinsale Before and After plastic surgery

Kate Beckinsale used to do variety of makeup styles to keep up with the show business. By having a look at before and after photos of Kate Beckinsale — we can say that even if she had underwent plastic surgery, it looks like they were actually well done.

Kate Beckinsale plastic surgery

Botox injections

Botox injections are very popular, especially among Hollywood celebrities as they are less invasive and give best solution to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. She is fortunate to get the right plastic surgeon for Botox applications.

The result is a much fresher look and smooth forehead and cheeks. As her cheeks are lifted by dermal fillers, the outcome was simple wonderful.

Kate Beckinsale’s Nose Job

By comparing the before and after photos of Kate, we noticed a change in the shape of her nose.

Kate Beckinsale's Nose Job

Her nose looks more pointed with a narrower nose bridge. Her consistent and dark colored hair suits well with her sharper nose, giving her an elegant look. The size of her nose fits well with her facial features.

Kate Beckinsale’s Boob Job

Kate revealed in an interview that she never had any breast implants and her breast size continued to change every year. Breast implants are quite popular among Hollywood celebrities as it boosts their confidence. It is believed that the breast implants made her boobs look unnatural and artificial.

Kate Beckinsale boob job
Stretchmarks on her breasts were visible at an Oscar party

It was speculated that due to the high size of breasts, they tend to slide up to her collarbone. With such discomfort, Kate decided to remove silicone implants and continued with her natural boobs.

Kate Beckinsale’s Lip Fillers

The current trend in Hollywood is full lips. You hardly see any actress with thin lips these days. A lot of celebrities have undergone lip fillers. For example, just take a look at Kylie Jenner’s lips or just try this.

Kate Beckinsale lips

If you check the before and after photos of Kate Beckinsale, you will surely say that her lips look fuller than before. She is even seen with properly aligned teeth, which were quite different earlier.

Kate Beckinsale's Teeth Before and After

Like other Hollywood celebrities, she also underwent multiple cosmetic procedures. From her looks, we can say that she has got a good surgeon who made her pretty till date. Though it is rumored that she had a poor boob job, the other procedures did wonders and helped in enhancing her looks.

Few Interesting Facts about Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale, born on 26th July 1973 in England started her career with minor television roles. She had her debut in ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ while studying at Oxford University.

In late 90s, she ventured into United Stated film industry and got a break in 2001. The ‘Underworld’ film series can be said as the highlight of her career. It is inevitable that her looks became top priority in the recent years.

When she had her first photoshoot, she was just 19. It was really nice to see an un-styled Kate. She always had amazing skin and wider nose. We can say with confidence that it is her nose that has changed a lot over the years.

Kate Beckinsale young then and now

In 1995, she cropped her hair into a bad shaggy style. With few changes to her looks in 1998, Kate was seen with a more natural skin. By seeing her photos of 1998, we can say that she might have had a nose job around this time.

In 2012, she got lead role in some awesome movies like – Underworld Awakening, Contraband and Total Recall. Seeing her present looks, it is no surprise that the rumors of having undergone plastic surgery seemed to surface.

Though all the rumors may be true, but you need to keep in mind that no official confirmation is made till date. Since there is no confirmation, we can’t say anything about the truth behind Kate Beckinsale plastic surgery rumors.

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