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Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – The GIANT List of 75 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Stories

26. Kristina Rei

Kristina Rei
[quads id=2] You may recognize her bad plastic surgery story in one of the tabloids or gossip sites. But Kristina Rei is one of the worst plastic surgery cases we’ve seen. Due to her aspiration to look like a real-life Jessica Rabbit, she got the world’s worst lip injection case ever. Thanks to the excessive collagen, her lips look barely human.

Apart from the lips, she also got bizarre body modification such as horns on her forehead and a head tattoo as well as a bull ring.

27. Hang Mioku

[quads id=4] Hang Mioku

You probably remember Hang Mioku’s tragedy regarding plastic sugery. Well, we blame mental illness for this case rather than addiction to plastic surgery. Hang Mioku was a beautiful woman, and there was definitely nothing wrong with her face.

However, she found a way to ruin her own face by injecting cooking oil into it because surgeons refused to give her more silicone. Well, things escalated there. Due to the cooking oil, she looks barely recognizable and is a puffy, monstrous face.

28. Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah
[quads id=6] Daryl Hannah is an American actress who starred in many action films. She is known for her tough appearance and aura. However, horrible plastic surgery made her lose her beauty all the way through.

She had facelifts, Botox, eye surgery, brow surgery, collagen lip injections, facial fillers, and other procedures that made her look waxy instead of young-looking.

29. Emmanuelle Beart

Emmanuelle Beart

Emmanuelle Beart is a French actress with more than 60 film and TV credits to her name. She is one of the most successful and talented actresses in France, which earned her many awards in her prime. However, it seems that this French actress refuses to age naturally.

Because of facelifts, Botox, fillers, and lip injections, she doesn’t look as attractive as before. We think that she would have been beautiful if she just let herself age naturally. Yet another pretty face ruined by plastic surgery.

30. Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson

You may have seen Janice Dickinson in the covers of magazines when she was still a supermodel. In her youth, Janice Dickinson starred in many covers and fashion ads as well as walked many runways. However, a series of plastic surgery procedures made her lose all of her former beauty.

Her procedures include a number or breast augmentation procedures, tummy tucks, facelifts, liposuction, Botox, and other procedures that completely altered her look.

31. Nigerian Girl Joy Williams

Joy Williams

Here we have another tragedy that shows the darkest sides of plastic surgery. Joy Williams was only 23 years old when she died on the surgery table for a buttocks surgery in Thailand. Due to insecurities and bullying, Joy Williams decided to get buttocks augmentation surgery in order to make it bigger and fuller.

However, that wasn’t what she got. Due to complications and recklessness of the plastic surgeon, Joy Williams died.

32. Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner was famous for his achievement in the Olympics. He later on maintained fame (or infamy) with his controversial family; the Kardashians. Before his sex change, Bruce Jenner was already doing too much with the facelifts, Botox, and eye surgery.

After his transition to Caitlyn Jenner, his looks were completely altered. Of course, he was becoming a woman. But his plastic surgery could have been better. Instead, he lost all semblance of his former self and overdid it with the plastic surgery.

33. Kim Novak

Kim Novak's Botox Gone Wrong

Here we have another bizarre case of plastic surgery gone wrong with the Kim Novak. She is a retired American film and television actress, her career having spanned decades. Due to her beautiful looks when she was younger, this earned her the hearts of many fans.

Something went wrong along the way and she got a botched plastic surgery. Due to a failed cheek filler implant surgery, she got lines in her face that made her look like a female Joker. This is another case of regrettable plastic surgery.

34. Katie Price

Katie Price

If you want to know one of the worst cases of breast augmentation surgeries, then look no further than Katie Price. She is a British TV personality who is infamous for her numerous boob jobs and other plastic surgery procedures.

She has been getting boob jobs for the past twenty years among other procedures. All of these procedures led her to look fake and unnatural.

35. Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith

Here we have another case of a woman refusing to accept that she is aging. Melanie Griffith is an American actress known for acting in many classic movies. In her youth, she had a distinct look that was in her own way, pretty.

However, after many plastic surgery procedures to combat aging at her age, she ended up looking worse than ever. We can guess that Botox, facelifts, collagen, and nose jobs were to blame.

36. Lil’ Kim

Lil' Kim

Lil’ Kim’s plastic surgery endeavors are far from over, because up to now, her appearance is still changing. This then famous rapper became another example of horrible plastic surgery when she becam addicted to it back then.

Her procedures include skin whitening treatments, nose jobs, facelifts and Botox, brow surgery, collagen lip injections, eye surgery, and boob jobs among others. All of these procedures changed her appearance completely such that she barely looks like her original self.

37. Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta is an American actor and film producer prominent for his roles in classics such as Goodfellas and Field of Dreams. When he was younger, he was one of the best-looking actors of his time. But he didn’t get to carry his good looks into old age.

Because of botched facelifts, Botox, and other surgeries he refuses to admit, Ray Liotta looks like the shell of the man that he used to be. He should have just let the wrinkles set in instead of getting the waxy face that he has now.

38. Tori Amos

Tori Amos

Tori Amos is an American singer-songwriter, pianist, and composer. She is known for both her talent and classic redheaded good looks. But it looks like she isn’t letting her age naturally either.

Her case isn’t that bad though. Maybe her one mistake is getting too much Botox injections or facelifts that made her face look botchy now. Again, not that bad. And we hope her plastic surgery endeavors end at that.

39. Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger

The Bridget Jones’ Diary star has took a turn for the worse after getting a plastic surgery procedure that made her look like a different person. In the peak of her career, Renee Zellweger was one of the most beautiful actresses in the industry.

However, a brow lift caused her to change her look completely. Admittedly, it completely altered her look and we’re sure it’s because of the change in her eyes. Well, it’s not that bad, but we still wish she hadn’t done it.

40. Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds is a Hollywood actor who garnered fame in the 1970s and 1980s. He is one of those actors who flat out refuse to age naturally, because he is a fan of facelifts and Botox.

Burt Reynolds most likely had nose jobs done since his nose shape changed completely, as well as facelifts, eye lift, brow lifts, and Botox. These were done in order to make him look younger than he really is, but that wasn’t working too well for him.

41. Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna’s case is not that bad, but we will still include her in plastic surgery gone wrong. Lisa Rinna is an American actress and host best known for Days of Our Lives. Today, Lisa Rinna still remains vibrant and younger than her age, but her lips tell a different story.

Lisa Rinna probably had excessive or bad lip injections because her lips became swollen. That’s probably the only bad point about her, which is quite fortunate.

42. Tiffany Pollard

Tiffany Pollard before after

Her name may be familiar for those who have watched Flavor of Love and I Love New York. You may also recognize her from her participation in Celebrity Big Brother. But apart from that, she is also known for her horrible plastic surgery result.

So what exactly went wrong? Well, we can start with the change in her eyes. It seems that she had a brow lift or some kind of eye surgery that caused her to look like she’s perpetually squinting. Other than that, her boob job and lip job look all too excessive. Don’t you think?

43. Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke was one of the handsomest American actors back then. He is also a retired boxer. In his youth, he possessed a dreamy and boyish look up until he delved in plastic surgery.

His surgeries include facelifts, eye lifts, lip augmentation, hair transplants, and Botox injections. Due to all of these procedures, he completely lost his handsome look and was replaced with a “greasy old man” look.

44. Vinny Ohh

Vinny Ohh

You’ve probably seen Vinny Ohh somewhere on the news just this year. Why? Well, he allegedly spent over fifty thousand dollars to look like a genderless alien. We can tell you exactly why this transformation is one of the worst cases of plastic surgery ever, but we’ll just let you find out by showing you his pictures.

Vinny Ohh had nose jobs and cheek fillers in the early parts of his life. Moreover, he has also had lip injections done for a more aesthetic look. With these plastic surgeries, he could have looked normal still. However, he still wants to be a genderless alien by removing his nipples, genitalia, and bellybutton.

He completes the bizarre alien-like look with large black contact lenses and talons on his nails.

45. Wayne Newton

Wayne Newton

Wayne Newton was the number one entertainer in his prime. He is known as Mr. Entertainment and Mr. Las Vegas. In his youth, he looked like a typical classical singer with his own style.

However, plastic surgery made him lose his classic look. He did too much with the facelifts, eyelid surgery, Botox, and (probable) hair transplant. He doesn’t look so bad, but he definitely looks weird with that waxy face.

46. Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore was a beautiful American actress known for starring in many sitcoms, TV shows, and movies. Emphasis on the word “was.” At the age of 80 years old, what has she done to her face in order to end up with one of the worst plastic surgery ever?

Her numerous facelifts are the cause for her overly tight, plastic looking face that is so off-putting. Apart from that, she had also cheek fillers, brow lift, eye surgery, and other plastic surgeries done that didn’t give her the look she wanted. In fact, she looks so much different from her younger self.

47. Pixxee Fox

Pixee Fox
[quads id=6] You probably have heard of Pixee Fox, the Swedish woman who became infamous for her excessive body modification procedures.

Nikki Cox had rib removal and breast augmentation procedures done in order to have Jessica Rabbit’s form. On her face, she had lip injections, nose jobs, and permanent make-up done to give her a dollish look.

48. Valeria Lukyanova

Valeria Lukyanova

We have another trending case on our list and she is Valeria Lukyanova. She is a Ukranian model and entertainer mostly known for the girl who wanted to look like a Human Barbie. Well, we can tell you right now that she doesn’t look like Barbie at all, no matter how much plastic she inserted into her body.

She’s done liposuction, breast and butt implants, rib removal, nose job, eye surgery, and numerous other surgeries that must have cost her a fortune. Although her case isn’t really that bad, her plastic surgery is still considered as excessive.

49. Heidi Montague

Heidi Montague

It seems that Heidi Montague’s biggest insecurity was her small breasts. She admits to having had plastic surgery, but also admits to regretting them. However, she is one of the lucky ones to escape the worst results for plastic surgery.

Based from her pictures, Heidi Montague probably had chin reduction, liposuction, eye surgery among others. But that’s not the worst of them. In fact, her excessively large breast implants caused her to have back pain and discomfort.

50. Delta Burke

Delta Burke

Delta Burke is one of the most bizarre plastic surgery results ever. She used to be a famous American TV, stage, and film actress who mesmerized the audience with her classic American good looks. She still held on to that look as she aged, until she got the plastic surgery that ruined her life.

What we can tell you from her appearance is that she got a botched face filler job done, which caused her face to balloon. The end result made her look cartoonish and she now holds no resemblance to her former self. Apart from that, she also got facelifts and Botox injections that made her face look stiff.

51. Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers is one of the most successful comedians in the show business industry. She is one of the worst cases of plastic surgery to date, and is one of the people who admit to regretting them.

Before her death in 2014, Joan Rivers was known to have bad plastic surgery results. She had facelifts, neck lifts, eyelid augmentation, rhinoplasties, boob jobs, and brow lifts. These procedures made her look almost unrecognizable from her younger self.

52. Kristyna Martelli

Kristyna Martelli

Kristynna Martelli was a Instagram model known for her extensive plastic surgery which consisted of huge breast implants, butt implants, lip injections. However, her addiction to plastic surgery eventually led to her death just this year.

The 23-year old Instagram model reportedly had a seizure while having another surgery done. This just goes to show that too much of something isn’t always a good thing.

53. Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow

The 1980s icon Barry Manilow is another victim of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong. When he was young, Barry Manilow was relatively good-looking. But he probably got so used to fame that he didn’t want to age and wrinkle up.

Barry Manilow obviously had numerous facelifts and Botox injections. His resulting face is not so bad, but it looks very waxy and definitely unnatural.

54. Alicia Douvall

Alicia Douvall

Alicia Douvall is an British model and reality TV star. However, she is most known for her extensive plastic surgery procedures and has become quite infamous for them.

In her youth, Alicia Douvall was a beautiful blonde woman who had a knack for modelling. However, her looks today differ so much from her younger self. Because of all the plastic surgeries which include nose job, fillers, lip jobs, and others, she looks like a morphed version of herself.

55. Jordan James

Jordan James

If you spend a lot of time on gossip sites or on Facebook where every viral thing shows up, then you may know the story of Jordan James, an American male who wants to be the male version of Kim Kardashian, another plastic surgery baby.

However, he ended up looking freakish rather than the male version of Kim Kardashian like he aspired to be. He had rhinoplasties, chin surgery, butt lift, and an excessive lip surgery which ended up making him look like a duck. Well, so much for looking like a Kardashian.

56. Kelly Bensimon

Kelly Bensimon

Kelly Bensimon is an American author, socialite, and former editor of Elle magazine. She is currently 49 years old who is currently rocking her look as a middle-aged woman.

Her plastic surgery is not that bad to be honest. She got the usual things done to make her look younger such as facelift, Botox, fillers, and breast implants. Truthfully, she looks so much younger than her real age! It’s only her boob job which went really  bad.

57. Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling

We have another case of extensive plastic surgery with Tori Spelling, who turned from an ugly duckling into a white swan because of her plastic surgery. If you look at her before and after pictures, you’ll see just how much she changed.

The obvious procedures are: nose job, brow lift, facelift, fillers, boob job, and liposuction. Today, her plastic surgery didn’t make her end up as totally horrid, but it’s still obvious that she had had them.

58. Nikki Cox

Nikki Cox

If you were to compare Nikki Cox’s before and after pictures, you would feel a twinge of regret since she looked so beautiful before plastic surgery.

Nikki Cox had eye surgery and lip injections that destroyed her face. The eye surgery made her eyes very small and squinty, while her lip injections made her lips balloon to unnatural proportions. Needless to say, bad plastic surgery completely destroyed Nikki Cox’s beauty and career.

59. Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker

It seems that we’re easing off from the totally horrible plastic surgery cases, because Brooklyn Decker’s case is not all too bad.

Brooklyn Decker is an American fashion model and actress and you’ve probably seen her on the cover of Sports Illustrated. However, her plastic surgery did cause a lot of change in her face, which includes nose job and fillers.

60. Andressa Urach

Andressa Urach

Andressa Urach is a Brazilian model, businesswoman, and reality TV personality. The possible plastic surgery on her face isn’t bad. But it’s her butt surgery that almost ended with her dying.

According to the reports, Andressa Urach almost died from the botched plastic surgery. The cosmetic gels from her butt implants caused an inflammation in her legs, which “rotted” her skin. The damage was so horrible that she almost died from the injuries. Thankfully, doctors saved both her and her leg.

61. Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey

Do you recognize Jennifer Grey from the 1980s movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? If you were to look at her recent pictures, you probably can’t tell that it’s her.

Jennifer Grey had a number of plastic surgery procedures done in her youth. She probably had eye surgery done, as well as nose jobs, facial fillers, and facelifts and Botox injections. Her results are not horrible, but it changed her look almost completely.

62. Hannah Costayer

Hannah Costayer

If you’ve watched the reality TV show called Botched Up Bodies, then you’ve probably seen Hannah Costayer in one of the episodes. She is known for being the girl with the busted lip from a failed plastic surgery procedure.

She was only 18 years old when she had lip injections done, which unfortunately led to her lips becoming swollen and lumpy. She had corrective surgeries done to reverse the damage, but her original lips could not be redeemed. How unfortunate.

63. Laura Summers

Laura Summers

Laura Summers is a reality TV star who has fallen to the addiction to plastic surgery. According to her, she spent over 155,000 pounds on plastic surgery in order to create the perfect body as she envisioned.

Her procedures include chin contouring procedures, numerous nose jobs and boob jobs among others. Although her procedures were not botched, she still looks very unnatural and very different from her original look.

64. Priscilla Caputo

Priscilla Caputo

If you’re looking for another plastic surgery nightmare to gawk at, then let Priscilla Caputo’s experience be a warning to all of those wishing to get lip injections. This aspiring model changed her look altogether when her lip job was botched.

The lip injections went too far at some point and her lips ballooned so big that she looks like a cartoon now. Obviously, she regrets her decision because it also affected her career and life.

65. Fanny Sieh

Fanny Sieh

We head on over to Hong Kong for a look at Fanny Sieh’s horrible plastic surgery experience. This young actress was obsessed with plastic surgery and it ended up disfiguring her horribly. This is such a shame since she looked so beautiful before.

Her procedures included lip injections, chin contouring, and other plastic surgery procedures that ended up making her look like this. To date, her case is one of the most regrettable of all.

66. Tina Louise

Tina Louise Hot Then and Now

Tina Louise is an American actress, singer, and author. She was very famous back in the 1950s when her drop dead gorgeous looks made every man swoon. Due to her acting skills, she also bagged many awards.

Today, she holds no resemblance to her younger self at all thanks to bad plastic surgery. Due to numerous facelifts, brow lifts, Botox, facial fillers, and lip injections, she looks very outlandish and unnatural as an 83 year old woman.

67. Vaani Kapoor

Vaani Kapoor Bollywood Before and After

Vaani Kapoor is a beautiful Indian actress and model. However, plastic surgery has made her look worse instead of better.

The actress obviously had a lip job and nose job to improve her look. However, her lip job went wrong and her lower lip ended up much thinner than before.

68. Koeni Mitra

Koena Mitra Worst Bollywood Surgery

Koeni Mitra is another Bollywood actress who had plastic surgery which ended up changing her look for the worse instead of better. This is so regrettable since she looked very beautiful before all the plastic surgery.

Her procedures obviously included nose job, lip injections, and some kind of eye surgery. The nose job is the worst of them all because it gave her a very thin and unnatural-looking nose.

69. Maria Geronazzo

Maria Geronazzo

Maria Geronazzo’s case is one of the worst plastic surgery gone wrong cases we’ve seen. Maria Geronazzo, a Hungarian celebrity, ended up looking like a horrible creature as a result of all the plastic surgery.

Since she wasn’t that attractive to begin with, we can see why she got plastic surgery. But the excessive faclifts, Botox, facial fillers, lip injections, brow lifts, and nose jobs combined gave her a freakish instead of a beautiful look.

70. Erik Sprague

Erik Sprague

The Lizardman, also known as Erik Sprague, is an American freak show and side show performer who has undergone numerous procedures in order to look like a reptile.

He has gotten full-body tattoos of scales, bifurcated tongue, sharpened teeth, subdermal implants, and tattooed green lips. Thanks to his amazing body modification, he has appeared in many shows and appearances.

71. Dennis Avner

Dennis Avner

Dennis Avner was known as the Stalking Cat, another man who had undergone extensive body modification to look like an animal. His procedures included facial and body tattoos of cat patterns, sharpened teeth, facial fillers, nose job, silicone injections, birfurcated lip, shaped ears, hairline modification, among others.

Unfortunately, Dennis Avner died by his own hand in 2007.

72. Carmen Campuzano

Carmen Campuzano nose before after

Carmen Campuzano is a Mexican actress and fashion model. Aside from her successful modeling and acting career, she is also infamous for her bad plastic surgery.

Due to numerous plastic surgery procedures, which includes nose jobs, facelifts, fillers, Botox, and lip injections, she has transformed her originally beautiful Latina look for a misshapen face that, unfortunately, she possesses now.

73. Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee

This American woman had appeared on the TV show Oprah back in 2004 to talk about her obsession with plastic surgery. Her surgeries consisted of numerous nose jobs, Botox injections, lip injections, and facelifts among others.

When she reappeared on Oprah for a Where Are They Now? episode, she looks like she had more surgeries done to her nose and lips.

74. Irma Serrano

Irma Serrano

Irma Serrano is a Mexican singer, songwriter, actress, politician, and vedette. However, she is mostly infamous for her horrible aging process which is mostly due to her addiction to plastic surgery. At 83 years old, she barely looks like the woman she was in her youth.

From the pictures, we can tell that she got numerous facelifts done alongside brow lifts, Botox injections, lip injections, facial fillers, nose jobs, and chin augmentation. The resulting face is a horrible version of her beautiful self, seemingly the opposite.

75. Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna is an American model and entrepreneur who gained worldwide fame because of her appearances in many hip hop videos. She also maintains her status by being a social media celebrity. She was also involved in the Kardashians’ business which earned her more fame.

Blac Chyna’s procedures included cheek fillers, lip injections, scalp advancement, butt implants, nose job, boob jobs, liposuction, and more. Truthfully, she doesn’t look all that bad, but she does look fake. See more pictures of Black Chyna’s here.
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This article of the worst plastic surgery gone wrong cases just goes to show that vanity can lead to horrible and sometimes life-threatening consequences. Plastic surgery can be a great thing, as we’ve said before in this article, but when overdone or done irresponsibly, it can lead to worse things.

We hope that this article serves as a cautionary tale to you other than for entertainment. If you’re thinking of getting plastic surgery, then think again because you can end up like these people here.

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