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Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Before-and-After Photos Reveal the Truth

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery
Plastic surgery is very popular in Korea, especially in the showbiz industry. For Lee Min Ho plastic surgery, we delve into his secrets as to looking handsome.

Lee Min Ho is a talented actor and singer from South Korea, who skyrocketed his career with a leading role in the hit koreanovela, Boys Over Flowers. Since then, he acquired roles in other hit TV series, City Hunter and The Heirs. Aside from that, he also has quite a successful singing career.

South Korean stars often turn to plastic surgery to improve their looks and make them more Westernized. As a result, there are a lot of great plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgery in the country; making South Korea the plastic surgery capital of the world. Youngsters often get plastic surgery to improve their eyes, lips, and nose to make them look more Western rather than Asian.

Double Eyelid Surgery

The most noticeable change in his appearance is the double eyelids. South Koreans usually have single eyelids that is characteristic to their Asian heritage.

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Lee Min Ho was not spared from the popular trend. Before he became an actor, he got his double eyelid surgery that made his eyes look more handsome and expressive. This feature made him more appropriate for Korean telenovelas and movies.

Lee Min Ho Nose Job Before and After

Rhinoplasty is a popular plastic surgery procedure where the nose is reconstructed and reshaped to the patient’s preferences. If you look at Lee Min Ho’s pre-debut photos, you would notice that his nose looked bigger and lumpier.

Today, Lee Min Ho’s nose looks narrower and more finely shaped than before. The bridge of his nose, especially, was thinned out to give a more handsome appearance.

Lee Min ho nose job before and after

Other than that, he also got the tip of his nose reconstructed. This procedure is called a tiplasty. For this handsome actor, the tip of his nose was rounded and wide before. But now, he has a slightly pointed tip that is more attractive to fans.

Jaw Reconstruction

If you will notice in the photos of Lee Min Ho’s early days, he has a slight underbite. The underbite makes his lower lips look pushed forward, which slightly looks off and doesn’t fit the rest of his face.

The solution is another plastic surgery procedure wherein the jaw is reconstructed. For Lee Min Ho, he had his jaw pushed backward to get rid of the underbite. With that, the lower part of his face looks better and more attractive.

Lee Min ho before and after plastic surgery
He is also rumored to have had lip injections or lip fillers. These procedures are meant to give the lips a fuller look, and for Lee Min Ho, his lips look slightly more voluptuous than before. His lips, combined with the other reconstructed features, make for a gorgeous dreamboat character.

Lee Min Ho Denies Having Plastic Surgery

In an article by DramaFever, he denies the allegations saying he has had plastic surgery. According to the Boys Over Flowers actor, his face gets swollen easily and looks different in the morning and at night. He also states that he has proof in graduation photos.

However, we don’t completely believe him. His graduation photos look similar to his recent photos, but growing older does not suddenly produce stable changes to the eyelids, nose and lips. It seems that our favorite Koreana heartthrob doesn’t want to admit that he has had a little nip/tuck here and there.

But that’s not a problem at all, since his current appearance looks very natural and close to his pre-debut image. The plastic surgery procedures also contributed to his dashing good looks that made him so famous in the koreanovela scene.

Lee Min Ho plastic surgery is still a hot topic in Korean gossip sites, but we think that a little nip/tuck here and there doesn’t hurt.

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