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Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery – Facial Surgery, Nose and Lip Job

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery
The fact that Katrina Kaif had to go under a series of plastic surgery procedures to become one of the A-List female actors of Bollywood History, is not at all unknown to the common man. Kaif’s beauty does not only manage us to floor us with her effortless statements of fashion, but it is also enthralling for all of them.

Since the time she has returned from her recent London trip, she is catching the attention of the people with a difference in her facial appearance. Katrina looks stunning yet different.

Katrina Kaif Hot Photo

During the trailer launch of her upcoming project, Jagga Jasoos, Katrina in her beautiful floral dress and beige stilettos, she stunned the media with her swollen yet pale look.

Katrina Kaif No Makeup
Katrina Kaif Without Makeup

The no-makeup makeup look would have been fool proof if the face of the beauty had not got swollen. This is the matter with Katrina Kaif where every year she pays visit to London in the name of reuniting with her family, and then she returns from the country with a completely different facial feature.

Katrina’s Facial Surgery

In the month of February, Katrina raised the eyebrows of the people when she landed at the airport after visiting London.

Katrina Kaif Botox

While she was not wearing makeup, the changed dynamics of her face looked extremely different. Her face was so much swollen, hat people thought she was bitten by a tiny bee.

Apparently, she underwent the procedure of face fillers, which did not settle properly before even she could step into the country beautifully. She appeared to be extremely aged later the day, when she attended the event organized by the Vogue Magazine. Her cheeks, lips were filled and they were evident.

One of Kaif’s closest buddies, on the other hand said that Katrina would never ever opt for a any plastic surgery, rather, she has been asked by the producers of her next film Thugs of Hindostan to gain weight, as she will be portraying the character of a matured woman.

No matter how hard the efforts are being made to substantiate the reason of Kaif’s facial puffiness, the clever audience know how the surgery can go wrong. Adding more spice to this speculation, model Diandra Soares, in her recent tweet addressed Katrina by saying,

“…also its not a hate post for Kat… I know her (n would even say this to her face) its just that I happened to see this pic n her interview n it got me thinking… as to why women are doing this all over the world. And even younger women are into it btw….!!!”

If the rumors of botox are taken seriously, then she wasted a good amount of time as well as money behind it, because she didn’t really need it, at the tender age of just 32. She did not have any kind of signs of aging like fine lines, dark spots etc. She is a born beautiful lady, and she did not have to go under any artificial way of enhancing her gifted beauty.

Know about Katrina Kaif’s Nose Job in Details

The concept of Nose Job or Rhinoplasty is a popular procedure which is closely associated with the name of Katrina Kaif.

Katrina Kaif Nose Job

The nose job was done on the area of her nose tip. After the plastic surgery, her nose was seen to be extremely slimmer and pointed. This ran well with her in the future.

Katrina Kaif’s Lip Augmentation Job

Katrina Kaif also underwent another plastic surgery procedure in the form of lip job or augmentation. The result somehow, was not that much significant or eye-catching, like her nose job, though.

Katrina Kaif Lips

Today, Kaif’s lips are extremely plump, and the reason behind this are the fillers that were injected inside her lips. Sometimes, due to faulty makeup, her lips appear to be extremely swollen, making her look a bit different.

What do you think about Katrina Kaif plastic surgery rumors? Has she had any or she is just a natural beauty? Leave your comments below!

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