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Kevin Costner’s Hair Transplant – Before and After Photos

Kevin Costner Hair Transplant
A-list Hollywood actor Kevin Costner’s hair transplant procedure isn’t the first nor the last for him. He already had a procedure years ago, but remains dissatisfied with his hair loss.

Middle- to early old-aged men have to deal with several issues at the same time. One of the most common problem is their hair loss. Between their 30s and 50s, a lot of men already experience hair loss and balding and upon realization that this is happening, it can be very hard to deal with.

Luckily, this doesn’t mean there’s no solution to halting or recovering the hair loss. There’s always hair transplant procedures like what Kevin Costner did.

Kevin Costner Before and After Hair Transplant

One thing is for sure, the actor’s doctor surely made such a miracle because his hair looked natural after his hair transplant. Regardless of his age, Costner will always remain a great-looking man. His bald patch before didn’t tarnish his good looks but he knew that has something to be done to maintain his dapperness. With the hair transplant, his hairline surely improved that it even managed to preserve and look really healthy now.

Kevin Costner Before and After Hair Transplant

Kevin Costner’s first hair transplant was between 2006 and 2007. You could see in 2008 magazines that he displayed a full head of thick hair which he once lacked the years prior. A couple of years past, he still hasn’t changed. Sure, there are signs of shedding but the work done by his surgeon was really high quality.

Remedies to Hair Loss

There are products like shampoos and conditioners that will help in preventing the early stages of hair loss. Taking drugs intended for anti-hair loss has also been proven effective, that it can help those whose hair loss became very obvious.

However, if the hair loss has been more advanced in its progression, a hair transplant surgery should be done to treat it. It still depends on the person and he would choose which would suit best for him.

Kevin Costner is very serious about how he looks. He has a hair dresser always on-call to make sure that no bald spots remain exposed. He always has to make a lot of effort to maintain a high standard when it comes to his image.

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