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Nicolas Cage Before After Hair Transplant and Plastic Surgery

Nicolas Cage Hair Transplant

It was back in 2011 when The Daily Mail reported that Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage had hair transplant surgery – turning back the clock on his mane. It was such a shock to see his brunette hair while walking the red carpet at a cinema in Los Angeles back then that was said to be totally in contrast with his greying hair at the Toronto Film two years before that.

During that time, 2009 to be exact, Cage’s hair has already appeared to be thinning. Fast forward to 2011, his locks is full and displays suspicious shading around his hairline which is an obvious indication that he had a weave.

Nicolas Cage’s Thinning Hair

During the course of Nicolas Cage’s career, he was seen with a head-full of youthful hair especially during the early years of his budding career. But at the years and roles he played went by, fans of the actor were very accepting to see his hairline recede.

Nicolas Cage's Thinning Hair

Male pattern baldness occurs in a lot of males, even male celebrities. Nicolas Cage is a prime example that even the rich and famous won’t have hair loss problems. Because of his thinning hair, he had been “subject to speculation” whether Nicolas Cage hair loss treatment ever happened.

Nicolas Cage’s Male Pattern Baldness

Also known as Androgenic Alopecia, this common hair loss condition is common on men similar to the age of Nicolas Age. It’s a genetic condition that is passed down the family.

Nicolas Cage's Male Pattern Baldness

Old Hollywood actors like Nicolas Cage will surely experience this kind of problem but that doesn’t mean they can’t use a regrowth system or a combination of hair loss treatments to achieve another chance of having a full head of locks.

Nicolas Cage Before and After

His hair was pretty thick back when he was in the film, “Raising Arizona”, even if he already had a receding hairline back then. In the next few years, it simply became worse. If you’ve noticed, Nicolas Cage’s lost his hair at the grown and the top of his head had become thinner.

Now, you’ll see him still sporting that receding hairline BUT the top of his head and the crown area has gotten noticeably, and unusually, thicker. This is a sign that he did undergo a hair transplant surgery.

Did Nicolas Cage Undergo a Hair Transplant Surgery?

A lot of actors can obviously be seen that they had a hair transplant. Because the change is too dramatic and obvious to deny, it’s totally different with Nicolas Cage. His hair only became thicker but the hairline hasn’t changed that much. Many would argue that there are little to no difference in his hairline.

Nicolas Cage Before and After Hair Transplant

While the top of his hair does look thicker, if you look at the pictures, you would still see some thinning around some parts. Maybe he underwent a hair transplant procedure but chose one that won’t give dramatic results?

Has Nicolas Cage Had Plastic Surgery?

The actor has also been a subject of plastic surgery rumors for a few years now. Some of the procedures were said to be a face lift, Botox, nose job and even dental procedures.

Nicolas Cage Plastic Surgery

Botox and Facelift

Looking at Nicolas Cage before and after pictures, he looks more unnatural now compared to before. New pictures of him is said to be because of a plastic surgeon’s touch. You won’t see some fine lines on Cage’s face and that could be a result of overdone Botox.

Nose Job

He has been linked to this nose job rumor years ago. His nose now appears to be a little pinched.

Dental Work

It was reported that Cage had teeth refinement. Comparing his now and then pictures, you will see that there is seriously a change in his teeth.

Nicolas Cage Dental Surgery

Nicolas Cage denied having a hair transplant procedure done and hasn’t been open about the matter as well. His hair transplant could be up for debate for more years to come but aside from that, he continues to be a respected actor in the industry.

Some actors take off and disappear when they come to a certain age and they’ll be forgotten. But as for Nicolas Cage, his career has only taken off even more these years.

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