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Red Velvet Members Profile – Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joyand Yeri

Red Velvet Members

Red Velvet Members Profile, Facts and More – Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, Yeri

If you’re into more recently debuted K-Pop groups, then you’ve probably heard of this all-girl group from SM. Entertainment called Red Velvet. They captured the hearts of many fans in mid-2014 with a debut single called Happiness, which was performed on Music Bank. Later after the debut, they released another song called Be Natural, a remake of the song by SME’s first girl group, S.E.S.

Red Velvet initially started out with four members namely Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy. In 2015, they added a fifth member Yuri.

Red Velvet Profile 2017

Currently, Red Velvet has four EPs and albums, their debut album being Ice Cream Cake. Over the years, Red Velvet released more albums: Russian Roulette, The Velvet, and Rookie. With their iconic singles and music videos Red Velvet has gained a wide fanbase with both local and international audiences.

Many boys and girls alike have been enamored by Red Velvet’s charm, talent, and beauty. If you’re one of those people, we have a special treat for you in the form of a Red Velvet members profile! [Related – Red Velvet’s Plastic Surgery History – Are All of Them Plastic Beauty?]

Red Velvet Members Profile and Facts

Irene Profile

Stage Name: Irene
Real Name: Bae Joo Hyeon
Role: leader, main rapper, lead dancer, face
Birthdate: March 19, 1991
Zodiac: Aries
Hometown: Daegu, South Korea
Height: 161 cm or 5’3″
Blood Type: A
Skills and Hobbies: dancing, singing, rapping, cooking

Irene Facts:

– Irene is the leader of Red Velvet
– She is close with Amber from f(x)
– She was casted in SME in 2009
– She appeared in Why So Serious? Music video by SHINee
– She used to train under YG Entertainment
– Irene trained for a total of five years
– She likes quiet and comfortable music
– She also appeared in Henry’s 143 music video
– Irene used to be an ulzzang
– Irene is good at modern dance
– Her favorite colors are pink and purple
– She has a younger sibling
– The Notebook is her favorite movie
– Irene is the shortest member of Red Velvet
– She likes to collect diaries, notes, and purple things
– She appeared in The Celebrity and Oh Boy magazines
– She wants Wendy to be her roommate because Wendy is neat
– She also appeared in Gwanghamun music video for Kyuhyun of Super Junior
– Irene is very flexible
– She became friends with Amber because they trained at the same time
– Because of her childish looks, people often mistake her as the maknae
– She is very playful and child-like

Selugi Profile

Stage Name: Seulgi
Real Name: Kang SeulGi
Role: main dancer, lead vocal
Birthdate: February 10, 1994
Zodiac: Aquarius
Hometown: Ansan, South Korea
Height: 162 cm or 5’4″
Blood Type: n/a
Skills and Hobbies: dancing, singing, playing the guitar, drawing

Seulgi Facts:

– She graduated from Seoul Performing Arts High School
– Seulgi can play the guitar
– She is not moody and she laughs a lot
– Seulgi trained for seven years before debuting
– She trained alongside f(x) and EXO
– She can speak fluent Japanese
– Seulgi was casted through a public audition
– She has a lot of CF appearances including those for Lotte, Meters, BLACK Martine SITBON, and Baskin Robbins
– She was featured in Butterfly by Henry, as well as his Fantastic music video
– She starred as Wendy in SME’s musical School Oz
– She is friends with Seulli and Krystal from f(x)
– She has the same birthday as Naeun from A Pink
– Seulgi has a good vocal ability, enough for people to call her the second Taeyeon
– She appeared in K-Pop Boot Camp, a documentary on ABC
– Her role model is Beyonce
– Orange is her favorite color
– She likes dark and chic clothing
– Seulgi is close and appreciative of her family
– She was the first member of SM Rookies

Wendy Profile

Stage Name: Wendy
Real Name: Song Seungwan
Role: main vocalist, visual
Birthdate: February 21, 1994
Zodiac: Pisces
Hometown: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canda
Height: 160 cm or 5’3″
Blood Type: O
Skills and Hobbies: dancing, singing, cooking, playing the flute and saxophone, playing the guitar and piano

Wendy Facts:

– She was a member of the choir when she was in high school
– She performed in musicals in high school, too
– She auditioned for Cube Entertainment before
– Wendy was casted in SM Global Audition in Canada back in 2012
– She loves listening to music and finding rare songs
– She sang for the soundtrack of Mimi
– Wendy used to have a Youtube account where she posted videos
– Both of Wendy’s parents are music lovers
– She likes home cooked meals and her mother’s cooking
– Ever since she was a child, Wendy wanted to become a singer
– She is fluent in the English language
– Her nickname is Wan-ah
– She has an older sister
– She has a habit of moving her eyebrows around

Joy Profile

Stage Name: Joy
Real Name: Park Soo Young
Role: lead rapper, vocalist
Birthdate: September 3, 1996
Zodiac: Virgo
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 163 cm or 5’4″
Blood Type: n/a
Skills and Hobbies: dancing, singing, rapping, watching movies

Joy Facts:

– She joined SME through Global Auditions in Seoul
– She was casted in We Got Married and her partner was YookSungjae from BtoB
– Joy is the only member that is not part of SM Rookies
– She was originally the maknae before Yeri entered the group
– She looks like Kim Yoojung
– Joy trained for two years
– She has a habit of spacing out
– She is the eldest child with two younger sisters
– She likes chicken and pizza (but without the crust)
– Joy would choose comfortable clothes
– Her role model is Ariana Grande
– She is close with fellow member Seulgi
– Joy likes to collect lip balm
– She wanted to become a singer when she covered Cherry Filter’s Flying Duck in grade school
– She used to have a nickname of Doongdoongie when she was a trainee because of her chubbiness
– When she was still in school and in training, she had very cute chubby cheeks
– She graduated from Seoul Performing Arts High School
– She can sing Trot very well

Yeri Profile

Stage Name:Yeri
Real Name: Kim Yerim
Role: rapper, vocalist, maknae
Birthdate: March 5, 1999
Zodiac: Pisces
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 158 cm or 5’2″
Blood Type: O
Skills and Hobbies: dancing, singing, rapping

Yeri Facts:

– She was added to Red Velvet in 2015 and became the new maknae of the group
– She is also a member of SM Rookies
– Yeri has been training since she was in the fifth grade
– Her favorite foods are tuna kimchi and fried rice
– According to the other members, Yeri is the messiest member
– She likes strawberry and chocolate flavored ice cream
– She got in SME through a Global Audition in the US
– She has a bright and positive personality
– She is close with SHINee’s Minho
– She has three siblings
– Once of her nicknames is Squirtle
– She was added to the group during the promotion of Ice Cream Cake


Red Velvet is a fairly new group, but they have been gaining attention rapidly not only from Korean fans, but by international fans also. With this Red Velvet members profile, we hope you learned a lot on their personal information and fun facts about them.

The list is pretty short, so if you have any more information or trivia to add, leave them in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this with your fellow Red Velvet fans as well. Also, don’t forget to answer this quick poll we have below:

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– Irene
– Seulgi
– Joy
– Wendy
– Yeri

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