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Rap Monster Kim Namjoon’s Heart Surgery and Plastic Surgery

Kim Namjoon 2017
We have another BTS member on our list, and today it is Kim Namjoon. However, we’re not only going to talk about Kim Namjoon plastic surgery, but we’re also going to briefly discuss about this singer’s previous heart surgery.

Kim Namjoon is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He is better known as Rap Monster and is currently the leader and main rapper for BTS, otherwise known as Bangtan Boys. In 2015, he had released his first mixtape and since then, he had recorded collaborations with other artists and produced most of BTS’ songs. [Must Read >> BTS (Bangtan Boys) Members Profile – All the Info and Trivia You Need]

Kim Namjoon Cute Photos

He is also the first member of BTS, having been recruited back in 2010 during a Big Talent audition. He was a trainee for a couple of years and during this time, he was collaborating with underground rappers. Before and during his membership with BTS, Rap Monster was already creating a name for himself as a notable rapper.

Kim Namjoon Smile

Other than being a talented rapper, he is also one of the smartest Korean entertainers to date. He is known to have an IQ score of 148 and also being fluent in English and Japanese. Well, we’re all too impressed by this, but we’re not here solely to talk about his achievements.

Kim Namjoon’s Heart Surgery

There has been unconfirmed rumors circulating on the Internet about Kim Namjoon’s supposed heart surgery. According to several sources, Kim Namjoon underwent a heart surgery back when he was only 15 years old. Additionally, he had 30% chance of survival from this procedure. Obviously, he got through it.

This rumor not only gathered sympathy for the Rap Monster’s past, but it also earned him praise for being a strong fighter.

Rap Monster Kim Namjoon’s Pre-Debut Photos:

Rap Monster Pre-Debut Pictures

BTS Kim Namjoon Childhood Photo

Rap Monster Bangtan Boys Pre-Debut

BTS Rap Monster Cute Predebut Photo

BTS Kim Namjoon Pre-Debut

Rap Monster Child Hair

Rap Monster Curly Hair

Rap Monster Childhood Picture

Kim Nam joon Predebut

Kim Nam-joon before surgery

Kim Namjoon’s Nose Job Before and After

A nose job or rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure wherein the shape of the nose is redefined surgically. It’s a popular procedure with many celebrities and non-showbiz people alike because the nose plays a great part in one’s image.

If we look at Kim Namjoon’s case, you would notice that he had a nose job at some point during his training. The evidence lies in his pre-debut pictures that show him with a much slimmer and smaller nose than before. Let’s run down the differences for a bit.

Rap Monster Kim Namjoon Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Firstly, his nose bridge is much smaller. This made him look more feminine, which is a desired look for many male K-Pop artists for some reason. We guess that it’s because most fans are attracted to a more feminine and friendlier look.

Another thing is his nostrils. Compared to before, they are much smaller and more proportioned to the rest of his nose.

This nose job made his nose much more normal looking. Additionally, it affected his whole face such that he looks much better and more attractive than before.

Aside from the nose job, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster looks like he hadn’t had anything else done. And this is good thing since even plastic surgery is common in Korea, natural good looks are still praised because it’s rare.

Thus, Kim Namjoon plastic surgery story ends here. We don’t have much to write about it, since his procedure only includes a nose job. He still has single eyelids, obviously indicating that he didn’t get a double eyelid surgery.

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  1. stop spreading rumors! what freakin plastic surgery?? his nose looks exactly the same!

  2. His nose looks the same, get your eyes checked

  3. His nose looks the same, but I dont know about the heart surgery that could have happened and if it did then I hope nothing happens to him I love him too much for him to get hurt. I would cry my eyes out bruh.

  4. I don’t see a plastic surgery on namjoon nose because it’s just the same when he was just a teen…it was just in camera angle you know and the way he make his facial expression…

  5. his nose looks the exact same, you just used a picture of him smiling so his nose looked weird.

  6. Tf he still looks the same anyone who’s reading this article don’t believe everything you read on the internet

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