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Lovelyz Members Profile – Are You a Lovelinus?

Lovelyz Members
In the year 2014, Woollim Entertainment put together a group that they named Lovelyz. It was the very first girl group to be created by the company and was made up of 8 members – Baby Soul, Jiae, Jisoo, Mijoo, Kei, Jin, Sujeong and Yein.

On the 5th of November, 2014, Woollim Entertainment announced the debut of the South Korean girl group. On the 10th of November, the group released Good Night Like Yesterday, a successful digital single. Girl’s Invasion was the group’s debut album and was released on the 17th of November, 2014. Prior to their debut, Seo Ji-soo withdrew, citing personal reasons.

Lovelyz Profile

Levelyz has been pretty successful in the music scene and has been nominated for several awards including a Melon Music Award, Mnet Asian Music Award, Golden Disc Award as well as Korea Culture and Entertainment Award which they went ahead and won. As at now, Lovelyz still has no subgroups.

The following is a detailed Lovelyz members profile that covers just about every interesting fact about each member of the group.

The Official Lovelyz Fandom name is: Lovelinus, means “love in us”.
The Official Lovelyz Fun Color is: Pinkish – Purple

The official social media accounts for the group are as follows:

Instagram: @official_lvlz8_
Twitter: @official_lvlz
Weibo: Lovelyz
Fan Café: Daum Café

Individual Lovelyz Members Profile

Baby Soul Profile

Actual Name: Lee Soo Jung
Stage Name: Baby Soul
Position in Group: Leader of the group, lead vocalist and Rapper
Date of Birth: 6th of July, 1992
Place of Birth: South Korea’s Gwangju
Horoscope Star: Cancer
Height in Meters: 1.58m
Height in Feet: 5’2″
Weight in Kilograms: 41kg
Wight in Pounds: 90.39lbs
Blood Group: O
Instruments Played: piano

Facts about Baby Soul

– Baby Soul is pretty good at playing the piano
– She enjoys cooking, reading and writing lyrics
– As a solo artist, Baby Soul made her debut in the year 2011
– In order to make her debut with the group, she was a trainee for between 6 and 7 years
– Baby Soul is the leader of Lovelyz
– Her solo career has seen her release 2 singles, one in 2011 known as No Better than Strangers and another one year later titled She’s a Flirt
– She has been featured in 2 of INFINITE H’s songs [Also Read – Infinite Members Profile] known as Fly High and Crying
– Together with Dongwoo and Sunggyu, Baby Soul performed for Woman on the Beach for Immortal Songs II
– Baby Soul was also Dongwoo’s co dancer in the Gayo Daejun performance for INFINITE’s Man in Love
– While off the camera, Baby Soul tends to be loud and very energetic. She however goes quiet once in front of the camera
– Her role models are Nell and Mirae
– Sashimi is Baby Soul’s favorite food
– Her favorite type of novel are mystery novels
– As part of the group, Baby Soul’s specialty is rap
– She was the first female trainee signed by Woollim
– As compared to the other Lovelyz members, Baby Soul is the one with the least aegyo
– She was given her stage name by the CEO of Woollim
– Baby Soul has been praised by Jiae, another member of the group as a brilliant rapper

Jiae Profile

Actual Name: Yoo Ji-ae
Stage Name: Jiae
Position in Group: Visuals and vocalist
Date of Birth:21st of May, 1993
Place of Birth: South Korea’s Seoul
Horoscope Star:Gemini
Height in Meters: 1.63m
Height in Feet: 5’4″
Weight in Kilograms: 43kg
Wight in Pounds: 94.80lbs
Blood Group: A
Instruments Played: piano

Facts about Jiae

– Jiae is rather skilled at playing the piano
– As a solo artist, Jiae made her debut in the year 2013
– As her hobbies, Jiae enjoys acting, dancing, exercising and watching movies
– In You’re My Oppa, INFINITE’s debut variety show, Jiae was featured as INFINITE’s little sister
– Following the appearance she made in the show, she got signed as a trainee
– As a solo artist, Jiae made her debut in the year 2013 and went ahead to release a single titled Delight the same year
– Jiae danced alongside Sung Jong in Gayo Daejun’s INFINITE’s Man in Love
– Both Mochi and Infinite refer to Jiae as elephant
– She is multilingual and can comfortably speak Japanese
– Her personalities are considered clean
– Jiae’s acting skills are pretty good
– Purple and white are her favorite colors
– She enjoys applying lip gloss and lipstick
– Ice cream is her favorite food
– She has respect for G.O.D sunbaenim

Jisoo Profile

Actual Name: Seo Ji Soo
Stage Name: Jisoo
Position in Group: Lead dancer and vocalist
Date of Birth: 11th of February, 1994
Place of Birth: South Korea’s Incheon
Horoscope Star: Aquarius
Height in Meters: 1.65m
Height in Feet: 5’5″
Weight in Kilograms: 46kg
Wight in Pounds: 101lbs
Blood Group: O
Instruments Played: None

Facts about Jisoo

– Jisoo’s drawing skills are amazing
– In 2011, she took part in the talent show Korea’s Got Talent
– Listening to music, shopping and watching movies are her hobbies
– She was at one time a model
– Jisoo attended and graduated from Incheon Sewon High School
– Ideal type for Jisoo is someone who has confidence
– She has been nicknamed Fox
– During the debut promotion of the group, Jisoo wasn’t present following a scandal that she faced
– The scandal affected her greatly that it even resulted in medical complications and she was rushed to the hospital

Jisoo Scandal:

– A lady surfaced online that she once dated Jisoo
– She made accusations that Jisoo was bisexual
– She also accused Jisoo of taking pictures of the two having sex and spreading them to friends and her female colleagues
– She claimed that this led to her getting fired for being a lesbian
– The lady also said that Jisoo is sexually abusive and the she was not the only victim, but other ladies had suffered her abuses as well
– The lady was therefore suggesting that Jisoo was not to be allowed to debut as an idol as she was a bad example and that staying at the dorms with other females would not be a good idea
– Woollim Entertainment on its part stated that the accusations were false since the lady had not come out publicly to press charges
– The scandal was however taken to a new level by the fact that several other females came out reiterating the sexual abuse
– However, all the accusations were anonymous
– She, together with her agency later reported at the Seoul Mapo Police Station where they submitted evidence that lead to the arrest of two persons accused of spreading false rumors about the star online
– The scandal had serious impacts on her and she was even admitted for medical treatment to treat her of mental shock
– After the scandal, Jisoo rejoined the group in the promotions for Shooting Star
– Jisoo was casted in the Original Infinite’s Last Romeo MV

Mijoo Profile

Actual Name: Lee MiJu
Stage Name: Mijoo
Position in Group: Vocalist and main dancer
Date of Birth: 23rd September, 1994
Place of Birth: South Korea’s Okcheon Country – North Chungcheong
Horoscope Star: Libra
Height in Meters: 1.67m
Height in Feet: 5’6″
Weight in Kilograms: 47kg
Wight in Pounds: 102lbs
Blood Group: O
Instruments Played: None

Facts about Mijoo

– Mijoo was part of the cast in Infinite’s MV Last Romeo
– She made an appearance on Hit the Stage, Mnet’s dance competition show
– As her hobbies, Mijoo enjoys listening to music and watching movies
– For Gayo Daejun, Mijoo was the one that danced with Sunggyu in the performance of INFINITE’s Man in Love
– Someone that is witty and thinks deeply is her ideal type
– Mijoo is labeled the dance machine for her remarkable dancing skills
– She attended Okcheon Commerce High School from which she graduated
– Of all the Lovelyz members, she has the biggest mouth
– She is considered the sexiest member of the group
– She speaks fluent Korean and English

Kei Profile

Actual Name: Kim JiYeon
Stage Name: Kei
Position in Group: Main Vocalist
Date of Birth: 20th March, 1995
Place of Birth: South Korea’s Incheon
Horoscope Star: Pisces
Height in Meters: 1.62m
Height in Feet: 5’3.8″
Weight in Kilograms: 47kg
Wight in Pounds: 102lbs
Blood Group: O

Facts about Kei

– Besides being an exceptional dancer, Kei enjoys cooking and acting as her hobbies
– In the Gayo Daejun performance of INFINITE’s Man in Love, she was the one that danced with L
– Kei released Love Like That which was the soundtrack for Oh My Venus, a KBS drama
– She also released Shooting, a soundtrack for Lucky Romance, an MBBC drama
– Kei was part of the cast in Matching! Boys Archery Club a 2016 web-drama
– She was also the one that released Star and Sun, an OST for the drama titled Ruler: Master of the Mask
– Kei also took part in the reality TV singing competition known as Girl Spirit

Jin Profile

Actual Name: Park MyungEun
Stage Name: Jin
Position in Group: Main vocalist
Date of Birth: 12th June, 1996
Place of Birth: South Korea’s Busan
Horoscope Star: Gemini
Height in Meters: 1.65m
Height in Feet: 5’5″
Weight in Kilograms: 47kg
Wight in Pounds: 102lbs
Blood Group: B

Facts about Jin

– Jin has an older sister
– For her education, she went to Korea Art School
– Harmonizing and listening to music are her hobbies
– 2013 saw her make her debut as a solo artist with the release of a single titled Gone
– Alongside INFINITE’s H, Jin performed at INFINITE’s That Summer 2’s Concert
– She danced with INFINITE’s Hoya at their GayoDaejunMan in Love performance

Sujeong Profile

Actual Name: RyuSoo Jung
Stage Name: Sujeong
Position in Group: Lead vocalist
Date of Birth: 19th November, 1997
Place of Birth: South Korea’s Daejeon
Horoscope Star:Scorpio
Height in Meters: 1.68m
Height in Feet: 5’6.1″
Weight in Kilograms: 48kg
Wight in Pounds: 104lbs
Blood Group: B
Instruments Played: Guitar

Facts about Sujeong

– In her family, she is the youngest of 2 sisters
– For her education, Sujeong went to Seoul School of Performing Arts
– She is good at playing the guitar and it is actually her hobby
– She danced alongside Sungyeol in Gayo Daejun’s performance of INFINITE’s Man in Love
– Together with Baby Soul, Sujeong sand the OST titled Clean for a drama known as Second to Last Love
– Sujeong together with 6 other girl idols appeared in a TV program known as Idol Drama Operation Team
– The seven later on proceeded to create a 7-member girl group that they branded Girls Next Door
– The group made its debut on the 14th of July 20177

Yein Profile

Actual Name: Jung Ye In
Stage Name: Yein
Position in Group: Lead Dancer, Maknae and vocalist
Date of Birth: 4th June, 1998
Place of Birth: South Korea’s Incheon
Horoscope Star: Gemini
Height in Meters: 1.66m
Height in Feet: 5’5″
Blood Group: B

Facts about Yein

– She has a younger sister whose name is Hyoin
– Yein attended Korean International Christian School
– Shopping and listening to music are her hobbies
– Before joining Woollim, she used to train with JYP Entertainment until July of 2014 when she joined the former
– She missed the initial WoW promotions due to injuries she suffered during practice
Yano from Topp Dogg has a crush on her

Throughout their time in the entertainment scene, Lovelyz has a soft spot in the hearts of many. Got a Lovelyz bias? Well, we’d like to know about them.

Lovelyz is a famous group and quite a number of facts are not covered in the article. Feel free to add those in your comments below.

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