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Park Bom – The Rare Plastic Surgery Nightmare of K-Pop

Park Bom Plastic Surgery
It is quite rare to see someone with a bad plastic surgery result in South Korea where plastic surgery has become quite the norm and there are many talented doctors. But here we are with Park Bom plastic surgery, an example of wasted beauty due to misguided plastic surgery procedures.

Park Bom is a South Korean singer who was part of the popular K-Pop girl group 2NE1 before they disbanded. Ever since she debuted, her appearance has been under scrutiny due to the plastic surgery rumors surrounding her. Even now that they have disbanded, people are still interested in her plastic surgery story, especially why it’s so regretful.

Park Bom hot body

If you look up Park Bom’s pre-debut pictures, you will instantly feel a tinge of secondhand regret once you see how beautiful she was with her natural looks. In this article, we’re going to find out what exactly went wrong.

Park Bom Pre-Debut Photos & Before Plastic Surgery

When she was just a trainee, Park Bom was already very popular because of her looks. Her eyes were pretty even if they were slanted and she had single eyelids. Her nose was also very proportionate, as well as her lips.

Park Bom Before Plastic Surgery

Overall, she was already pretty even while she was still a trainee under YG Entertainment. She already possessed the ideal face for a Korean pop idol (and even actress) with only little details to modify.

Park Bom Pre-Debut Photos

However, something went wrong along the way and her face completely changed almost overnight.

Park Bom’s Eyelid Surgery

Park Bom did not undergo only one double eyelid surgery, that’s for sure. Her first double eyelid surgery gave her a subtle crease in her eyelids such that they were no longer monolids. However, that apparently wasn’t enough.

Park Bom Body

One or more double eyelid surgery/ies were conducted to give the singer the eyes that she wanted. Unfortunately, this gave her a much exaggerated result. Specifically, her upper eyelid became almost as thick as her lower eyelid. This transformation made her look very bizarre and fake.

Yes, she does look dollish and cute, but weird nonetheless. When she smiles, you will see the difference much more. In conclusion, her multiple eyelid surgeries are the most drastic surgeries she got.

Park Bom Before and After Nose Job

In her predebut days, Park Bom had a flat and cute nose that is characteristic of many natural Asians. To get the ideal shape of the nose which is sharp and pointy, Park Bom had a nose job/nose jobs to modify her look.

Park Bom before after nose job

Her nose bridge became bigger and more defined as compared to her flat nose before. The sides also became more defined and less bulbous in shape.

Accompanying Park Bom’s rhinplasty was a tiplasty. We can see from the before and after pictures of Park Bom plastic surgery that she had a flat nose tip before which she transformed into a pointed one.

There’s also evidence that she had more than one nose jobs. Her first nose job made her nose more pointed. While her second one defined her nose bridge and nose tip more.

Park Bom’s Chin Surgery

Park Bom had a naturally squarish face. However, it was not unattractive at all. But Korean beauty standards required her to have a V-shaped face. Thus, she had a chin and jaw surgery in order to achieve that ideal V-shape.

Park Bom Chin Surgery

However, her chin surgery is not that good since her chin is not evenly shaped. Thus, she looks very unnatural. Yes, she already has the ideal V-shape, but the surgery was not well done.

Park Bom’s Drastic Transformation

Park Bom plastic surgery is one of the most drastic transformations we’ve seen for Korean celebrities. Usually, plastic surgery changes are subtle but Park Bom’s transformation is a different story.

We regretfully say that Park Bom looked better before all the plastic surgery procedures. The extent of her surgeries made her look almost unrecognizable from her original look. Unfortunately, she does not improve surgery after surgery.

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