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Luhan’s Drastic Plastic Surgery Transformation – Pre-Debut Pics Vs Now

Luhan plastic surgery before and after
If you’re an EXO fan, then you probably adore Luhan’s adorable looks. But we’re not going to say that he’s all natural. In this article, let’s find out the info about Luhan’s plastic surgery procedures what else he’s done in order to end up with those handsome looks. [Also read – EXO Members Plastic Surgery Before and After – Pre-debut Vs Now]

Luhan is a Chinese singer and actor. He is a former member of the EXO group and sub-group EXO-M (Read more about EXO Members and Profile), which caters more to Chinese fans. He made a name for himself as one of EXO’s lead vocalists, but later on terminated his contract with the South Korean entertainment company SMEnt back in 2014.

Luhan cute pictures

Upon his parting with EXO, he made his journey as a solo artist and actor in China. In 2015, he released his solo debut album entitled Reloaded, which led to more albums: Xperience, Xplore, and Venture. Other than being a successful solo artist, Luhan also became an actor.

He has starred in several films already including 20 Once Again, 12 Golden Ducks, The Witness, Time Raiders, The Great Wall, See You Tomorrow, and The Founding of an Army.

Luhan Exo handsome

Since Luhan is considered one of the most attractive and cutest K-Pop male entertainers today, we have to know if all his looks are natural. However, his pre-debut pictures beg to differ.

Luhan’s Nose Job

One of the most prominent changes in Luhan’s face is the nose job. This is quite obvious since he had a less attractive nose before. If you compare his before and after pictures, you will notice the obvious difference right away.

Luhan Pre-Debut Pic and Now

Before the nose job, Luhan’s nose was upturned, showing his nostrils from a front view. But after the nose job, his nose became more proportioned and his nostrils were no longer obvious from a front view. Other than that, his nose became thinner and more proportioned than before; a change that greatly affected his overall look.

Luhan’s Skin Bleaching

Skin bleaching is a procedure wherein the skin is subjected to a kind of chemical product which aims to lighten the tone of the skin. Since Luhan’s skin was quite dark before he debuted with EXO, he had a skin bleaching procedure done in order to lighten the tone and blend in with the rest of his co-members.

Luhan cute smile picture

We’re not saying that lighter skin is more attractive, but it definitely transformed him for the better. However, we’re also not saying that he got a skin bleaching conclusively, since he could’ve just used skin lightening products and creams to lighten the hue of his skin.

Luhan Exo Red Hair
Luhan’s Red Hair

Luhan has a naturally small face with dainty features. He looked quite feminine in his pre-debut days, but the femininity of his face was brought out more after the plastic surgery procedures. But even though he looks so different from his pre-debut photos, he doesn’t look like he underwent any more surgeries to improve his look.

Luhan plastic surgery may have only included the nose job. Other than that, his looks are completely natural.

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  1. I would say that there is no difference in his nose at all. The two pictures are taken from different angles, with different lighting and makeup, which makes it so that comparisons can’t really be made. If you had pictures where he sat straight facing forward both times with the camera at approximately the same height then I would say comparisons could be drawn.

    As it’s largely advised against being out in the sun unprotected, in Korea and many other east asian countries, the skin becomes lighter, also kpop artists and artists from other parts of asia as well, are often subject to whitewashing in pictures which means that some one takes a picture of them and edits the photo to make them look lighter, this has happened to both pictures you used when talking about whitewashing.

    By saying so, I believe that Lu Han has had neither a nose job nor a white washing treatment.

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