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Noah Cyrus Plastic Surgery – Eyebrow Lift, Chin Implants, Botox, Cheek Implants & Lip Fillers

Noah Cyrus Plastic Surgery
Miley Cyrus’ little sister isn’t so little anymore. Turns out, the 17-year-old went under the knife to get some of her facial features done. Noah Cyrus sparked even more plastic surgery rumors just earlier this year.

Maybe she was conscious of how she looked like given the fact that she’s a relative of Miley “Pop Sensation, Perfect Woman” Cyrus and country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. It’s hard to become your own person while building your own brand when you’re related to big names.

Noah Cyrus’ changed a lot ever since becoming a singer. She already released a catchy single and we simply can’t stop singing along to it.

Earlier this year at the 2017 MTV Movie and TV awards red carpet, she looked so different than ever. There were already Noah Cyrus plastic surgery rumors sparking the media and accusations.

Here are some of the procedures that we believe the singer has done recently.

Noah Cyrus’ Eyebrow Lift Procedure

Noah Cyrus Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow lifts could make any person look surprised or shock especially when the operation isn’t done well and we certainly think that’s what might have happen to a certain Noah Cyrus.

If you notice the gap between her brows and upper lid, well, they’re pretty far from each other. And we’d also like to mention that thick eyebrows on her are just plain terrible.

Noah Cyrus’ Chin Implants

People who undergo chin implants believe that their chin isn’t part of who they are. One of those people is Miley Cyrus’ little sister, Noah. She got chin implants since looking at the before and after plastic surgery photos, well, her chin looked all natural and smaller. Now, her chin is more full and round.

Noah Cyrus Chin Implants

Unfortunately, there is a downside to modifying the chin. It can cause facial imbalance making the facial proportion look so unnatural and that is what Noah Cyrus chin definitely looks like.

Noah Cyrus’ Botox Injection Rumors

We believe the singer is too young to even get this anti-wrinkle ingredient on her face. Many believe that the little Cyrus got Botox injections.

Noah Cyrus Botox

If you browse online and check out some Noah Cyrus before and after Botox pictures, you’ll notice how bloated her face looks. We think injecting those Botox are seriously unnecessary for a girl her age. She’s not even 20 yet so why is there even a need for it?

Noah Cyrus’ Cheek Implants

Noah Cyrus’ cheeks look elevated that it just simply looks like a disaster. We think that maybe she got cheek implants to match her fuller and rounder chin which added more volume to her cheeks and totally pointless.

Noah Cyrus Cheek Implants

Maybe she just simply wanted to spend some of her family’s fortune on something so useless. Noah is too young to even consider all of the mentioned plastic surgeries above.

Noah Cyrus’ Lip Fillers

We know that having thicker lips is now sexier thanks to a recent Kardashian trend. And while some people don’t agree to that, Noah seems to disagree. Recently, the singer’s lips look thicker and plumper, so different from younger years.

Noah Cyrus Lip Fillers

Even the people in the medical field know that getting thick lips isn’t part of puberty, so how did she get those perfect pouty lips? With lip fillers, of course!

Noah Cyrus’ Changing Looks

Noah hasn’t commented on these rumors yet but we all know that the result of her ever-changing face is not just because of a natural process of physical changes.

Noah Cyrus 2017

One certified surgeon noticed and commented about Noah Cyrus’ plastic surgery saying, “She has significantly increased facial volumes (cheeks, upper and lower lip, and chin) and her eyebrows appear to be higher.” The surgeon thinks that the singer had Botox to lift her brows.

Another doctor commented and said, “It looks like she may have had fillers in her cheeks and lips and possible a chin implant. Instead of fillers, she may have had cheek implants.”

Unfortunately for Noah Cyrus, many are feeling sorry for the girl because she’s been clowned since she was very young and having those plastic surgeries didn’t even help one bit. Maybe if she gave herself a few more years before joining the celebrity plastic surgery bandwagon, then maybe it would all work out for her.

Also, if she wanted to look prettier, maybe she should’ve asked the doctors to make her look like Miley Cyrus.

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