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Kim Hyuna Plastic Surgery Before and After – Pre-debut VS Now

Kim Hyuna plastic surgery before and after
Kim Hyuna made a name for herself as a pop sensationalist. Her sparing fame is accompanied by cloud of rumors surrounding the possibility of Kim Hyuna’s plastic surgery. Though she achieved fame and success with her girl band— she was surrounded with plastic surgery gossips because of the drastic change in her looks.

Did Kim Hyuna Really Get Plastic Surgery?

Kim Hyuna, who is a South Korean singer, dancer and model— rose to the stardom when she debuted in a Korean girl band, Wonder Girls in 2009. Later she joined another girl band – 4Minute in 2009. She has released a number of solo songs that received stupefying responses. [Must Read – 4Minute Members Profile – Looking Back at 4Minute Band]

Kim Hyuna sexy photo

Hyuna achieved a lot of fame and success with her ‘girls band’ and her appearance changed completely, leading to plastic surgery rumors on the internet. Her career has taken a flying start and her songs made top position in the charts. Many suspected that she has undergone the knife that includes – double eyelid surgery, nose job and jawline surgery.

Kim Hyun hot body

She achieved great success as a solo singer as well in group. The instant success of “Hot Issue” in 2008 set her for superstardom. Gangnam style made her a household name because of her non-forgetting appearance on Psy’s worldwide hit.

Kim Hyun looking hot

But, one question that made us think twice is – could she resist the temptation of plastic surgery? If you check her before and after photos, you will find a lot of difference. She appears to have KPOP combo or even more than that. Her face looks really unnatural in her recent photos. However, one of her groups gave a statement saying that none of them had gone under the knife.

Rumors of Hyuna Eyelid Surgery

If you want your eyes to look bigger, you should have double eyelids. But, this is an unnatural way to have bigger eyes. According to the experts of beauty industry, it is possible to have bigger eyes by applying right contrasting tones around the eyes. However, some celebrities undergo the knife to have double eyelids permanently.

Kim Hyuna Pre-debut and now

By observing her before and after photos, you will find a noticeable change in the size of her eyes. Whatever is the reason behind this, the difference is quite remarkable. Her eyes look much smaller in her pre-debut photos.

However, we noticed a pair of rounder and bigger eyes in her recent photos. It is hard to tell whether she has undergone the knife or used makeup techniques to achieve such effect.

Rumors of Hyuna Nose Job

It is a known fact that Asians tend to have flatter nose and hence, nose jobs are very popular in Korea. Many celebrities, especially in South Korea opt to have a sharper nose with thinner bridge.

Kim Hyun Nose Job

Some observers say that her nose looks more defined compared to early days. Her recent photos show a sharper nose with a narrow bridge. However, we should not assume that she has undergone nose job, just because her nose looks more defined now. You might get your own conclusion by looking at the space between her eyes.

Rumors of Hyuna Jawline Surgery

People opt for jawline surgery to achieve V shaped face. Many celebrities with round shaped face are not happy with their looks, and have a desire to reshape their jawline. It takes a lot of courage to undergo this surgery, as it takes a lot of time to recover.

Kim Hyun Jawline Surgery

The rumors of Hyuna jawline surgery went viral when the shape of her face changed within a short span of time. If you check some of her photos taken from top angle, her face looked sharper than before. However, this technique is used to make people look slimmer. According to sources, her sharper looking face could be the result of her weight loss. It could be possible that she achieved sharper face with regular exercise and dieting.

Kim Hyuna has grown prettier over years with bigger eyes and edgier vibe. However, it is not fair to say that she has undergone plastic surgery as she is still young. It could be the work of her makeup artist who is performing those miracles. Do you believe the rumors of Hyuna plastic surgery? Leave your comments below!

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