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Park Chanyeol Plastic Surgery Before After – Natural K-Pop Star?

Chanyeol Pre-Debut and Now
As many netizens love to do, we’re going to analyze one of EXO’s members – Park Chanyeol plastic surgery and determine if any of the rumors hold any truth to them. With plastic surgery running rampant in the South Korean scene, is there any natural stars left?

Park Chanyeol is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor. He is currently a member of the top-selling K-Pop group under SM Entertainment, EXO and its sub-unit for Korean members, EXO-K. [Also Read >> EXO Members Profile – The Ultimate List of Facts and Trivia]

Park Chanyeol started his career with the group EXO when they debuted in 2012. He is known as the main rapper of the group, with his deep voice and tall stature two of the most distinct things about him. When EXO debuted with the album Mama, this opened up many doors for him.

Park Chanyeol cute photos

Following EXO’s rise to stardom, Park Chanyeol’s career branched out. He was one of the cast members of the hit reality TV show Law of the Jungle and later on became a regular cast member of Roommate. Aside from being a crowd favorite, he also helped compose many songs for the group.

Park Chanyeol’s good looks earned him a ticket to an acting career. In 2015, Park Chanyeol made his acting debut in the film Salutd’Amour. This lead to a lead role later on in the film So I Married an Anti-Fan.

Park Chanyeol's Smile

It is no doubt that Park Chanyeol is one of the most distinct faces in K-Pop. So, is his looks all natural or do our trust issues make sense here? With the help of his before and after pictures, we’re going to find that out here.

Park Chanyeol’s Double Eyelid Surgery

A double eyelid surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in South Korea, with many people, both celebrities and non-celebrities alike patronizing them. Park Chanyeol is one of the idols who got a double eyelid surgery in order to get rid of the characteristic Asian slanted eyes, making his eyes look rounder.

Park Chanyeol's Double Eyelid Surgery

This procedure made his eyes look bigger and consequently improved his overall look. As expected, it made him look ten times cuter than before, which is one of his most defining traits.

Park Chanyeol’s Nose Job

Unlike his double eyelid surgery, the suspected nose job holds less evidence to confirm that it’s the truth. However, if we compare the before and after pictures, we can definitely see a slight difference in his past and present nose.

EXO Chanyeol plastic surgery before and after

Before, he had a bigger nose bridge and a wide nose. But today, his nose is slimmer and more defined than before. This change is indicative of a nose job, but the difference is so slight that we’re having second thoughts about confirming this rumor.

Other than a double eyelid surgery, we have no other evidence pertaining to Park Chanyeol plastic surgery. Thus, we can conclude only this: he is one of the most natural K-Pop stars to date. And that’s saying something since so many people in this industry get plastic surgery. Well, we have another reason to love Park Chanyeol even more.

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