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Priyanka Chopra Plastic Surgery – Nose Job and Lip Surgery

Priyanka Chopra Plastic Surgery Photo
Priyanka Chopra plastic surgery is such a hot topic because she is the winner of Miss World 2000. Are any of the plastic surgery rumors true?

Priyanka Chopra is a 34-year old Indian actress, singer, producer, philanthropist, and the winner of Miss World 2000. She started her acting career with The Hero, followed by Bollywood hits like Andaaz and Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. Other than her successful acting career, Priyanka Chopra was also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2010 and 2016 for child rights.

Priyanka Chopra Nose Job Before and After

Despite being a beauty queen, Priyanka Chopra still found it necessary to undergo a few changes to her face.

The most obvious and controversial issue about Priyanka Chopra’s plastic surgery is her rhinoplasty or nose job. If you look at her photos from where she won Miss World, you would notice that the beauty queen has a more natural-looking nose characteristic to Indian people, which is wider and bigger.

Priyanka Chopra nose job

Comparing it to recent photos, Priyanka Chopra’s nose appears thinner and smaller than before. This is considered as an improvement since it fit her image perfectly. However, it would have been better if Priyanka stuck with her natural nose to inspire Indian women to appreciate their features more. Instead, she got a more Westernized version of her nose. What does that say to little girls and women who admires her?

Priyanka Chopra’s Lip Surgery

If you will notice Priyanka Chopra’s old pictures, she had a set of lips that pulled up to show her upper gums whenever she smiled. To cure this beauty problem, Priyanka Chopra may have had lip fillers inserted in her upper lip to cover her gums whenever she smiles. The result? A million dollar, gum-less smile paired with an amazing set of pearly whites.

Priyanka Chopra Lip Surgery

Well, to begin with, she already had a pair of luscious lips. There was only a little tweaking left to do since her upper lip is bigger than her lower lip. After a few lip fillers and possibly lip reconstruction, she now has a set of lips that rivals Angelina Jolie’s.

Priyanka Chopra’s Style

While she rose to Bollywood fame, the Miss World winner acquired her signature style. This included use of tinted contact lenses that, fortunately, fit well with her whole face and made her eyes pop. Her signature lens colors included hazel, brown, dark green, or a combination of two. These colors are usually great for dark-colored skin.

Priyanka Chopra hot photo

Other than that, Priyanka Chopra is always seen with a dark-colored tint to her hair, ranging from dark to medium brown, giving her more of the natural look. Other than that, perfectly shaped eyebrows and dark eye make-up became part of her signature look as well.

For many women in the show business industry, it is important to have their own signature look in order to attain more fame. For Priyanka Chopra, she attained her signature look after a lot of experimenting with hair and makeup. With the help of a little plastic surgery, she also improved her beauty to become more universal.

Priyanka Chopra’s Hot Photo Gallery

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Priyanka Chopra in Bikini

Priyanka Chopra at 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards
  Priyanka Chopra in blue monokini
  Priyanka Chopra Hello Magazine
  Priyanka Chopra cleavage
  Priyanka Chopra at the Kelly Show Studio
  Priyanka Chopra Maxim
  Priyanka Chopra in Miami
  Priyanka Chopra in New York City
  Priyanka Chopra W-Magazine Photoshoot
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Priyanka Chopra Denies Having Plastic Surgery

The beauty queen admitted to having undergone non-invasive treatments to enhance her beauty, according to an article on Beauty Editor. She denies having invasive surgeries, but admits to having “polishing” done.

Technically, she is right, since Botox and injections aren’t surgeries. And her contact lenses and hair treatments are definitely not plastic surgery, either. However, Priyanka Chopra won’t admit that she has had work done on her nose. She can’t really convince us otherwise, since the change is very dramatic and very noticeable.

Priyanka Chopra is one of the most graceful beauty queens to grace the stage, akin to icons such as Sushmita Sen who is also from India. However, we have learned that even a beauty queen still has something to change about her appearance.

Overall, the changes were a big improvement to her appearance, especially her nose and lips. This is probably contributory to her success as a Bollywood actress, since her image now is more of universal beauty and everlasting grace.

Thankfully, Priyanka Chopra plastic surgery didn’t change her attitude about her philanthropic work and she still continues to help people today.

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