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Mindy Kaling Plastic Surgery – Lip Injections, Skin Bleaching & Nose Job

Mindy Kaling plastic surgery
A very notable character in the hit TV show The Office was Kelly Kapoor as played by Mindy Kaling. Her comedic performance in the show garnered many laughs since she is one of the funniest and quirkiest characters. If you’re a fan of the show and Mindy Kaling, you’ve probably noticed a few changes in her appearance as the years go by. This article will shed light on Mindy Kaling plastic surgery rumors and how that worked for her.

Due to her fame as a comedian and TV show actress, Mindy Kaling also got her own show entitled The Mindy Project. If you watch the first season of The Office, there are a few differences in her appearance from before and her appearance as she makes more people laugh today.

Mindy Kaling 2017

This article will focus on the possible plastic surgery procedures that Mindy Kaling got, most especially Mindy Kaling lip injection rumors.

Mindy Kaling Before and After Lip Injections

Mindy Kaling is widely rumored to have gotten lip injections to improve her look. We confirm this rumor by looking at her before and after pictures, which showcase her original look without any plastic surgery at all.

Mindy Kaling Lip Injections Before and After

Before, Mindy Kaling had average-sized lips. When she became a celebrity, her lips became considerably larger and poutier than before. Thus, it is highly probable that Mindy Kaling plastic surgery included collagen lip injections.

The difference can be seen, however slight, in both her lower and upper lips. The lip injections indeed improved her look and made her more star-material.

Mindy Kaling’s Skin Bleaching

As an American with Indian roots, Mindy Kaling is bound to have dark skin which is a defining characteristic of Indian people. When she was first starting out as an actress, Mindy Kaling was still sporting her dark brown skin. But nowadays, Mindy Kaling’s skin tone appears lighter than before.

Mindy Kaling skin bleaching

Mindy Kaling is surrounded by skin bleaching rumors since her more recent appearances show her with lighter skin than before, but it is still a shade of brown.

In her defence, Mindy Kaling could have just taken better care of her skin that allowed her skin tone to be fairer. On the other hand, she could have also gotten chemical treatments to lighten the tone of her skin. It’s not uncommon for dark-skinned celebrities since lighter skin tone tend to look better on cameras.

It is also possible that Mindy Kaling is now pampered with high-end makeup that also lightens the tone of her skin. It could also be that lighting makes the difference in her skin tone.

Mindy Kaling’s Nose Job

When she was a young woman, Mindy Kaling also had a big and wide nose. Today, she still has a big and wide nose but there is a slight difference. You would notice it if you would look at her before and after pictures.

Mindy Kaling then and now

Although her nose still looks natural, there is a slight difference in her nose bridge. Compared to before where her nose bridge is very big and pronounced, the size toned down a bit after an alleged nose job.

On the other hand, the tip of Mindy Kaling’s nose looks quite the same as before, as well as the sides. Her very tame nose job allowed her to somehow make her face look more feminine and delicate.

Mindy Kaling’s Jaw Surgery

We also suspect Mindy Kaling of getting a chin and jaw surgery at some point in her career as an actress. If you look back at her younger photos, Mindy Kaling had a square-shaped jaw and a less pronounced chin.

The actress currently has a more V-shaped face and a more feminine-looking jaw than before. Her chin is also more pronounced. Therefore, it is also possible that she included a chin and jaw surgery to the list of Mindy Kaling plastic surgery procedures.

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