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Lee Da-hae Plastic Surgery – Nose Job, Eyelid Surgery, Botox and Facelift

Lee Da-hae plastic surgery
Lee Da-hae, the popular Korean actress is suspected to have undergone plastic surgery by some netizens. She stands out from the sea of popular Korean celebrities and is recognized as master of many languages.

Lee Da-hae struggled a lot to establish herself as leading actress in South Korea. She have a huge fan following and her fame led to star in more films such as – Miss Ripley, Slave Hunters and Hotel Kind. She was also featured in Chinese drama serials due to her fluency in Chinese.

Lee Da-hae Before and After Plastic Surgery

Fans of Lee Da-hae observed that her appearance changed over time. She looked prettier as she got older. It has become a constant challenge for Lee Da-hae to maintain her looks at the age of 32. For popular celebrities like Lee Da-hae, it is essential to slow down the effects of aging to stay ahead of others.

This popular Korean actress is suspected to have undergone multiple cosmetic procedures such as – nose job, eyelid surgery, botox injections, facelift and jawline reshaping.

Lee Da-hae’s Nose Job Rumors

When Lee Da-hae won Miss Chunhyang Pageant, her nose looked flat with round tip – which made her look like typical Asian. However, she has managed to change the shape of her nose after puberty. We are not sure if it is because of weight loss or any cosmetic procedure.

Lee Da-hae nose job

When asked in an interview about her nose job, she denied it. She said – “I worked hard to lose weight and did some remodeling to my face”. As no specific procedure is mentioned, we are not sure if she has undergone the knife.

Lee Da-hae’s Jawline Surgery

Jawline surgery is the most commonly performed procedures done to correct irregularities of jawbones, realign jaws and improve the facial structure. Jawline surgery can take weeks to months to recover fully. The best way to have a sharper face is to lose weight. However, it is a time taking process. A lot of celebrities opted for jawline surgery to get thinner and sharper facial features.

Lee Da-hae Jawline Surgery

Looking at the before and after photos of Lee Da-hae, we can say that her jawline changed tremendously. Now, she has a sharped chin with slanted look from cheeks. Some people insisted that the sharper face is due to weight loss, while others believe that such changes are not possible without plastic surgery.

Eyelid Surgery

The before photos of Lee Da-hae shows that she had slit shaped eyes, while the after photos have miraculously bigger eyes. When she started her career, her eyes were too small and she had single eyelids. When her eyes were spotted with double eye lids, people came to a conclusion that she had eyelid surgery.

Lee Da Hae eyelid surgery

Well, her eyes sparkle with new enthusiasm and expression these days. We should give complete credit to the surgeon who did an amazing job.

Botox Injections

Lee Da-hae is still able to maintain her youthful look at age 32. Botox injections are very popular among celebrities as they give the best solution for wrinkles and fine lines. Lee Da-hae’s face look natural and there are no clear signs of Botox use. However, critics speculate that her cheeks were filed out, probably because of Botox injections.

Lee Da-hae cute photo

Lee Da-hae is just 32 and it is not unusual in Korea for women of her age to have plastic surgery. She denied having any work done on face, but it may have reached that point where the changes look too obvious.


Facelift is not an easy procedure.There is always a chance of infection and the recovery time is lengthy. Despite of the inconvenience, a lot of celebrities undergo facelift.

Lee Da-hae hot photo

Though Lee Da-hae does not show any signs of facelift, she is surrounded by the rumors of facelift. If she had undergone facelift, her face should look tight by now. Dispelling some of the facelift rumors, she still stays natural looking. One must say that she looks stunningly beautiful even after years.

Lee Da-hae deserves more recognition for self-improvement and care. Though she is pleased with the changes to her appearance, she wants her fans to focus more on her performance.

Do you have to say anything about Lee Da-hae plastic surgery rumors? Share your thoughts below!

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