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Korean Actress Bae Suzy Plastic Surgery Rumors – Before and After

Bae Suzy, the Korean singer cum actress is a member of girls group Miss A and has huge fan following around the country. She prefers to be called ‘Suzy’ and it has become her stage name. Suzy is the most famous performer in the Miss A band and her approval among youth is immense. Like other celebrities, rumors of Bae Suzy plastic surgery went viral after her appearance in a show.

Korean Actress Bae Suzy Plastic Surgery

Before and After Plastic Surgery Rumors

The biggest starts in Korean Cinema have had the luxury of helping their looks with cosmetic procedures.
Bae Suzy could be certainly one of them.

She said in an interview that she covered her face with a bit of plastic surgery and was not happy with the outcome. She also indicated that there could be more than one type of surgery that she would like to opt for. However, there is no clear statement about Bae Suzy plastic surgery rumors.

Miss A Bae Suzy Hot

Most of the fans believe that their lovely star has resisted the urge to go under the knife. However, a few instances show that she has undergone cosmetic surgery to gain perfection in her looks. Some of the possible cosmetic procedures include –eye lid surgery, nose job, forehead implantation, Jawline and lip surgery.

Bae Suzy’s Eyelid Surgery

It is suspected that Suzy had eye lid surgery to widen her eyes, which previously looked narrower. According to sources, she has undergone high-cut double eyelid surgery — one of the common cosmetic procedures in Korea.

Bae Suzy Eyelid Surgery

Her eyes are wider and attractive now — and the surgery seems to have got the work done.

Bae Suzy’s Nose Job

Bae Suzy has a pretty nose from the beginning of her career. However, for those who want perfection — it is a bit flat and round. It is believed that Suzy went under the knife in 2012 to get a sharp and pointed nose.

Bae Suzy Nose Job

Her new nose is much refined now, which we can confirm by comparing her before and after pictures. Netizens say not much has changed in her looks, as she is prettier from the beginning.

Jawline, Lip and Forehead Surgery

When you look closely at her jawline and lips, there seems to be a slight change. However, this change is very minimal and could be because of growing age. The actress is also reported to have forehead implantation, as her forehead looks much prominent now.

Bae Suzy Jawline, Lip and Forehead Surgery

There are rumors that she had forehead implant, as there are lots of baby hairs around her hairline. As forehead transplantation is an invasive procedure, we should not comment on it — until there is a clear proof.

If you look carefully at her before and after photos, there is no change in her face except nose. Using the photos taken in school days, and a few photos taken at different events — we compared the features of Suzy. The photos proved that Suzy’s eyes, lips and jawline remained the same throughout years.

Interesting Facts About Bae Suzy:

– Bae Suzy was cast in Dream High and also starred in a few films. She even worked in TV shows like – I need a Fairy, Human Casino, Gu Family Book etc.

Bae Suzy Cute Smile

Suzy endorses some of the popular brands including –Domino’s Pizza, Canon EOS M, Sprite, Nescafe, Lenovo etc. She won many awards in different categories such as – Best New Actress, Hot New Star, Hot Female, Best Dressed award, Popular Star, Women’s CF Model Award etc.

– Suzy joined fellow individuals Fei in March 2010 to form the group pass over— which launched a song “Love Once More” for Samsung Beat Competition.

Bae Suzy Sexy Photo

– She is the first Korean feminine to win singer rookie award, movie rookie award and drama rookie award. She additionally won the satisfactory ‘New Comer’ of the year, marking her 4th rookie award.

– Suzy is an active person and is frequent user of Cross-fit a type of high intensity exercise. She drinks a lot of water to keep her body hydrated, which is one of the secrets of her youthful skin.

Well, “What is Suzy’s response”? towards the plastic surgery rumors. Do you have anything to share about the rumors of Bae Suzy plastic surgery?

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