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Megan Fox’s Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos are Quite Shocking

Megan Fox Before and After Plastic Surgery

Did Megan Fox Get Plastic Surgery?

Everybody has seemed to be asking the same question. When it comes to celebrity plastic surgery, the actress tends to keep quiet.

She denies claims that she has gotten lip fillers, cheek fillers or any kind of surgical facial enhancement that’s out there. Unfortunately, there Megan Fox’s now and then pictures speak a whole different thing.

We’re pretty sure that getting tighter skin on the face and slimmed-down nose isn’t part of adulthood. Take a look at these Megan Fox before and after plastic surgery procedures.

Megan Fox Face Surgery – What Happened to Megan Fox

Megan Fox Face Surgery

In general, Megan Fox isn’t against plastic surgery. She stated,  “I would encourage anyone (who wants plastic surgery) to first speak to a therapist, to try and figure out where this want comes from because a lot of times it’s not related to your teeth or your nose or your chin – the surgery is not going to alleviate that insecurity for you.”

The 30-year-old mom-of-three is reported to have spent over $60,000 on facial plastic surgery. Megan Fox started making it big in Hollywood back in 2004 and her look wasn’t as beautiful as it is now. The Transformers star always looked exhausted and older than 25 years old.

It was back then when many believed that it was Megan Fox’s nose job, the first one, since she had a total of three rhinoplasty procedures. Her nose now has a narrower bridge and a more sculpted tip.

Megan Fox Before and After Boob Job

As a sex symbol, everybody would definitely notice if you’ve done something to your boobs or not. Since Megan Fox started showing more skin in the big screen, many speculated that she has undergone a breast enhancement procedure to make her fronts look perky and perfect.

Megan Fox boob job

Time and time again the photos show that her boobs are of a different size and shape than the years before.

Megan Fox’s Lip Injections and Lip Fillers

In 2010, Megan was confronted with her rumored lip injections. She replied saying, “I will say for people who question the authenticity of my lips, you can clearly see my lips are my lips.” The lip injections were reported to cost around $1200 just to get her juicy plump lips today.

Megan Fox Lip Injections and Lip Fillers

Fans of the actress said that most of her makeup looks included an exaggerated lip liner to make her lips fuller than usual.

Megan Fox’s Cheek Fillers

In 2010, it was noted that Megan Fox has gone whacko with the injectable fillers. Its way too much that it made her looks older and not really young.

Megan Fox's Cheek Fillers

If you look at Megan Fox before and after, you would notice how her face looks kind of bloated and weirdly shaped. This usually happens to those who inject fillers to lift the face too much to add volume. If you have too much of it, you’ll look awful and unnatural.

These Megan Fox plastic surgery rumors inspired the actress to create a Facebook album titled, “Things You Can’t Do with Your Face When You Have Botox.” It’s a series of pictures of the actress scrunching her face to try to disprove the rumors. Aside from Megan Fox cheek injections, she also had a laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels.

Megan Fox without Makeup

Megan Fox No Makeup

Megan Fox without makeup still looks hot. There really aren’t too many pictures of the star without makeup because she always has big sunglasses covering her face. She continues to look great because of her style which is usually rugged especially on her off-days.

Her style has landed her in numerous fashion top-tens and more.

Megan Fox Tattoos

The actress is a fan of tattoo that she has about 9 of them inked on her body. She got her first tattoo when she was only 18. It’s a Chinese symbol of strength and is placed at the back of her neck.

Megan Fox Tattoos

She also has a William Shakespeare text on her right spatula that says “We will laugh at gilded butterflies”. It’s a reminder to stay grounded and not be trapped in the industry’s glitz and glamour.

Megan Fox William Shakespeare Text Tattoo

Megan also has a Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her right inner forearm. She has idolized the late actress since she was a kid and knows all the details about Marilyn. The placement of the Marilyn tattoo is there for her to easily look at and be warned not to let Hollywood treat her the way they have treated the late blonde bombshell.

Megan Fox Marilyn Monroe tattoo

However, Megan is on the process of removing this tattoo because she was afraid of attracting negative vibes to her life because of Marilyn Monroe’s personality disorders.

Megan only has a crescent moon and star tattoos that are colored. There’s no reason for this tattoo that we’ve known of.

Megan Fox crescent moon and star tattoo

Megan Fox is the ultimate before and after subject. Surely her nose job and the laser resurfacing treatments enhanced her beauty but the crazy things like her lip injections and bloated cheeks didn’t.

Maybe Megan fox plastic surgeons and others that work with celebrities would have been made to sign a secret gag contract. There is not a lot of proof of Megan Fox’s plastic surgery. There are no indications of scars that are present or visible to the naked eye, except some bad celebrity plastic surgery.

Each and every variation in the photographs could be a bright make up technique or maybe even photography. The judgment is still ruling – did Megan Fox get plastic surgery?

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