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Did Marilyn Monroe Get Plastic Surgery – X-Ray Reports Revealed the Truth

Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery
When we talk of plastic surgeries of Hollywood celebrities, the one name that we cannot associate with these procedures is Marilyn Monroe. She was one of the beautiful actresses Hollywood had ever seen. She is not only born with excellent looks, but also with great acting skills. She is a highly talented actress with inspiring looks.

However, the rumors of plastic surgery went viral after the X-rays of Marilyn’s skull came out. Well, we are not sure about which surgical procedures she opted. But, we can present some interesting facts about Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery.

Marilyn Monroe Before Plastic Surgery

Marilyn Monroe before plastic surgery

Marilyn Monroe started her career as model and later did 29 films as actress. As she came into lime light, her name changed along with her hair style, body, make-up, face etc. All these changed made her look much beautiful than she actually was.

However, many people has doubt whether Marilyn Monroe did actually undergo any cosmetic procedure or not.

Marilyn Monroe Hot Photos

Marilyn Monroe belly
Marilyn Monroe sexy photo
Marilyn Monroe on black dress
Marilyn Monroe hot photos
Marilyn Monroe young photo

What are the Possible Cosmetic Procedures?

The story of Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery started in 1950, when she allegedly overheard herself referred as ‘chinless wonder’. She consulted a surgeon John Pangman, who often operated in Gurdin’s office at that time. Dr. John diagnosed a mild flatness of the chin and performed cartilage graft. As she needed some time to recover from the surgery, she postponed a screen test by saying that she had fallen on her chin.

Though many of her fans don’t want to believe, Marilyn Monroe underwent surgical procedures to perfect her beauty. Recently, the X-ray and medical record of Marilyn skull revealed the truth behind her plastic surgery rumors.

Now, you might think – why the X-ray reports were revealed after 50 years of Marilyn’s death?

Well, Marilyn Monroe died 51 years ago. The right to medical privacy ends 50 years after the person’s death. For this reason, the X-rays have been kept under lock for almost 2 decades in the office of Dr. Norman Leaf, a renowned plastic surgeon in Los Angeles who inherited them from Dr. Gurdin (plastic surgeon of Hollywood).

According to Dr. Norman Leaf– Marilyn was in touch with another plastic surgeon Dr. Gurdin for years. Dr. Norman also said that she probably underwent two cosmetic procedures. The first procedure was the chin implant, while the second was rhinoplasty.

The procedures that Marilyn Monroe decided to undergo required lots of guts. The reason was that the plastic surgery techniques in 1950s were not as advanced and improved as today. There was a good amount of chance that the cosmetic procedure could have gone wrong.

There are many people we come across that don’t seem to believe that Marilyn had undergone any cosmetic procedure. However, there are many photos that serve as a proof of Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery.

Marilyn Monroe’s Chin Implant

Marilyn Monroe went from a pleasing personality to the most beautiful woman with small cosmetic procedures. Stung by the remark of ‘chinless wonder’, she started visiting the plastic surgeon for chin augmentation. However, the surgeon worked on her nasal tip as well.

Marilyn Monroe Chin Implant

Those with the knowledge of implant procedure have explained that her nose job was done in association with chin implant. In 1950, Marilyn Monroe visited a Hollywood plastic surgeon (Dr. Gurdin) that performed chin augmentation using an implant of carved bovine cartilage. However, the implant was absorbed by 1958, leading her visit to another repair called ‘chin deformity’.

Marilyn Monroe’s Nose Job

The rumors of Marilyn Monroe Rhinoplasty came into light when Dr. Norman checked her charts. Seeing her charts, he said that she had undergone Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that enhnaces the shape and structure of nose. It is also known as nose job that alters the soft cartilage of nose.

Marilyn Monroe nose job

According to sources –the surgeon who actually performed the nose job was Michael Gurdin who listed the 1st entry on 14th July 1958. It is hard to believe that Marilyn got a thought to enhance her looks with the help of plastic surgery.

But, if you compare her older photos with the ones taken few years later, you will see a lot of difference in her looks. The photos show many noticeable changes in her facial structure.

The good thing is that she did not have to deal plastic surgery rumors and questions, which the actresses come across nowadays.

Marilyn Monroe’s Breast Implants

Marilyn Monroe was often praised for her body positivity. However, some people took issue with the fact that she was showcasing large body form, fake boobs and beauty treatment to achieve such an iconic look.

Marilyn Monroe boobs

There has been a great speculation about whether she had fake boobs. It is said that she once had an infection in her breasts, which could be because of silicone injections.

Marilyn Monroe’s Eyelid Surgery

Marilyn Monroe was known to have “bedroom eyes” which shows a lot more eyelid than neutral position. Her eyes were more closed, and she probably raises her eyes in photoshoot.

Marilyn Monroe eyelid surgery

According to Marilyn medical records, there is a possibility that she had work done on her upper lids. Though many of her fans believe that it could be because of makeup and lighting, but, it seems more like a surgery.

Marilyn Monroe was also known for undergoing hair electrolysis to get rid of widow’s peak, changing the way her face looked.

Marilyn Monroe’s White Dress

The image of Marilyn Monroe standing above the subway grating blowing the dress up has been described as the iconic images of 20th century. Marilyn Monroe stood in a subway gate in New York City wearing little white dress and fought an upward breeze for the film “The Seven Year Itch”.

Marilyn Monroe White Dress

The white dress was created by costume designer ‘William Travilla’ and was regarded as an icon of film industry. Travilla kept the dress locked up with so many costumes he made, after Marilyn’s death. Only after the death of Travilla, the dress was put on display at Hollywood Motion Picture Museum.

Marilyn Monroe Body Measurements

Marilyn Monroe was enshrined in the America culture as Billy the kid, Abraham Lincoln and George Custer. Her plastic surgery illustrates a point that has been made many times. However, a critical eye is needed to see the symmetry and balance in face.

Marilyn Monroe hot curvy body

Many believe that Marilyn Monroe was a plus sized woman. But, it is not true. During the late 1950s, when she was at her heaviest, her waist measured 28.5 inches.

Height – 5 ft. and 5.5 inches tall
Weight – 118 pounds
Bra size – 36D (with a bust of 35 inches)
Waist – 22 inches
Hips – 35 inches

Marilyn Monroe died in 1962 at the age of 36 due to an overdose of barbiturates. Reports indicated that she was unrecognizable at the time of her death.

It was always under speculation that did she underwent plastic surgery or not. Many people consider her a natural beauty and didn’t want to believe it.

We will never know the whole truth behind Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery rumors. But, one thing we all know about the actress is that she was highly interested in her looks.

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