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Lil’ Kim Plastic Surgery Before & After: What Happened to Her Face?

Lil’ Kim Plastic Surgery Before and After
If you look at plastic surgery sites and gossip blogs, you will definitely see Lil’ Kim plastic surgery on there. Want to know why her story is controversial? Let’s find out in this article.

Lil’ Kim, born as Kimberly Denise Jones, is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer. She started her rapping career with The Notorious B.I.G.’s junior group M.A.F.I.A. back in 1995. Their debut album entitled Conspiracy gained top spots in the charts. Her career blossomed and Lil’ Kim produced more albums, such as Hard Core, The Notorious K.I.M., and La Bella Mafia. All three of these albums became Platinum.

Along with 15 million albums sold, Lil’ Kim also has many awards under her belt such as a Grammy that she won back in 2002. Today, she is making her fifth album at 42 years old. As a rapper, her career is far from over.

Lil’ Kim in the Early Years (before plastic surgery)

Lil’ Kim young
Young Lil’ Kim

Back in the 90s, Lil Kim had her original look which consisted of honey brown skin tone, large popping eyes, a wide nose, and thick lips; all characteristic of her African American descent.. The only unique changes to her appearance at this time was the wildly colored hair and colored contact lenses.

As her career was expanding, her face started changing. A noticeable change started in 2003 where she appeared to have a thinner nose in contrast with her original, wide nose. Since then, Lil’ Kim’s ever changing look became the topic of many tabloids and gossip sites. It was obvious that the rapper had been getting plastic surgery.

Lil’ Kim Nose Job

Lil Kim’s original nose was wide and big, which was natural for black women. After many rhinoplasties, which are meant to redefine the shape or size of the nose, the rapper’s nose is now thin and straight.

Lil’ Kim nose job photo

When she shocked the world with her unrecognizable pictures in 2016, she had a nose that was thin on the sides with a straighter nose bridge, obviously a product of repeated nose jobs. If you ask us if we agree with this change, well, her original look was the face many people associated with her success. So why change it?

Lil’ Kim Skin Bleaching

Back when she was starting out as a rapper, Lil’ Kim’s skin tone was that of a honey toned brown. Over the years, especially in the 2010s, her skin started to lighten. At first, it seemed like a product of a lighter shade of foundation, but it eventually came to a point that her face and body seemed too light.

Lil’ Kim Skin Bleaching Transformations

Skin bleaching is the procedure done in order to lighten the color of the skin. According to Dr. Jennifer Levine, plastic surgeon as cited by Us Magazine, it is obvious that Lil’ Kim has had repeated skin bleaching procedures. The doctor stated that she probably used chemicals containing high doses of acids plus high-acid creams to end up at that skin color.

In her recent photos, she looks almost completely white. This garnered mixed reactions from her fans, because essentially, she pulled off a Michael Jackson move with the skin bleaching. Overdone? Definitely yes.

Cheek Fillers and Lip Injections

Insertion of cheek fillers is done in order to increase the size of the cheeks. This change was most noticeable for Lil’ Kim in the latter years, where her cheeks looked puffed and wide. Unfortunately, this plastic surgery procedure made her face look unnatural.

Lil’ Kim then (2010) and now (2016)
Lil’ Kim then (2010) and now (2016)

Aside from the cheek fillers, the rapper’s lips also look altered from her natural look. Even if she started out with full, luscious lips, the before and after pictures show a fuller and thicker set of lips on Lil Kim post-surgery.

Today, it looks like Lil’ Kim toned down the lip injections since her 2016 pictures show a more natural set of lips. Fortunately, she didn’t completely overdo it.

Eye Surgery

Other doctors speculate that Lil’ Kim plastic surgery included an eye surgery where she elongated the shape of the eyes. Looking back at a younger Lil Kim, her eyes were wide and round. Today, she has thinner and more elongated eyes that she pairs with colored contact lenses. She probably had skin and fat removed from the sides of her eyes to achieve this shape.

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