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Lee Jong Suk Plastic Surgery – Nose Job and Eyelid Surgery Before After

Lee Jong Suk Plastic Surgery Before and After
It’s always fun seeing plastic surgery history of Korean pop idols since most of them had so much done to their face. For today’s article, we have Lee Jong Suk plastic surgery as our topic of interest. Let’s find out what he had done in order to go from pre-debut nottie to K-Pop star.

Lee Jong Suk is a South Korean model and actor. His breakthrough role was in School 2013, which eventually followed to more drama series like Doctor Stranger, Pinocchio, and W among others. This year, he is also appearing in more drama series such as Jade Lover and While You Were Sleeping.

Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye
Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye

It’s safe to say that Lee Jong Suk is only making his beginnings as a great actor. But in order to be one of the most popular actors in South Korea, you had to have the perfect look. So, what has Lee Jong Suk done so far in order to achieve the ideal South Korean image?

Lee Jong Suk’s Double Eyelid Surgery

It’s very common among Koreans, celebrity or not, to get double eyelid surgery. It’s a plastic surgery procedure wherein single eyelids are made into double eyelids, thus making the eyes look bigger and more expressive. It’s common with South Koreans who have naturally single eyelids because double eyelids are in fashion.

Lee Jong Suk Eyelid Surgery

Lee Jong Suk is no exception to this trend. If you look at his graduation photos, you would see a big difference between his eyes before and his eyes today. The single eyelid that he had before was surgically altered so that he has the very popular double eyelid look that so many South Korean stars have.

Today, his double eyelids make him look more expressive, and this is a characteristic that is required for actors such as himself. Thanks to the double eyelid surgery, he is cuter and more attractive to many young fans who watch his shows.

Lee Jong Suk’s Nose Job

Apart from the double eyelid surgery, nose jobs are also very popular in South Korea. Because many Asians do not have the ideal pointed nose, they turn to plastic surgery to acquire it.

Lee Jong Suk Nose Job

It is widely suspected that Lee Jong Suk had a nose job early on, before he even debuted as an actor. If you look at his younger pictures, you will immediately notice that he used to have a very wide and blunt nose.

This wouldn’t do if you wanted to be an actor and model in South Korea. Thus, Lee Jong Suk got a nose job which made his nose thinner and sharper than before. The plastic surgery procedure made him look ten times more attractive so we are not complaining.

Lee Jong Suk abs
Lee Jong Suk showing his abs

Aside from the nose job and double eyelid surgery, which are pretty standard procedures for many South Korean celebrities, there seems to be no other apparent change in Lee Jong Suk’s face before and after he reached fame. However, if we were to decide, he wouldn’t have made the cut without plastic surgery, so that says a lot about the norm in South Korea.

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  1. He looks like Micheal Jackson now. No joke

  2. But… he still has a monolid. :,)
    (You can surgically enlarge eyes and leave monolids though.)

  3. He looks like a cartoon character

  4. He’s not attractive

  5. So were just gonna ignore the obvious skin bleaching he has gotten done as well… okay

  6. Well it doesn’t matter

  7. No offense but his eyes looks the same.. Even his nose and jaws are very much better now. Almost all Korean Star had surgeries, so tbh i’m not surprise at all.

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