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Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – Before and After

Melanie Griffith after plastic surgery 2017
Melanie Griffith is one of those Hollywood celebrities who underwent the knife to improve their looks. Some of the celebrities succeeded in improving their looks by doing plastic surgery. While some ruined their face due to the cosmetic procedures they opted.

The best example of worst plastic surgery done by Hollywood celebrities is Melanie Griffith. Before surgery, Melanie was known as a lady with natural beauty. She went through plastic surgery when she reached 50s. However, the surgery went wrong and seemed to take away all her natural look.

Melanie Griffith Before and After Plastic Surgery

Melanie Griffith has become famous for rumors of too much plastic surgery, rather than her film career. A lot of celebrities go through multiple cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance.

Melanie Griffith plastic surgery

It is believed that Melanie Griffith underwent multiple cosmetic procedures such as –liposuction, boob job, eyelid lift and lip augmentation. She considered that surgery is the best way to maintain a fresh and youthful appearance. However, the surgery went wrong — as a result of which she had to face the world with her fake looks.

Some people claimed that the surgery was failed because of alcohol and drug addiction. According to sources, Melanie was highly addicted to alcohol and drugs.

It is a known fact that drugs and alcohol always interact with surgical procedures. It may have caused bad effect to her appearance. For instance –due to excessive use of fillers, her lips looked like fish lips. It is believed that Botox injections in excess contributed to the failure of surgery.

Melanie Griffith’s Facelift Rumors

Melanie Griffith facelift

Melanie Griffith is known for having a stunningly smooth and tight skin that helped her look vibrant and attractive. She has a bit of saggy skin on her neck that disappeared miraculously a few years back. This led to the rumors that she might have had facelift along with neck lift to remove wrinkles and fine lines.

Dermal Filler

When facelift and necklift couldn’t solve the purpose, she thought of trying dermal fillers. She is a woman of age 59 and still her forehead looks incredibly smooth.

Melanie Griffith Dermal Filler

Her cheeks are incredibly filled and it is impossible to have such a smooth skin for a woman of her age. She looks quite younger than her age, which made the suspicion of facelift strong.

Has Melanie Griffith had boob job (breast implants)?

If we compare her before and after photos, we will see that her peaky breasts are the result of a good boob job.

Melanie Griffith Boob Job

Due to the recent bra technology, it is difficult to tell if it was just because of a good bra or something else. One thing we can say is – she did a good job maintaining her breasts for years.

Melanie Griffith’s Lip Augmentation

It is rumored that Melanie applied lip augmentation procedure to have fuller lips. However, the procedure went totally wrong – and caused her having overfilled lips.

Melanie Griffith lip job

Despite the speculations about above said plastic surgeries, she is also rumored of eye lifts and eyebrow lifts.

Interesting things about Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith is best known for her films Milk Money, Something Wild and Body Double. She won the most famous Golden Globe Award for her critically acclaimed role in Working Girl.

Melanie Griffith married Antonio Banderas in 1996, after she split from Johnson. She filed divorce in 2014 and justified it saying “I want to do whatever I want to do”.

In an interview, she revealed that it was because of the gossips – she realized that she was going overboard with plastic surgery. She was so hurt with the rumors that she went to the doctor and started dissolving all of this. She admitted that she was unaware of how her cosmetic surgeries that she had over 20 years had changed her face.

Melanie is 59 now, and has barreled into relationships over the years. She has been to rehab twice. The actress entered rehab for the first time in 1988 after her son Alexander was born and was back by the end of the year. Despite battling substance abuse for years, she was a completely functioning mom to her 3 kids.

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