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Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – Facelift Before and After

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong
Ray Liotta plastic surgery is another wrong surgery story you need to hear. In this way, you’ll avoid the plastic surgery mistakes that he made, unfortunately!

Ray Liotta is an American actor, film producer, and voice actor. He is well-known for movies like Goodfellas, Field of Dreams, Something Wild, Unlawful Entry, No Escape, Narc, Wild Hogs, Killing Them Softly, and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Being a relatively successful actor with an iconic acting style, at 62 years old, Ray Liotta has definitely accomplished a lot.

However, even men in the Hollywood industry undergo plastic surgery in order to fit a certain standard of male beauty. For Ray Liotta, his plastic surgery procedures seemed to have changed his look. For worse, we think.

Ray Liotta Facelift

Ray Liotta showed up at the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards with a puffy face that made fans say “what the hell happened to him?” Naturally, his pictures sparked rumors on plastic surgery gone wrong. Well, it is most likely that he either overdid the plastic surgery procedures or he sought the help of an unqualified doctor.

Ray Liotta Facelift Before and After

But moving on, it’s also obvious that Ray Liotta had several facelifts in the course of his life. At 61 years old, his face looks weirdly devoid of any pronounced wrinkles or laugh lines, even though his face looks lumpy and just unnatural looking. The change is most unfortunate, since his previously good looks don’t reflect on his older face. What a shame.

Ray Liotta Eye Surgery

If you look at Ray Liotta’s recent pictures, you will also notice that the actor’s eyes looks smaller than before as well as weirdly squinty. So, he looks like he’s perpetually squinting at you, judging you with his beady eyes.

Kidding aside, Ray Liotta’s obviously altered eyes look like a result of an eyelid surgery. An eyelid surgery is basically done to rejuvenate the eyes, make them look younger. However, they also alter the face greatly.

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Before and After

For Ray Liotta, his brows seem to have gone down, indicating that he may have had skin removed from the upper eyelid. Aside from that, there is also evidence that he had some skin or fat removed from the sides as well. Thus, the actor has almost no crow’s feet visible when he definitely should have at his age.

Ray Liotta Lip Augmentation

The Goodfellas star had naturally thin lips to begin with, but his 2016 pictures show that they’re almost completely gone. Could it be the product of facial swelling around the mouth due to plastic surgery? We think so, too.

Ray Liotta Lip Surgery

However, it is unlikely that he had anything done to his lips because they look exactly the same just as when he was younger. The only problem is that his face seemed to have swelled and made the actor’s lips look thinner than it really is.

Ray Liotta Botox Injections

It is also highly probable that Ray Liotta has had Botox injections. Botox injections are used to keep the face from sagging or looking too old from the wrinkles and laugh lines. Essentially, they make the face look smooth and tight even at and old age.

For Ray Liotta, having Botox injections done is highly probable due to the texture of his face. There are weirdly no lines on his forehead where wrinkles are most likely to appear this age, and there are no laugh lines as well.

The resulting face doesn’t look too natural. In fact, Ray Liotta’s face looks waxy and too tight, making him look devoid of emotion. Many fans are disappointed by this change and are very regretful of the plastic surgery Ray Liotta went through, and they have reason to feel that way. Just look at Ray Liotta’s old pictures and you’ll know why.

Ray Liotta When He Was Young

Young Ray Liotta
Young Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta’s prime period was in the 80s to 90s where he was known for his dashing, all-American good looks. His signature look is a New Yorker kind of style, much akin to James Dean, with a slicked back hairstyle and light, dreamy eyes.

Looking back at his old photos, we wish Ray Liotta plastic surgery never happened. Well, his story just goes to show that plastic surgery doesn’t work out well for other people.

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