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Lea Michele Nose Job Before and After – Has She Really Had It?

Lea Michele Nose Job
The Glee star, Lea Michele, is not at all safe from the plastic surgery rumors now that she has reached diva status. Today, we talk about her relationship with the surgeon’s knife in Lea Michele nose job.

Lea Michele Sarfati is an American actress and singer. She started her career as a child in Broadway productions such as Les Miserables, Ragtime, Fiddler on the Roof, and Spring Awakening. She is more widely known for her role as Rachel Berry in the Fox television musical series entitled Glee. Apart from Glee, she also starred in Scream Queens, a teen horror-comedy series for the same TV channel.

Aside from a blooming acting career, Lea Michele is also successful as a singer. In 2012, she was signed in to Columbia Records and released her debut album Louder in 2014. She allowed a three year gap before releasing her second album Places this year.

Lea Michele side boobs

It seems like Lea Michele is the jack of all trades since she is also a writer, and has written two books in 2014-2015. They are entitled Brunette Ambition and You First: Journal Your Way to Your Best Life.

Lea Michele Nose Job Before and After

One of the most controversial issues regarding Lea Michele plastic surgery is her nose job. The changes are pretty obvious if you look at her before and after close-up shots.

Before, her nose is clearly bigger and bulbous. It was just a bit short from unattractive, but that won’t do for TV, won’t it? In her after pictures (after the alleged nose job), Lea Michele is left with a thinner and remarkably smaller nose.

Lea Michele Then and Now

In addition, her nose bridge looks narrower and the body of her nose looks smaller. Apparently, her nose job improved her look quite well and made her look more attractive. She was no longer burdened with the large appearance of her nose.

So, besides from a rhinoplasty (nose job) she also had a tiplasty as it seems (a plastic surgery procedure that modifies the tip of the nose).

Lea Michele Denies Having Had a Rhinoplasty

Despite the obvious changes in the shape, size, and tip of her nose, Lea Michele denies having had plastic surgery to change any part of her body.

Lea Michele hot photo

This singer-actress says she doesn’t care about her nose not being the perfect Hollywood type. But her previous pictures beg to differ. Is she just denying the allegations or is her nose being heavily manipulated by Photoshop and/or makeup?

Lea Michele on a Vegan Diet

Lea Michele is a 30-year-old woman who has all the right curves in all the right places. Definitely, she isn’t a stick thin figure like so many in Hollywood. So how does she maintain her toned body?

According to the actress, Lea Michele is on a strict vegan diet to do away with the fluctuations in her weight. It is definitely paying off, if you notice her body image in several magazine shoots.

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