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Olivia Newton-John Plastic Surgery Before & After – Facelifts and Botox

Olivia Newton-John plastic surgery
As is the case of most icons, Olivia Newton-John plastic surgery is a hot topic for gossip sites and beauty blogs.

Olivia Newton-John is a Grammy award-winning British-Australian singer, songwriter, and actress. The blonde beauty is known for her hit singles “Physical”, “Let Me Be There”, “Magic”, and “I Honestly Love You” that reached the Billboard Top 100 in the 80s. The singer-actress also starred in the iconic Hollywood movie Grease, where she gained more fame.

How Old is Olivia Newton-John?

So how old is Olivia Newton John? The answer may be surprising—the iconic singer-actress is already 68 years old! The blonde beauty already has a long list of experiences thanks to her long life, including surviving breast cancer back in 1992. Despite encountering many challenges in her life, Olivia Newton-John still looks vibrant thanks to her graceful aging.

Olivia Newton-John then (before plastic-surgery) and now (after plastic surgery)
Olivia Newton-John then (before plastic-surgery) and now (after plastic surgery)

Olivia Newton-John Plastic Surgery Procedures

Still looking young at an age that’s pushing 70 is difficult to do without undergoing a few procedures to maintain the youthful appearance. For Olivia Newton-John, the obvious procedures are facelifts and Botox, since her face is still smooth and tight at her old age where, usually, women’s skin naturally sag.

Olivia Newton-John plastic surgery before after
Olivia Newton-John plastic surgery before after

The Grease star has also had a partial mastectomy and breast reconstruction after her battle with breast cancer. This sector of cosmetic surgery is actually a great thing for women who’ve had cancer, and Olivia Newton John has took advantage of this technology, which we commend after her worrying sickness.

On the other hand, she also denies having undergone plastic surgery since she didn’t want to look like “those women” in Hollywood, according to Daily Mail UK.

I believe that this is true, since her features are still the same as when she was young. Her only time/s going under the knife was probably for Botox or facelifts, which proved to be not a drastic change in her appearance.

There was, however, a certain stiffness and unnatural smoothness to her face in 2013. It’s not that bad, though, unlike many other aging stars.

The Plastic Surgery Horror Story of Olivia Newton-John’s Daughter

We’ve heard of numerous plastic surgery horror stories in the Hollywood scene, and unfortunately, Olivia Newton-John’s daughter falls right into the grisly category. Although her plastic surgery results aren’t that bad, Chloe Lattanzi, Olivia Newton John’s 31-year-old daughter, is left looking plastic.

Olivia Newton John’s daughter Chloe Lattanzi after plastic surgery
Olivia Newton John’s daughter Chloe Lattanzi after plastic surgery

Chloe Lattanzi has admitted to having undergone several plastic surgery procedures to enhance her appearance, according to an article on New York Daily News. You don’t need to squint in order to see it though; it’s obvious that the young aspiring singer has gone under the knife quite a few times.

Chloe Lattanzi Plastic Surgery Procedures: Breast Implants, Lip Implants and Fillers

Chloe admitted to having two breast augmentations (one when she was 18 and the other just recently), as well as lip implants and fillers. She also noted that the first boob job left her looking quite mutilated, and the second one helped her repair the damage done the first time.

Although Olivia Newton John’s daughter looks better off than the other stars who’ve gone overboard with plastic surgery, her lips still look stiff and unnatural. Her eyes are also too wide, and her cheeks are rounded unnaturally—giving her a cartoonish look.

Chloe Lattanzi picture

Rumors, however, also say that Chloe Lattanzi also underwent a rib removal procedure to further slim down the waist. She denied the allegations in turn, and said that she wore waist trainers to maintain the hourglass figure.

The woman is commendable for overcoming her eating disorder and drug problem, but the plastic surgery addiction has gotten her looking unnatural and even cartoonish. The lip fillers, for starters, are really necessary, don’t you think?


So what’s our verdict? Olivia Newton-John has aged beautifully and gracefully ever since the highlight of her career, and she is truly deserving to be admired by many. Fortunately, this British singer-actress did not overdo the plastic surgery procedures in order to remain young.

All in all, the mother has aged more beautifully than the daughter, and that is an unfortunate thing to happen since both women have good genes. It just goes to show that addiction to plastic surgery will only end in perpetual dissatisfaction with your appearance and less self-love, not to mention the nightmarish, bloated faces.

With that, we can shut down the Olivia Newton-John plastic surgery rumors now, eh?

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