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Park Jimin Plastic Surgery – What Did He Look Like Before Surgery?

Park Jimin Plastic Surgery
One of the most popular and influential K-Pop groups today is BTS otherwise known as Bangtan Boys. One of their members , Park Jimin, will be the topic of today’s article. Many South Korean celebrities today undergo plastic surgery, but did this particular BTS member did as well? Let’s find out the truth about Park Jimin plastic surgery once and for all.

Park Jimin is a South Korean singer and member of the K-Pop group BTS or Bangtan Boys. He is currently 22 years old, and has already achieved so much in the Korean music scene. Before he entered BTS, he was a student at Busan High School of the Arts studying modern dance. [Must Read >> BTS (Bangtan Boys) Members Profile – All the Info and Trivia You Need]

Park Jimin Cute Pictures

Due to his talents, he signed on with an entertainment group and later debuted with BTS. In this group, he holds the positions of vocalist and dancer. However, he focuses more on his dancing skills than the former.

Park Jimin is also one of the most popular Korean performers because of his cute looks. However, is plastic surgery to thank for his current image like so many of his peers? You’re probably asking the same questions as we are, so let’s find out.

Park Jimin’s Nose Job Before and After

Park Jimin had a handsome face to start with, so it’s no wonder that he got minimal changes done to his features in order to fit the ideal look for the fans. Based on his before and after pictures, there is also minimal change in his nose. However, there are some signs of a nose job done.

Park Jimin Pre-Debut Photos and Now

Since the nose is the most prominent feature of the face, we were bound to notice the difference sooner or later. If you look closely, you will notice that his nose line has changed such that it’s sharper and more defined. Before, he had a wide and round nose, but after the alleged nose job, his nose became narrower and more defined.

The evidence also lies in the shape of his nostrils. If you would notice, they became smaller than before which is quite indicative of a nose job done.

Park Jimin Cute Photos

Well, we think it’s no harm done since the changes are so minimal. If anything, he still looks natural as compared to other artists in the scene.

It’s quite amazing that we have so little to write about Park Jimin plastic surgery. But that’s all we’ve got on him. Since he’s considered one of the most humble K-Pop members ever, it comes as no surprise that he had minimal surgery done to his face.

Park Jimin Smile

Other than that, he also hadn’t done anything to his eyes. You would’ve expected him to have a double eyelid surgery too, right? Well, we’ve looked at his before and after pictures and his eyes still look the same as before. Even though he doesn’t have the much desired double eyelids, he still looks handsome.

Most importantly, he looks natural unlike so many of his peers. We’re not saying that plastic surgery is a bad thing. But many people can learn from Park Jimin plastic surgery.

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  1. what freakin plastic surgeries?? he look exactly the same except for losing some weight, so stop posting these kind of BS articles!!

  2. Do yall know anything about pubery??? Or makeup and photography techniques???

  3. Why you’re saying he did plastic surgery? He looks the exact same! You guys are the reason why Jimin starved himself and that’s why he’s so thin

  4. You must be crazy to even think that he had a plastic surgery done. BTS members are known to have no surgery done. You should at least think twice before writing such gibberish when you’re not certain about what you’re writing. It’s not plastic surgery, it’s called makeup. Shame on you for writing false news just to gain attention. Jimin is gorgeous inside and out. He’s worthy and deserving of love and happiness but people like you contribute to the anxiety many celebrities have about their looks. You should be ashamed of bringing down such a talented and kind man.

  5. He never and will never do that to himself, and to try and say that he g=has even if this is an older article is totally ludicrous to even speculate that. He is a beautiful man inside and out so why s don’t ytou leave with your fake news!

  6. I hate how there are all these people who think just because they live in Korea that they have to of hade plastic surgery done, it’s called puberty and some good makeup artists, even though they dont need makeup they think they do because of those people, they think they have to prove themselves and that is terrible!


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