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Has Kate Upton Had Breast Implants – Real or Fake Boobs?

Kate Upton Breast Implants
The speculation about Kate Upton breast implants has been a controversial topic of discussion. So the main question is- did she or didn’t she? The transformation from her cleavage to her chest is too conspicuous to be real.

While on the other hand, the way in which her breasts bounce when she jolts depicts the natural ones. This makes it hard to justify whether her boobs are real or fake.

The world of fashion has always been dominated by skinny ladies with petite chest. Kate Upton broke this tradition, introducing completely a new trend. She broke from her straining bookworm culture at the age of 16 and joined the world of fashion where she has transformed into a successful swimsuit model.

Kate Upton Hot Photo

She is well endowed with curvaceous body coupled with immense energy, making her one of the hottest and most successful models of our time. This transition has been greatly accelerated by her magnificent big solid boobs.

Are Kate Upton’s Boobs Natural or Fake?

Many people are questioning the truth behind her big and firm boobs, which by the physical look appear natural but analysis gives a totally different opinion. Most people can’t fathom that her breasts came from her genes.

Kate Upton Sexy Photo

Upton is a successful top model, so maybe she underwent the knife to enhance her appearance. Like any other celebrity, the significant difference in her bra size has been closely examined to get the facts right.

Change in Kate Upton’s Bra Size

During her high school days, most people who knew her described Kate as a “bookworm with a flat chest.” This is contrary to what we are seeing in the model industry. The 20-year old has received a lot of criticism with most of her critics arguing that just in 2008-09, Kate was merely a 32B, but in 2011, during the sports illustrated issue, she depicted 34D bra size.

Kate Upton Boobs

Although it is unusual to undergo such exponential change in bra size within just three years, the increase in breast size has also been accompanied by an increase in body weight, making the breast size natural. It is obvious that Kate has gained weight and her body has become more curvaceous than she first joined the model industry.

Expert’s Opinion About Kate Upton’s Breast Implants

Some experts claim that Kate Upton breast implants speculation can be due to breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is preferred by people who want bigger breast without having to undergo the stressful implant procedure. Following liposuction, the resulting fat is injected directly into the patient’s chest.

Kate Upton last of love advent

The fat can also be processed into stem cells that are incorporated into the chest to mix up with the existing fat. These injections are absolutely natural and come with numerous advantages that breast implants do not offer. “If you gain weight, it goes directly to your chest,” says Dr. Trott.

The major drawback is that recovery time takes as much duration as that of breast implants and cost about $1,000 more. The better part of breast augmentation is that it does not leave scars behind, and the breast feels just like the natural ones.

Kate Upton Body

Taking a closer look at Kate’s breast, it is nearly impossible to note any signs of breast augmentation. They appear so natural! Breast augmentation is usually characterized by even sized, firm, and rock feeling boobs.

Kate Upton’s Boob Job Revealed

Many of her fans have witnessed the significant change in the size of her breast, leaving us to wonder what actually transpired. Based on the comparison of before and after photos, there is a clear distinction on the breast size.

Kate Upton plastic surgery before and after

Some have agreed that the ongoing speculation about Kate Upton breast implants can actually be true. This should not come as a surprise as we can all agree that her profession demands pleasant look for you to be successful.

This may come as a real shock to most of her loving fans, that actually at one point their adored model underwent plastic surgery to enhance her beautiful boobs.

Kate Upton in the movie - The Other Women
Kate Upton in the movie – The Other Women

We can’t deny the fact that Kate Upton is exceptionally beautiful and has been outshining her competitors in the model industry for quite some time now. However, to continue holding the record, she has to remain beautiful and curvaceous.

Like many in her field of specialization, Kate Upton breast implants job has given people what they want, which is bigger and curvier breast.

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