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Kendall Jenner’s Plastic Surgery – Nose Job and Lip Job – Before and After

Kendall Jenner Plastic Surgery
Kendall Jenner is one of the beautiful stars of “Keeping up with Kardashians” who has been considered as natural one. However, people noticed a different nose and lips, which could be the result of alleged plastic surgery. Rumors of Kendall Jenner plastic surgery heated up in 2017 when critics compared the before and after pictures of this star.

The Truth Behind Kendall Jenner’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Viewers of “Keeping up with Kardashians” no longer believe that Kendall Jenner is 100% natural. It is reported that she went under the knife to correct her lips, nose and cheeks.

Kendall Jenner's Hot & Sexy Bikini Body

Though she denied plastic surgery rumors, fans are not convinced. Recently, her fans wrote on twitter that her lips and nose look quite different than before. May be she got a nose and lip job.

Kendall Jenner’s Lip Job

Kendall was sported with plumper pout on Instagram, for which she blamed her sister Kylie. As soon as her photographs rolled out, rumors of her lip surgery sparked and spread like fire. It is believed that when it comes to looks, Kardashians are always at the front. Also read about Kim KardashianKylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian.

Kendall Jenner lip job

The 21 year model made a bold statement that she would never go under the knife as it is very exhausting and doesn’t make any sense for model like her to go under the knife. There is no denying that she transformed from girl next door to a catwalk phenomenon.

After the handiwork from her sister, Kendall lips did appear larger. She started using lip fillers as a teenager and her lips looked so plump during Live appearance on Facebook.

Kendall Jenner’s Nose Job

The rumors of Kendall Jenner nose job went viral when she was spotted with a much slimmer nose. She always denied the rumors that she went under the knife to restructure her nose. This star who became a top fashion model showed off a slimmer nose in her recent photos.

Kendall Jenner nose job

If you compare the before and after photos of Kendall, you will notice a significant change. The bridge of her nose looks a bit crooked in earlier photo, which could be because of surgery.

It is believed that she may have another nose procedure to restructure her nose. As most of the surgeons avoid plastic surgery till the patient gets a little older. The face tends to fill out when young and any small correction in facial features can be noticed easily. Though fillers do not give a permanent solution, many Hollywood celebrities opted for it.

Botox Injections

A lot of celebs struggle with changing looks. However, the case is different with Kendall Jenner. She never struggled with acne breakouts and always had a clean skin. The dramatic transformation in the skin of Kendall Jenner made people think that she used Botox injections.

She is yet to made announcement publicly on whether she has opted for Botox injections or not. However, there is no clear evidence of Botox injection rumors, as she is too young to get them.

Kendall Jenner’s Butt Implants

A lot of people think that Kendall Jenner got butt implants. It didn’t take much time for people to point out her larger hips. If you compare her past and present photos in side angle, you can find her fake butts.

Kendall Jenner Butt Implants

Though her belly button looks suspicious, her fans argue that it is just because of bikini effect. Kendall Jenner also claims that the butt implants are not TRUE. It is not so easy to recovery after a tough procedure like butt implants.

Interesting Things about Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is the tallest Kardashian with a height of 5 ft. 10 inch. Her favorite beauty products are Smashbox Foundation Primer, Lip Lights lip gloss and Mac Eye Kohl.

She made modelling debut in 2014 and did modelling for Marc Jacobs. In 2012, she appeared on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18.

Kendall Jenner has done campaigns for Forever 21, Nordstrom and Luca Couture.She also appeared in an episode of Hawaii in 2012. Her favorite junk food is cheese chips.

Despite of various plastic surgery allegations, she is going to be starring in an upcoming program. Well, people love her for her talent more than her looks.

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