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Park Seo-joon Plastic Surgery Before and After

Park Seo-joon plastic surgery
Park Seo-joon is the latest actor who took the drama world by storm. He is one of the main reasons why people in Korea are glued to laptop screen and television sets. A lot of people watch his dramas again and again. Like other celebrities, we heard a lot about rumors of Park Seo-joon plastic surgery. He always played cheerful characters, which makes him relatable to viewers of different age.

Some of Park Seo-joon surgery rumors include – Nose job, eye lid and jawline surgery. Park Seo-joon, who has been skinny in his younger years — looked same throughout the years. His special facial features and meaningful eyes proved him a ‘pretty boy’.

Park Seo-joon’s Nose Job

Nose job is one of the popular cosmetic procedures in the world. Nose is the central feature of face and any enhancement to the nose will improve the person’s appearance dramatically. However, it is associated with lot of risks and one can end up with disastrous looks. Bad nose job will cause an irreparable damage to the face.

Park Seo-joon pre-debut and now

It is reported that Park Seo-joon went under the knife to enhance the structure of his nose. Despite all the rumors, there is no significant change in Park Seo-joon’s nose.

If you take a look at the before and after photos of Park Seo-joon, you will agree that he has not undergone a nose job. He has a balanced nose that is neither too sharp nor small. His nose suits his face and other facial features.

Park Seo-joon’s Eyelid Surgery

Park Seo-joon said in an interview that eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty are the most common types of cosmetic procedures that Korean men opt for to achieve pretty boy look. However, he never said anything about his interest in plastic surgery.

Park Seo-joon Eyelid Surgery

If you compare the before and after photos of Park Seo-joon, you will find that his eyes are a bit wider than before. It is believed that he went under the knife to remove excess fat & skin from eyelids. Well, we are not sure about it as no official confirmation is made.

Jawline Surgery

In the highly competitive Korean society, many young people believe that looks matter a lot — as it determines their chances of career success. The double jaw surgery is said to be a high risky business, especially for popular celebrities. Any enhancement in the jawline can be noticed easily by the fans.

Park Seo-joon Jawline Surgery

Park Seo-joon has a jawline that looks slightly different in the before and after pictures. What could be the reason? Is it the jawline surgery or photograph’s angle? What do you think? If you have any idea of Park Seo-joon jawline surgery, share your thoughts below!

Interesting Facts About Park Seo-joon

– Park Seo-joon is a South Korean actor who is best known for his role in television dramas. Some of his popular TV series include – Kill Me, She Was Pretty, Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth and Fight for My Way.

Park Seo-joon cute photo

– Park Seo-joon is very charming and is appreciated more by his female leads. He said in a recent interview that he tries to fit in with opposing actors and actresses. Despite of being so popular, he always keeps his feet on the ground.

– Park Seo-joon is the first Asian male model who has become the face of Tommy Hilfiger. He has a great sense of style and often mixes basics with standout pieces that make him look more interesting.

Park Seo-joon abs

– He was once rumored to have dated his co-star Baek Jin-hee. It was reported that Park Seo moved into Baek’s neighborhood to get close to her. They were even seen wearing couple jackets.

However, he denied the rumors saying that — he moved just because his old neighbor had a parking problem and the jackets were sponsored.

Park Seo-joon dating Baek Jin-hee

Regardless of whether Park Seo-joon have had plastic surgery done or not, he looks handsome in both before and after pictures.

Feel free to share your opinion about the rumors of Park Seo-joon plastic surgery with rest of the community.

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