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Naya Rivera’s Shocking Plastic Surgery Results – Before & After

Naya Rivera plastic surgery
Seeing Naya Rivera’s face should be reminiscent of the times we used to watch the musical TV show Glee. However, instead of being nostalgic, we are quite shocked at how plastic surgery has changed Naya Rivera’s looks more times than we can count.

Naya Rivera is an American actress and singer who is now 30 years old. She is now focusing on her solo singing career and acting career which is working quite well for her. So much has changed since she appeared on our television screens as Santana, and that includes her face as well.

It’s no secret that Naya Rivera has been dabbing in the world of plastic surgery, as many of her fellow celebrities do. However, her transformation is very shocking since she changed so much. Let’s see what she had done to her face and body over the years:

Naya Rivera Before and After Boob Job

If we’re going to talk about the most prominent change in Naya Rivera’s figure, it’s her breasts. From a size B, she increased to a size C or D. She obviously got breast implants to increase the size of her breasts and make them look rounder.

Naya Rivera boob job

We think it’s safe to say that it worked for her if the goal was to make her figure look sexier and more mature, because it did. However, her breasts seem slightly uneven so there may have been some slip-up at the doctor’s.

Naya Rivera boobs then and now

Fortunately, Naya Rivera chose a size of breast implants that are proportionate to her body. If it weren’t for the uneven shape, they look very natural.

Naya Rivera’s Nose Job

Another big change to her look is her nose. When she starred in Glee, Naya Rivera already had an attractive nose that was the ideal shape and size. But she didn’t seem to be satisfied with that and had a nose job to modify the shape again.

Naya Rivera nose job

The transformation of her nose included a thinning of the nose bridge and the sides of her nose. This change made her nose look all the more sharp and pointy. Apart from that, the tip of her nose also looks very pointy as compared before.

We don’t get to say this often, but we think her nose job earned her a very attractive result. It doesn’t look exaggerated and it thankfully didn’t ruin her entire face.


Botox is bound to make the face look stiff, just as it did to Naya Rivera’s features. We highly suspect that she had undergone numerous Botox injections to smoothen out wrinkles. But as a side effect, she looks very stiff and quite emotionless.

Naya Rivera Botox

You would notice the stiffness of her face when you look at her lips, as they are unable to smile. In addition, the Botox gave her a perpetually surprised face because her eyes look bigger. Fortunately, that would wear off with some time unless she injects more into her face.

Naya Rivera’s Lip Injections

Naya Rivera also had collagen lip injections to improve her face. However, this is just a rumor since we have no concrete evidence that she really did have lip injections. It’s also because her lips look quite the same as before.

Naya Rivera lips

The change is just slight, but it gave her a poutier look which added to the sultry and mature look she was going for. She definitely looks different from her younger look back in Glee.

Naya Rivera’s Mole

Naya Rivera also had a mole removed. She had a big mole under her lip when she was younger, which she obviously removed to adhere to the standards of beauty.

Naya Rivera's mole

Naya Rivera’s Brow Lift

We can’t be sure about this one, but Naya Rivera’s brows look weirdly raised up as if she had a brow lift. Now, brow lifts are more common in aging women, but we’re not dismissing the possibility that Naya Rivera also had it done.

Naya Rivera Brow Lift

On the other hand, her raised eyebrows could also be because of Botox which makes the forehead stiffer.

Naya Rivera plastic surgery is another drastic but beautiful transformation. A lot has changed in her appearance, but thankfully she was not destroyed by plastic surgery. However, we wish that she didn’t get so much Botox so that she doesn’t look perpetually surprised.

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