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Monsta X’s Hyungwon Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Monsta X Hyungwon Plastic Surgery
Many South Korean boy bands undergo plastic surgery before they are thrust into the limelight. Why? Well, because they need to keep up the ideal image in order to garner as many fans as possible. Since a strong fan base is the most important factor for celebrities, many boy bands seek for the perfect image. In this article, we’re going to talk about Monsta X Hyungwon plastic surgery in particular and what he did to achieve a handsome look.

Chae Hyungwon is a South Korean model and singer. He is currently the member of the K-Pop group Monsta X, a boy band formed in 2015 through the survival show NO.MERCY on Mnet. Before Chae Hyungwon got put in with the other members of Monsta X, he already made a name for himself as a model, having participated in a lot of fashion shows prior. [Also Read >> Monsta X Members Profile – The Uprising K-Pop Boy Group]

Monsta X Hyungwon Abs
Hyungwon showing his abs

In Monsta X, he holds the position of lead dancer, visual, and vocalist. For those who don’t know, a visual of the group is usually the most attractive member who is responsible for the image of the group. This comes as no surprise since Chae Hyungwon has a pretty distinct face.

However, is Chae Hyungwon’s looks all natural? Or is he another product of South Korean plastic surgery? Let’s find out.

Chae Hyungwon’s Double Eyelid Surgery

Like so many other Korean idols, Chae Hyungwon also got a double eyelid surgery if we were to base on his Pre-Debut pictures. A double eyelid surgery is used in order to widen the eyes and form double eyelids instead of single ones. This lessens the South Korean look and makes it more Western.

Monsta X Hyungwon Pre-Debut Photos and Now

As expected, Chae Hyungwonhad undergone a double eyelid surgery at some point in his career. We can tell that he had this before he debuted with Monsta X. If you compare his before and after pictures, you’ll notice the difference right away.

Today, Chae Hyungwon has double eyelids albeit not that exaggerated. Still, he has wider eyes now that are less slanted and more round instead.

Chae Hyungwon’s Nose Job

Another prominent feature we’ve noticed in Chae Hyungwon’s Pre-Debut area was his nose. Before, he had a rather big nose with a big nose bridge. Since this feature was probably not too soft-looking for the media and fans, Chae Hyungwon underwent a rhinoplasty or nose job to change it.

Monsta X Hyungwon's Childhood Picture
Hyungwon’s Childhood Picture

The purpose of a rhinoplasty is to redefine the shape of the nose. In Chae Hyungwon’s case, his nose job made his nose less wide than before.

Monsta X Hyungwon’s Lips

One of Chae Hyungwon’s most defining traits are his lips. They are naturally thick and luscious, which makes him more distinct from the others. We can tell that this feature is natural since he already had it before his debut.

Monsta X Chae Hyungwon's Cute Smile

Apart from that, we think that Monsta X Hyungwon plastic surgery only included the basics which counts the nose job and double eyelid surgery. Thus, there’s not much else to suspect about since his face looks relatively the same as before.

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  1. If you look at the first photo, it’s easy to see that he already had double eyelids. This photo was taken before the third one. His double eyelids are small and natural, that’s why they come unnoticed in the third pic.
    His nose also doesn’t look any different, what you may have thought you saw might be a question of makeup, angle lighting or a mix of all these.
    He did have a surgery though, to remove a mole in his eyelids when he was very young. The reason for that surgery was probably bullying, but it didn’t change the structure of his face.

  2. Lmao Find Some evidence because at this point its all lies. please stop creating something out of nothing and stirring up fake drama

  3. I also honestly feel that he had a jaw reduction surgery bc his lips overwhelm the lower half of his face. This makes his face and head look way to small for his neck that has a good amount of length.

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