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What’s the Fuss Behind Blackpink Plastic Surgery – Just Rumors?

Are the BlACKPINK plastic surgery rumors true?

All these beautiful South Korean ladies with flawless skin, face and body. Who wouldn’t ever want to look like the members of the popular band BLACKPINK?

BLACKPINK Plastic Surgery Before and After

They are considered as the next generation 2NE1 according to so many people.

“Nobody’s perfect” is a saying many believe in. There’s a dark secret to their looks and that is plastic surgery. Plastic surgery in South Korea is pretty common and not shocking at all. What we will be startled about is seeing these BLACKPINK before and after pictures. These will determine if what they have is natural beauty or a great surgeon.

Does YG Entertainment Force their Talents to Undergo Plastic Surgery?

YG Entertainment is an agency that now values visuals or looks than talents. They’re an agency that turned into agencies like SM and JYP. The question here is, do they really force their talents to change their looks?

They are not against cosmetic surgery since members of 2NE1 like Minzy, CL and Park Bom had their features fixed in some way, but the agency supports the artists’ decision to improve their appearance visually just as long as they have the talent to back it up.

BLACKPINK Jisoo Plastic Surgery Rumors: Real or Fake

Being the lead vocalist of the popular band and as the visuals of the group, it’s hard to look not the best since all eyes are on you. Born Kim Jisoo, she’s one of the many girls’ role model because of her exquisite beauty.

BLACKPINK Jisoo Plastic Surgery

There are not much rumors about Jisoo getting plastic surgery. BLACKPINK Kim Jisoo before and after pictures are clear. This goes to show that she is clean from getting a cosmetic surgery. Since there aren’t rumors of her doing the deed, then let’s consider Jisoo to be the epitome of true and natural beauty.

Lisa’s Plastic Surgery

Lisa is a singer and a member of the group. The 21-year-old doesn’t look like her age because she looks really young, attractive and most importantly, beautiful.

This Thai-national is also the main dancer, the lead rapper, the face and the youngest of the group. She was casted by YG during an audition held in Thailand.

BLACKPINK Lisa Pre-debut and now

The question here is—did Lisa get plastic surgery? The answer to that is uncertain. But there have been speculations that she got a rhinoplasty by looking at BLACKPINK Lisa pre-debut pictures, where it showed that her nose ridge was flatter before as well as her nostrils that looked wider compared to a set of current pictures where her nose looks smaller and now has a taller nose ridge.

We’re unsure if it’s just makeup slash Photoshop or cosmetic surgery. You decide.

Jennie’s Plastic Surgery

Twenty-something year old Jennie is the main rapper, lead vocalist and the dancer of the BLACKPINK. She has been the first ever member of the group to be revealed to the public. Her popularity boosted when she even appeared in G-Dragon’s music video, “That XX”.

Jennie Pre-debut and now

Lucky for Jennie because there hasn’t been rumors spreading that she went under the knife to enhance her looks.

However, she had monolids when she was younger as we can see on her before and after pictures and then these days, it looked like she has double eyelids which led many to believe that she had a double eyelid surgery.

Rosé’ Plastic Surgery

Born Park Chaeyoung but popularly known as Rosé, the Korean superstar is born in Australia. She has been featured in G-Dragon’s song, “After All”.

Rosé Pre-debut and now

Many are certain that Rosé didn’t go under the knife to enhance her looks. Just take a look at Rosé before and after pictures.

YG’s Prohibited List on BLACKPINK

CEO of YG Entertainment Yang HyunSeok banned six things on contract with girl group BLACKPINK. These banned things are drinking alcohol, smoking cigarette, getting a plastic surgery, going to clubs, applying for driver’s license and going on dates with other.

However, Jisoo said that it’s possible to negotiate with YG Entertainment on these banned things. They could still do some of these but they have to get the ageny’s permission.

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