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After School Member Nana Plastic Surgery Before and After

After School Nana Plastic Surgery
Nana, the popular Korean singer, actress and model is known as the member of ‘After School’ group. Her actual name is Jin-ah, but people recognize her better with the name ‘Nana’. Have you ever thought that you will come across the rumors of Nana plastic surgery? Even her beautiful looks are adored and natural — she is reported to get some plastic surgery procedures on her face.

It is reported that Nana went under the knife for several cosmetic procedures such as eyelid surgery, nose job and jawline surgery.

Nana is Looking So Damn Hot and Sexy (click on any images to see the full size)

Nana’s Nose Job Rumors

Nana’s nose job has become a prominent thing and people suspected that to having some work on her nose. Comparing her old and new photos, we can say that Nana’s nose is quite different than before.

Nana Nose Job

We don’t feel that such drastic change could be possible just with makeup. The only possibility for such a change is Rhinoplasty or nose job. It is easy to spot her nose job even without looking at her pre-debut photos.

Nana’s Eyelid Surgery Rumors

It is suspected that Nana opted for eyelid surgery, like many other Korean celebrities. Nana had smaller eyes before — which look big and fresher these days. It is easy to see the surgeon’s work on her eyes, which made them look wider.

Nana Eyelid Surgery

Nana has either opted double eyelid surgery or corner cutting, or even both. This kind of procedure has been used by a lot of Korean celebrities. Nana is voted the second most beautiful face, which she definitely didn’t get naturally.

Nana’s eyebrows were also different before and she is seen many times with thin eyebrows. Now, she has thick eyebrows – which could be possible with running brow lift.

Nana’s Jawline Surgery Rumors

Another possible surgery Nana had done is jawline surgery. At first look, it looks like it might be due to some weight loss. However, her jawline was quite wide in her before pictures. On the contrary, her jawline has become smaller now than it used to be. It means she took help of plastic surgery to reshape her jawline.

Nana Jaw Surgery

Nana said that she used to be jealous of people with smooth and narrow jawline. Though she added “I find square jaw attractive”, we are not sure if she had done any jaw shaving.

Netizens who came across her recent photos commented, “She changed a lot after becoming celebrity”. It is difficult to spot Nana in her recent photos, as her skin tone is a bit darker back then. From the above observations, there is a possibility of some plastic surgery.

Interesting Nana Facts:

– Nana born in Cheongju, South Korea is the popular member of all-female band ‘After School’. She is a South Korean pop singer and rapper who also performed with groups like – Dazzling Red, A.S.Red, and Orange Caramel etc.

– The photos of Nana for the group Orange Caramel have been revealed and it is said that Orange Caramel is the 1st of 2 trios from After School.

– Prior to her popularity, people thought Nana has cold personality as they misunderstood her. The truth is –Nana is a shy girl and she doesn’t like to speak much. Nana wasn’t cold –but seems cold, chic and quite.

– Only a few people know that Nana is a licensed beautician and card-holding member of Makeup Artists Association.

Beautiful Nana

– Before joining After School, Nana competed in Asia Pacific Super Model contest. She stood 2nd in the most beautiful face contest in 2013. She had a cameo role in the film Fashion King in 2014. She was trained at Seoul Institutes of Arts.

– Nana recently opened up about her relationships and said she doesn’t have any boyfriend. Actress Jeon Do Yeon is her acting mentor who always suggests her to go on dates and meet people.

– Nana renewed her contract with Pledis Entertainment and decided to continue with them. She is currently working on promotions for her new film “The Swindlers” and is also preparing for upcoming drama “Four Sons”.

Talking about Nana’s appearance, many people know that she is one of the attractive women in the country. However, what so you have in mind about her beautiful looks? Do you think the decision of Nana’s plastic surgery is correct?

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